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Wickham Market

we 26 Jun

Ella's Bits & Bobs Saturday morning in the Wickham Market village hall with free entry and course refreshments.

mo 17 Jun

BBC 3 - Words and Music♫Words and Music last night on Radio 3 was Portraits of Suffolk to mark 75 years of the Aldeburgh Festival.  Inevitably the playlist included that there Ed Sheraton but surprisingly not Doreen Carwithen and readings (in accents) mention lots of place near the coast including Framlingham, Wickham Market and Southwold.

sa 17 Feb

Today in Wickham Market village hall free entry to Ella's Bibs and Bobs Sale.

su 3 Dec

By the Wickham Market Co-op entrance there's a set of Amazon type lockers except these are for the Evri parcel service.

fr 20 Oct

12:30pm: Just gave up trying to get from Framlingham to Wickham Market, lots of flooding some quite deep and a landslip blocking half the road before Parham.

su 19 Feb

French dance and musicWhen French Anglo band Topette!! played in Wickham Market a while back we were surprised that peeps knew the dances.  Perhaps it's something to do with traditional French dance and music every third Tuesday in Saxmundham ... so this coming Tuesday then.

tu 31 Jan

Fiona Parker Pottery WorkshopThe Saturday after next in Wickham Market Fiona Parker is offering a pottery workshop (with tea, coffee and cake) to make a hanging planter.  It's in the suffolksense studio, we're not entirely sure where that is but as it's in the High Street can't be hard to find.

tu 24 Jan

house sales around near the coastThere are house sales for the last two years sorted by road and street for Framlingham, Saxmundham, Wickham Market, Woodbridge and now Melton.

th 5 Jan
Twelfth Night

Suffolk ConstabularyBetween 3:00pm and 4.30pm yesterday on the Wickham Market playing fields an 11 year old boy was bitten on the hand and the leg by a small white dog wearing a blue jacket.  The dog's owner a woman described as over 60 and wearing a long coat had two dogs both off their leads.  Any info contact Suffolk police quoting reference 37/750/23, you can call 101.

tu 1 Nov

Suffolk ConstabularyA garden shed in Morris Road Wickham Market was entered between 10pm last Thursday 27th and 1:30am Friday 28th.  A toolbox was taken but then left on grass. If you have any info contact police quoting ref: 37/69249/22, you can call 101.

sa 3 Sep

Suffolk ConstabularyLast weekend between 5pm Friday 26 August and 9am Saturday padlocks broken and doors forced of outbuildings in Church Terrace Wickham Market to steal a Stihl leaf blower, strimmer and hedge trimmer.  Any info contact police quoting ref 37/55261/22, you can call 101.

su 31 Jul

Prometheus Orchestra Ensemble♫ Today and next Sunday the Prometheus Orchestra Ensemble are double gigging around near the coast to present Mozart with tea and biscuits ...  not sure where Wickham Market town hall is, maybe they mean village hall.

we 12 Jan

Suffolk ConstabularySometime after midnight and before  6:00am yesterday Tuesday 11 January various power tools were taken from a white van on a Spring Lane driveway in Wickham Market.  Any info contact Suffolk Police quoting crime reference 37/1993/22, you can call 101.

fr 12 Nov

The Wickham Market chip shop is no longer!

su 12 Oct

Woman in the Wickham Market post officeAt 12.45pm on Thursday before last 30 September at the Wickham Market Post Office a purse was accidentally left on the counter and then stolen.  The CCTV image is of a woman police would like to speak to .  Any info contact police quoting ref 54685/21, you can phone 101.

Shortly before 6.30pm last Monday 4 October a woman was cycling along Mill Lane Wickham Market when she noticed in a Church Terrace layby a male carrying out a lewd act.  Any info please contact Suffolk police quoting crime number: 37/55400/21, you can phone 101.

fr 23 Jul

Perhaps surprisingly house sales active around near the coast in Saxmundham and Wickham Market but not Woodbridge.

mo 5 Apr

Lilly missing from Wickham MarketLilly is an unusually light coloured tabby, quite nervous and has been missing since 24 March.  Any news contact Candy Wells 07732 915065.

we 23 Dec

Santa's Rudolph Run in FramlinghamFreshbloody Christmas ... eh? from visiting Wickham Market, Easton and Kettleburgh the night before Daddy Christmas cruised Framlingham last night.  Lots of peeps waiting for Santa and lots of elves collecting for Fram's Hour Community... the traffic was encouragingly understanding too.

su 13 Dec

Perhaps the reason why there were no apparent tubs (used to be tins) of Quality Street in the Wickham Market Co-op was they'd all gone to the Framlingham Co-op? ... we've got ours.

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