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su 23 Jul

Suffolk ConstabularyA boat moored near Moorside Walberswick was broken into overnight last Wednesday.  Alcohol, food and a CCTV unit were stolen and damage caused.  Any info contact Suffolk police quoting crime reference 37/42237/23, you can call 101.

tu 2 Aug

Suffolk ConstabularyAround 150 litres of red diesel was syphoned from a farm vehicle in a rural location by Palmers Lane Walberswick.  It happened between 5pm last Saturday 30 July and 5am the next day.  A Bluetooth speaker and a Pry bar were also stolen.  If you have any info contact police quoting crime ref 37/49272/22, you can call 101.

th 7 Jul

Suffolk ConstabularyLast weekend between 4pm Saturday and 8am Monday at a property undergoing renovation on The Green Walberswick a Samsung TV, a Sonus soundbar and a Makita router set were stolen .  Any info contact police quoting reference 37/41902/22, you can call 101.

tu 28 Jul

A Diary For TimothyFilmmaker Humphrey Jennings was born in Walberswick and is considered a cinematic poet.  We have on tape (yes ... tape) Fires Were Started about the Auxiliary Fire Service during WWII.  Last week channel 81 Talking Pictures showed Jennings' A Diary For Timothy with Michael Redgrave narrating.  No doubt it'll be around again on Talkin' Pix or watch it on YouTube.

tu 14 Jan

From Walberswick and now MP for St Albans Daisy Cooper has made her maiden speech ... lots and lots of pubs.

sa 14 Dec

Daisy Cooper grew up in Walberswick and is now a first time MP.

tu 12 Nov

It can't possibly be that even less has happened in Walberswick than Little Mutterings, it must be that we haven't noticed.

th 28 Aug

Last week a large lump of tools stolen from a Chillesford workshop and a Woodbridge house burglary, a Walberswick caravan set fire to Sunday. and over £2,000 of jewellery burgled in Aldringham yesterday .... quite a crime wave by Suffolk standards.

tu 28 Feb

Surprised we hadn't heard about this nasty sounding road accident in Hacheston last Thursday, a Cateye Strada wireless cycle computer found in Woodbridge and dodgy £20 notes have been popping up all over nearthecoast including Aldeburgh, Saxmundham, Snape and Walberswick.

su 28 Aug

SuffolkBorn&B has posted pix of Dr Who's Jackson Lake (wasn't he brilliant as Gordon Brown) at the Walberswick Fete.

tu 21 Dec
Winter Solstice - the shortest day

Christmas like a nooseOld Glory ~ pic by P JermyCarols on the Quay tonight in Mistley, Christmas Eve carols in Brundish church 6:30pm whilst the Old Glory Molly Dancers will be in both Southwold and Walberswick.

sa 26 Jun

Artist Bryony Graham making bricks for Culture of the Countryside ~ pic contributedThe Hacheston flower festival runs today and tomorrow, Culture of the Countryside starts today at the Wingfield Barns (Daisy Cooper's mum is showing there next month) and it's the FESPA summer fete in Walberswick tomorrow which we much enjoyed last year.

sa 6 Feb

Wild Meat in a Day at the Walberswick Anchor today.

sa 30 Jan

Last night of the Walberswick pantomime tonight.

fr 29 Jan

The Lib Dems have chosen local girl (brought up in Walberswick, educated in Framlingham, Halesworth and Southwold) Daisy Cooper for the futile task of contesting John Gummer's seat ... maybe if she promised to re-legalise hunting?

fr 15 Jan

Last event of the year for East Anglian long distance walkers is the Flower of Suffolk at Walberswick.

mo 23 Nov

Musical director of this year's Walberswick pantomime is Denis King, wonder if it's the same one who's sometimes Colin Sell on Clue?

tu 1 Sep

Two cars broken into Sunday at Walberswick and over the weekend vandalism in Peasenhall.

fr 28 Aug

Bicycle stolen from a Grundisburgh garage, a man using a phone box in Benhall has his bag stolen and criminal damage in Walberswick , it's not safe to walks the streets!  Except as it's Suffolk so there aren't that many streets to walk.

th 27 Aug

near the coast builder recommendations wanted in Badingham; charity box pinched in Walberswick and a telly stolen in Darsham house break-in.

mo 29 Jun

The Lowestoft Signing ChoirThe FESPA Theatre Fete in Walberswick was essentially a very traditional occasion.  The high spot for us was the Lowestoft Signing Choir, a mixed group of hearing and deaf people who together sing and sign.  Yesterday they performed an Abba medley and the sign for Mama Mia is a cracker.

tu 14 Apr

... and oh dear, a charity box stolen in Walberswick.

fr 6 Mar

A pathetic burglary in Parham yesterday, over a 100 piglets stolen in Walberswick and there's something about Friston and oil tanks.

sa 20 Dec

Warbleswick SOS Duncan has pointed out that Walberswick is getting surprisingly militant.

tu 9 Sep

Unpleasantnesses in Aldeburgh and Walberswick.

fr 22 Aug

The body found in Walberswick yesterday has been identified.

th 21 Aug

The body of a teenage boy has been found in Walberswick and though there appear to be no suspicious circumstances the police can't identify him.

tu 13 May

In Walberswick surely the handrail is damaged or it isn't?  Rather like being a bit pregnant!

mo 10 Mar

A crime wave on Craggy IslandOh dear, first a scratched car and now a broken window in Walberswick, next thing you know someone will pinch the parky's whistle

we 5 Mar

That's a pity, a blue Saab in Walberswick gets envy lines.

tu 23 oc

Humphrey JenningsOutstanding British filmmaker the late Humphrey Jennings was born in Walberswick and this December Film @ Fram are showing the British Film Institute compilation of his WWII shorts Finest Hour.

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