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tu 20 Apr
We couldn't be on Gogglebox because we're too jealous to watch Naked Attraction.
su 18 Apr
nearthecoast on Facebook  You may be in a pic on our Facebook page.
sa 17 Apr
A witch ducking this year?Planning a

witch ducking

 at this difficult time?  Only the witch, the witchfinder and since Monday up to four other people including children but not carers, or two households can attend but you're still welcome to promote the ducking with us.
th 15 Apr
We've actually remembered to update our YouTube Reasons To Be Cheerful playlist.
tu 13 Apr
It wasn't just us that thought the BBC was having a funny turn.
mo 12 Apr
Blessed (pronounce the ed as in that there Ed Sheraton) be the BBC, Radio 4 Extra is back.
su 11 Apr
What's happened to BBC Radio 4 Extra?
mo 5 Apr
We've reached

eighteen hundred+

(if only just) Twitter followers which is nice. nearthecoast on Twitter
su 4 Apr

Dr Nearthecoast

 is in and listening but at this difficult time only consulting via email at ntc@nearthecoast.com
fr 2 Apr
Kickstart Scheme JOB  The very excellent theatre company Eastern Angles are offering two six month Theatre Production Assistant placements.  Applicants need to be 16-24 and receiving Universal Credit ... sounds marvellous.
Turkish National FlagTurkey has taken over from Germany as the third most busy country reading our digest ... Turkey?!
th 1 Apr
Jaques Tati  1907-1982The twice monthly(ish)


 emailing out late this morning to the 1950+ nearthecoasters on the list ... click Jaques Tati to receive it free.
If it's your thirty fifth birthday this year then you're younger than EastEnders.
we 31 Mar
We have over 5,000

stock images

 available on Alamynearthecoast at Alamy
su 28 Mar
The clocks go forwardThe clocks have gone forward, hadn't realised daylight saving is an issue (down the Wikipedia page a bit).
sa 27 Mar
Currys PC World tech expertAnorak Alert No.33:  That tech expert in the Currys PC World advert advising to put speakers as far apart as you can is presumably unaware of 'hole in the middle' ... but like all things hifi tweaks can't agree where's best to put the speakers.
tu 23 Mar

PC TipsLife Skills 38

: The first law of electronics is It's always the lead; the second law is the same as the first.  The cable bending where ... more here

american football

 has its own nearthecoast Facebook album.
su 21 Mar
It's the ten yearly National Census today and for the first time you can do it online.
sa 20 Mar
The year moves on, today is the Spring Equinox. Spring Equinox.
mo 15 Mar
Alan Smethurst  1927-2000The fortnightly(ish)


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1935 film The 39 StepsAnorak Alert No.32:  In the Alfred Hitchcock/Robert Donat The 39 Steps when the man with some of his little finger missing threatens Richard Hannay with a pistol he calls it a revolver when it's clearly an automatic.  Re-watching the film we were surprised how impressively nasty John Laurie (Private Frazer) was.
fr 12 Mar
 2 DAY WARNING  It's Mother's Day Sunday, it may be lockdown but she'll still expect a card and flowers.
th 11 Mar
A to Z of ntcDon't know your way round


?  You need the A to Z, it's FREE, kills 99% of known germs plus you don't have to pay and display or walk through the gift shop to get out.
th 4 Mar

Throwback Thursday

: Ten years ago today we were saying The coalition?  What do you think of it so far?
tu 2 Mar
SRN Nearthecoast

SRN Nearthecoast

 is in, fiddling with her tick list, pen and prescribing guidelines, hoping there'll be enough PPE but still listening (apparently) at ntc@nearthecoast.com or text 07970 865730
mo 1 Mar
Worried too many people might turn up at your virtual coffee morning?  Garden fete?  Swingers' party?  Don't do promotion on


su 28 Feb
nearthecoast at Alamy Some recent sales from our Alamy portfolio have cheered the day.
we 17 Feb
How to promote yourself on


mo 15 Feb
PC TipsPic in Windows photos viewerDon't know why it's taken us years to trip over this.  In Windows 10 photo viewer double click on an image and it zooms up, hold and drag to move the image about, and double click again to zoom back ... l♥ve it.
th 4 Feb
Darren Smith fishmonger - 01502 519732Our thanks to returning supporter Darren Smith who continues to sell fine fish Tuesdays and Saturdays on Framlingham market whilst keep himself informed about the pandemic so you can check that with him too.  Supporting us explained here.
fr 27 Nov
John Bawtree painter in oil and watercolourPleased to welcome back supporter Peasenhall resident and very talented artist John Bawtree.  We're already taking ad bookings for next year but we'll find a way of fitting you in... ads explained here.

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