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mo 6 Jan

Why do some peeps put a space between the last word in a sentence and question or exclamation marks ?! You wouldn't do it with a full stop .

su 5 Jan

The Church of England is so concerned about Brexit that they've issued a prophet warning ... sorry, we do apologise.

sa 4 Jan

Rural Myth 81:  Habitué is what you get in the East African when you die.

we 1 Jan

Throwback Thursday:  Fifteen years ago today 150 people congaed around the Framlingham Market Hill.

mo 30 Dec

PC TipsWe find in the morning the BBC red button text service a succinct way of checking that the world is still going to hell in a handcart.  Regrettably the text service is closing 30 January.  We've tried the Beeb's news app but it's a bit tabloid for our taste ... Nine things you didn't know about that there Ed Sheraton. ♫

su 29 Dec

If yours is a local event for local people then you won't need How to promote your event on nearthcoast.

sa 28 Dec

How to make a silent 999 callLife Skills 28:  It reflects how bureaucrats think that there are seven paragraphs to read on the IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) web page before it actually tells you how to make a silent 999 call ... here's how ... if prompted? ... you would hope that would be when prompted.  While we're in the area if you're deaf you can make a three nines call by text but you do need to register first.

fr 27 Dec

A to Z of Villages and Towns near the coastOur A to Z of ntc helps you find your town or village but unlike a satnav it kills 99% of all known germs, doesn't have a patronising voice and has never knowingly undersold.

tu 24 Dec

bloody Christmas ... eh?Have a good one  We'll be snapping the Felixstowe Christmas Day Dip again.  See you on the other side.

get the digest FREEToday the twice(ish) a month digest emails out to the 1800+ ntcers on the list ... click Jaques Tati to go on the list for a free copy.

fr 20 Dec

Past astonishers have their own page.

nearthecoast at Alamy  Licensing a pic on Alamy always cheers the day and 2019 is our best year ever.

fr 13 Dec

Tweet us!  #ff  #FF #FFriday ain't too proud to beg

th 12 Dec

Life Skills 27:  We carried an organ donor card for over three decades until it disintegrated when accidently (who does it on purpose?) put through the washingOnline registration as an organ donor machine.  We've now registered as a donor online; comparatively straight forward, has a preferred name box, lots of gender options and if you select All (organs) you could help nine people or more.

You can see our our Alamy stock photography by clicking on nearthecoast at Alamy

we 11 Dec

Jess the black and white catThe twice monthly(ish) digest emailed out this afternoon ... click Jess Postman Pat's black and white cat to get yours.

sa 7 Dec

We've renamed the roller derby section rolling to make it more inclusive.

th 28 Nov

Now would be a good time to make us your home page. Make us your home page

fr 22 Nov
St Cecilia's Day patron saint of music

A to Z of ntcDon't know your way round nearthecoast?  You need the A to Z, it's FREE, it kills 99% of known germs plus you don't have to pay and display or walk through the gift shop to get out.

fr 8 Nov

Life Skills 26:  We first drank a Rombouts drip coffee at the charming Geffrye Museum in East London; it came with a matching cup and biscuit instantlyDouble coffee drippers besotting us.  As the popularity spread inexperienced staff (which seemed to be most of them) would overfill the dripper leaving the drinker to deal with an overflowing cup.  We bought our first drippers certainly for decades and found them sadly gutless, using two improved the situation a bit.

tu 5 Nov

Norfolk Brawd #74 GRIMbolinaLet the world know about your roller derby league, self help or self harming group by emailing ntc@nearthecoast.com or text 07970 865730

sa 2 Nov

No deposit is needed to visit this web site.

fr 1 Nov

Worried too many people might turn up at your coffee morning?  Garden fete?  Swingers' party?  Don't do promotion on nearthecoast then.

th 31 Oct

Women's american football has its own Facebook album.

we 30 Oct

The village doesn't support you?  Promote your event on nearthecoast.

fr 25 Oct

A witch ducking this year? Planning a witch ducking this year?  Promote your event with us.

tu 22 Oct

Dr Nearthecoast is in and listening at ntc@nearthecoast.com

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