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fr 3 Sep
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we 1 Sep

PC TipsAfter a Windows update a while back a new icon appeared on the task bar to the left of the system tray.  We found it popped up an ... more here

Dr Nearthecoast is in and listening but at this difficult time only consulting via email at doctorntc@nearthecoast.com

sa 28 Aug

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fr 20 Aug

Dutch rider Anoushka Koster checking the sea's still thereWe knew there was a stage of the postponed to October Women's Tour finishing in Felixstowe, we were there for the 2014 stage start.  We hadn't realised that it's the final stage of the tour.  There's another spectator opportunity just over the county border on the previous day when the tour visits North Essex, Colchester (sort of) - Clacton.

th 19 Aug

Artist led gallery in the middle of SuffolkThe Sweffling printroom gallery is open for the show Open Season with works by artists including Suzanne Cooper, Tassie Russell and Bronwen Sleigh.  The gallery is open by appointment during the week.

su 22 Aug

SRN NearthecoastSRN Nearthecoast is in, fiddling with her tick list, pen and prescribing guidelines, hoping there'll be enough PPE but still listening (apparently) at ntc@nearthecoast.com or text 07970 865730

we 11 Aug

Jess the black and white catThe Leon Bedwell digest is emailing out today ... click Jess Postman Pat's black and white cat to get your free copy.

We have over 5,000 stock images available on Alamy. nearthecoast at Alamy

tu 10 Aug

Blackberry - old school smartphoneIf you're visiting on a desktop hopefully you've noticed there's been some changes to make smartphone visitors more welcome.  If you're on a smartphone welcome, we should be faster, notice the link bar above and superficially and initially Mr Google seems to approve.

mo 9 Aug

This week's Friday is the only the 13th this year. Friday the 13th

fr 6 Aug

Anorak Alert No.36:  We've always thought that the self satisfied, smug entitlementFozzie as a dancing bear of failed Tory MP Gyles Brandreth justifies the return of the death penalty.  So unsurprisingly we noted when on Inheritance Tracks like others he thought Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear was 'by' Alan Price, it was written by Randy Newman. ♫

su 1 Aug

If it's your thirty fifth birthday this year then you're younger than EastEnders.

fr 30 Jul

We have over 5,000 stock images  available on Alamynearthecoast at Alamy

th 29 Jul

We've actually remembered to update our YouTube Reasons To Be Cheerful playlist.

we 28 Jul

We've always l♥ved Elvira Mistress of the Dark's tasteful productions.

tu 27 Jul

L♥VE this, geographically not near the coast but we've had looks exactly like it.

mo 26 Jul

BT hole in the ground 2012-2016The temporary traffic lights have now been in Fairfield Road Framlingham for six months.  Mind you they've got a ways to go to catch up with the nearby BT hole in the ground that was there for at least four years before finally evaporating.

sa 24 Jul
A to Z of ntcDon't know your way round nearthecoast?  You need the A to Z, it's FREE, kills 99% of known germs plus you don't have to pay and display or walk through the gift shop to get out.
fr 23 Jul

Jaques Tati  1907-1982The twice monthly(ish) digest  emails out today to the 1950+ nearthecoasters on the list ... click Jaques Tati to receive it free.

th 22 Jul
Worried too many people might turn up for your coffee morning?  Garden fete?  Swingers' party?  Don't do promotion on nearthecoast then.
fr 16 Jul
How to promote yourself on nearthecoast.com.
sa 10 Jul
If yours is a local event for local people then you could still benefit from How to promote your event.
fr 9 Jul

PC TipsWe find this keyboard shortcut useful to reduce distraction when doing something non-digital at a pc especially as our background ... more here

we 7 Jul

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su 6 Jun

Women's american football has its own nearthecoast Facebook album.

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