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mo 7 Jan

near the coast house sales review 2018.

su 6 Jan

bloody Christmas ... eh?Just taken down the Christmas cards and in the manner of brown wheelie bins re-purposed the Christmas lights ... some might say a day late.

th 3 Jan

Jess the black and white catThe twice monthly digest emailed out this afternoon ... click Jess Postman Pat's black and white cat to get yours.

Ed Sheeran in 2006 and Earl SohamWe could rant about the relentless building around near the coast making rural Suffolk increasingly suburban with little if any improved infrastructure but we'll console ourselves that it's still a pleasant place to live.  We have bubbling a slight change to our look and very probably stylish merch.  In 2019 no doubt there'll be continued sightings of Ed Sheeran, the East African will report local fury about something or other and there'll be even more building ... wishing you the best for 2019.

Donate your retiring Christmas tree to entertain the meerkats at Stonham Barns.

sa 29 Dec

Now would be a good time to make us your home page. Make us your home page

fr 28 Dec

Tweet us!  #ff  #FF #FFriday ain't too proud to beg

th 27 Dec

To link to one of our internal header pages the syntax is always all lower case with no dashes or underscores so Framlingham is www.nearthecoast.com/framlingham.

fr 21 Dec
Winter Solstice - the shortest day

Alan Smethurst  1927-2000The twice monthly(ish) digest is emailing out this morning to the 1900+ nearthecoasters on the list ... click the Singing Postman to go on the list.

we 19 Dec

Past astonishers have their own page.

tu 18 Dec

Christmas Second Class Stampsbloody Christmas ... eh?It may have been the Christmas postal deadline Friday for military with static post offices but significantly more terrifying is it's TODAY last posting for second class in the UK ... and a BIG queue in the Framlingham PO yesterday.

mo 17 Dec

Hoxne gets its own page ... and why not?

fr 14 Dec

SRN NearthecoastSRN Nearthecoast is in, fiddling with her tick list, pen and prescribing guidelines but still listening (apparently) at ntc@nearthecoast.com or text 07970 865730

we 12 Dec

CORRECTION: We originally reported that the CCU Chargers' honoury captain last Sunday was Ken Matcham.  The honoury captain was in fact Joe Waller who is being treated for cancer, our apologies to both gentlemen.

Worried too many people might turn up at your coffee morning?  Garden fete?  Swingers' party?  Don't do promotion on nearthecoast then.

A to Z of ntcDon't know your way round nearthecoast?  You need the A to Z, it's FREE and you don't have to pay and display or walk through the gift shop to get out.

mo 10 Dec

The village doesn't support you?  Promote your event on nearthecoast.

tu 4 Dec

Alan Eustace in 2008 - pic contributedASTONISHER No.44:  Although Felix Baumgartner's jump in 2012 from 24 miles not surprisingly set five world records he did not break Joseph Kittinger's 1960 longest free fall record.  In 2014 Google hacker Alan Eustace jumped from 25.7 miles setting new records.

fr 30 Nov
St Andrew's day

Man in the HatMightily pleased to welcome back supporter Man in the Hat.  Man in the Hat will be entertaining for dancing at the Brandeston Queens tomorrow.

th 29 Nov

Norfolk Brawd #74 GRIMbolinaLet the world know about your roller derby league, self help or self harming group by emailing ntc@nearthecoast.com or text 07970 865730

tu 27 Nov

We now have 4,000 plus stock images available on Alamy. nearthecoast at Alamy

su 25 Nov

A witch ducking this year? Planning a witch ducking this year?  Promote your event with us.

su 18 Nov

nearthecoast on Twitter Click the birdy to see our Twitter feed.

sa 10 Nov

Life Skills has its own page.

tu 6 Nov

House sales around near the coast seem quiet.

su 4 Nov

Anorak Alert No.25:  In ITV's adaptation of Vanity Fair Amelia (Claudia Jessie) Sedley's piano is in fact a clavichord.

th 1 Nov

HalloweenThrowback Thursday:  Thirteen years ago today we reported that the Framlingham Barclays has made the effort for Halloween.

su 28 Oct

The clocks go back at the end of October  The clocks have gone BACK.

sa 27 Oct

The Rupa Ensemble at St Michaels Framlingham 27 Oct♫ Very happy to welcome new advertiser the Rupa Ensemble an octet of outstanding, stylistically agile singers especially adept in singing founder Julian Marshall's compositions.  They will be singing in concert at St Michael's Framlingham tonight.

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