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mo 30 Mar

Women's american football has its own nearthecoast Facebook album.

su 29 Mar

The clocks go forwardSlightly chilly early morning because the boiler hadn't noticed that the clocks had gone forward.

fr 27 Mar

Jess the black and white catThe twice monthly(ish) digest emails emailed out this morning ... click Jess Postman Pat's black and white cat to get yours.

tu 24 Mar

PC TipsSunday we had our first virtual dinner London-Dorset-Framlingham-Zurich via application Zoom and an iPad.  Quite touching to see and hear Lady KRJ's two little boys chattering and eating spaghetti.  Helps if you can get your device a little away, it puts you in context:)

mo 23 Mar

For the more middle-class ntcers John Lewis is closing its shops after today with some staff helping out in Waitrose.

sa 21 Mar

A seemingly low thirteen confirmed virus cases in Suffolk, that's less than 0.00002% of the population.

 BE WARNED  It's Mother's Day tomorrow and she'll still expect you to do something about it.

We have over 4,900 stock images available on Alamynearthecoast at Alamy

fr 20 Mar

I advertised with nearthecoast and it unblocked our downstairs looVery pleased that the very pleasant fishmonger Darren Smith has renewed his ad on here.  Tell the world about yourself for two months and £9.95 ... ads explained here.

Do remember this website is not available in the shops ... like a lot of things.

Spring Equinox Well at least it's the spring equinox today.

th 19 Mar

Throwback Thursday: Twelve years ago today the road between Blaxhall and Tunstall was flooded, wouldn't be surprised if it still is.

How to promote yourself on nearthcoast.com.

tu 17 Mar
St Patricks's Day

Tesco vouchersLife Skills 30:  If you get absolutely soaked through, say photographing american football during Storm Ciara and your Tesco vouchers run so they won't scan there is a fix.  You can print them out online from your Tesco clubcard account, our grateful thanks to the very helpful woman at the checkout.

nearthecoast on Twitter Click the birdy to see our Twitter feed.

sa 14 Mar

To link to one of our internal header pages the syntax is always all lower case with no dashes or underscores so Framlingham is www.nearthecoast.com/framlingham

mo 9 Mar

Rural Myth 81:  A petrosexual is a young man who loves his hatchback more than his girl friend.

fr 6 Mar

House prices eh?Corona Corona?  Wasn't that Bob Dylan?  Despite the coronavirus people will still and always be interested in house prices.

we 4 Mar

nearthecoast at Alamy  We have approaching 5,000 stock images available on Alamy.

su 1 Mar
St David's Day

National Savings and InvestmentsLife Skills 29:  Premium Bonds were introduced in 1956, you had to wait six months for them to become lottery eligible but you could buy a single one pound bond.  In our recent memory the minimum buy was a £100, it went down to £50 recentlyish and last month reduced further to £25.

28 Feb

If yours is a local event for local people then you won't need How to promote your event on nearthcoast.

we 26 Feb

1:40pm: the bulletin board is unavailable while we upgrade the software ... 3:33pm: bulletin board back.

tu 25 Feb

Jaques Tati  1907-1982The twice monthly(ish) digest emailed out today to the 1800+ nearthecoasters on the list ... click Jaques Tati to receive it free.

mo 24 Feb

Pancake Day tomorrow ...

we 19 Feb

A to Z of Villages and Towns near the coastOur A to Z of ntc helps you find your town or village but unlike a satnav it kills 99% of all known germs, doesn't have a patronising voice and has never knowingly undersold.

su 16 Feb

Past astonishers have their own page.

fr 14 Feb

Tweet us!  #ff  #FF #FFriday ain't too proud to beg

th 13 Feb

Licensing a pic on Alamy cheers the day and 2019 was our most cheerful ever. nearthecoast at Alamy

tu 11 Feb

We've renamed the roller derby section rolling to make it more inclusive.

su 9 Feb

You can see our our Alamy stock photography by clicking on nearthecoast at Alamy

fr 7 Feb

House sales quiet, well it's that time of year.

th 6 Feb

Now would be a good time to make us your home page. Make us your home page

Moggy Photographer - 07932 392877Very flattered that our new advertiser/supporter is photographer Moggy who has an highly impressive portfolio of clients.  Next available ad slot is 27 February, tell the world about yourself for two months and £9.95  ... ads explained here.

th 6 Feb

Worth seeing the BIG pic in this tweet to get the laugh.

we 5 Feb

Worried too many people might turn up at your coffee morning?  Garden fete?  Swingers' party?  Don't do promotion on nearthecoast then.

tu 4 Feb

nearthecoast on AlamyLife Skills 28:  When in a shop run by posh people don't get your money out too soon, they'll keep you waiting before they take it ... it's something to do with the sordid nature of coin.

su 2 Feb

A to Z of ntcDon't know your way round nearthecoast?  You need the A to Z, it's FREE, kills 99% of known germs plus you don't have to pay and display or walk through the gift shop to get out.

sa 1 Feb

Norfolk Brawd #74 GRIMbolinaLet the world know about your roller derby league, self help or self harming group by emailing ntc@nearthecoast.com or text 07970 865730

fr 31 Jan

No deposit is needed to visit this web site.

we 29 Jan

Thirty five years ago today Scottish comedian Chic Murray passed away and twenty two years earlier the UK was refused entry to the Common Market.

sa 25 Jan

Dr Nearthecoast is in and listening at ntc@nearthecoast.com

we 15 Jan

SRN NearthecoastSRN Nearthecoast is in, fiddling with her tick list, pen and prescribing guidelines but still listening (apparently) at ntc@nearthecoast.com or text 07970 865730

we 8 Jan

ASTONISHER No.48:  We've always thought the music over the Soprano's opening credits is Fun Loving Criminals, turns out it's British band the Alabama 3. ♫

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