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we 31 Dec

Wren on a 1937 farthing At midnight 54 years ago today the farthing stopped being legal tender.  We always thought it charmingly suitable that the smallest British coin had the tiny (the goldcrest is the smallest) British bird the wren on the reverse ... so comforting that the wren population, around Framlingham at least, seems to be increasing.

tu 25 Nov

Samaritans RadarIn memory of Fish we've been meaning to mention the Samaritans' Twitter app Radar launched at the end of October.  The app monitors friends' Twitter accounts for concerning words or phrases.  The Samaritans have since suspended the app.

su 2 Nov

9:02am:  The bulletin board will be going offline while we upgrade the software.

9:54am:  The bulletin board is back, in the end we had to do a full re-install so the board style is the default subsilver ... we're leaving it like that.

we 1 Oct

We've just taken the the road tax disc off our state of the art news gathering vehicle and feel liberated ... so far today though we've seen only one fellow liberatee.

fr 26 Sep

Anorak Alert 7: We rather like the unlikely l♥ve child of Wee Jimmy ... more here

su 3 Aug

Guess Who 33?Guess Who 33?:  Congratulations to flinders for their first win by naming writer Charles Hamilton, one of his many noms de plume was Frank Richards who created the fat owl of the remove Billy Bunter.

th 24 Jul

Don't know whether to be pleased or embarrassed but Alamy have licensed one of our pix to the Daily Mail Online ...

sa 19 Jul

Fish's ashes were scattered on the River Blyth at Southwold on Tuesday 15 July.

mo 14 Jul
Bastille Day

The weather will be back soon on the right, not that your interested but it went after the cURL library also went missing when Apache had to be re-installed after a MySQL upgrade ... see, we said you wouldn't be interested ... weather's back ...

fr 4 Jul

Very flatteringly Aldeburgh Music is following us on Twitter ... perhaps it was us being nice about Musicircus?

sa 28 Jun

If nothing else Bobby Womack thank you for this ... RIP

we 11 Jun

Darren Smith - fishmmonger and market supervisor♫ Darren's got his beard on • Hip hip hooray • Darren's got his beard on and the sun is out to play! ♫  Delighted to welcome back fishmonger and Framlingham market supervisor Darren Smith.  Next available advertising slot is now 8th July at just £14.95 for two months ... did we say we get around 17,000 visitors a month?

sa 3 May

des' dinners has been restructured but nobody has lost their job.

fr 28 Mar

Coming Soon!  Top ten reasons for not reading lists.

tu 25 Mar

Life eh?  Life eh?

mo 17 Mar

We get papped on Framlingham market ... #Suffolk eh?

fr 14 Mar

Well that that didn't last long ... today our Alexa ranking is 300,005:)

th 13 Mar

Halesworth 2010 to 2007 has got its own page and encouragingly our Alexa ranking has gone under 300,000

th 30 Jan

We were saddened to discover that Ming the Merciless' head of security General Kala died early last year from pancreatic cancer ... as far as we know she was never on the council but probably would have fitted right in.

we 29 Jan

ntc on a BlackberryFinally mobile phone users visiting us have a friendlier and stable(ish) if not polished version to see, the left and right side bars disappear and the central content is bigger so it can be read without zooming.  It's been tested on four different telephones, comments welcome  by email, Twitter or Facebook.

we 1 Jan

roller derby bout A Fistful of RollersNo doubt in 2014 the East African and councils will continue to rot your brain, nothing will get cheaper and you'll need your passport to buy a box of matches or a potato peeler, but there'll still be proper beer and coffee to drink, Suffolk Roller Derby should bout publicly, we'll get a record 20,000+ monthly visitors, we stick to VB46 and despite all the expected building near the coast it will remain a pleasant place to live, safe for trees and the barking ... bring it on 2014.

su 24 Nov

The RutlesWe can't help thinking that if The Beatles hadn't been called The Beatles but Four Nice Young Men from Liverpool and surrounding villages they may have got more public funding but probably wouldn't have been quite so significant.

tu 15 Oct

There are now three advertising slots where there were five giving even better valueWhat a bargain!.  Next available advertising slot is 2nd November ... did we say we had nearly 20,000 visitors last month?

tu 17 Sep

Wheelie bins arriving in Fram for the first timeFive years ago today the wheelie bins arrived inAll things will pass ... the now disappearing industrial south of Framlingham and what was then Solar was ram raided by four balaclavaed men.

fr 13 Sep

Ray Dolby has died aged 80 ... that's the A, B and C of it.

su 8 Sep

Abandoned Burger King by the A12 - pic Mr SmithMr Smith found these left overs from from a good time by the A12 near Saxmundham.  Is there a Burger King in Sax now?  We were surprised to discover there's a Costa Coffee and no Mr Smith, the babe on the bench is not Benjamin Britten although it is a bloke.

tu 18 Jun

Opening day in reubensThis web site was six on Saturday, our first report was reubens opening at the back of the Framlingham Crown.  We forgot all about it being our birthday.  Can we forgive ourselves?  Well at least we avoided the urge to have dodgy clip art of balloons, cakes and sprinkles.

th 6 Jun

Downton Abbey's Countess of Grantham is creeping up to being our first 1,000 viewer on Flickr.

fr 31 May

Linda in Framlingham Stationers know who Guess Who 28? is because we told her.

mo 6 May

The right side bar has been and will continue to wobble while we give it a bit of a makeover to improve the way it loads.

th 28 Mar
Rubbish Thursday ... the day before Good Friday

It's still winterToday: The Easter (the weather may not be quite as horrendous as feared for the weekend, our giant icicle on the front door get the digest FREEhas morphed into an icy front step) digest has just gone out to the 5,000+ ntcers on the list ... click Postman Pat to get your FREE copy.

su 10 Feb

Even Vlad the Imp has gone quiet over Guess Who 27?

tu 1 Jan

Hopefully in 2013 Fram market will stay a place to rant and drink good coffee, Earl Soham beer from its new Debenham brewery continues to bring its own joy, Maverick gigs proceed triumphally, the new Wickham co-op discovers it's not Ikea, roller derby find its way to coastal Suffolk (it's found Bury St Edumds and the west of the county with a US military connection), the great and good get greater and gooderer and near the coast continues to madden and endear.  Happy New Year!

th 27 Dec

Not Lester PiggotWe've established that Guess Who 26? is not Lester Piggot, French and an ex-sportsman, and it may be in a large town near Chelmsford but what a job op for a young snapper.

tu 4 Dec

Alexa.com is telling us our pages are loading a bit faster since our server change/upgrade and publishing is certainly a lot faster, so worth all the pain ... maybe.

mo 3 Dec

Guess Who 25? is Ethel (wasn't Just William's sister called Ethel?) Jane Cain the first voice of TIM the speaking clock, next Guess Who? in a month or so.

Because of the server change towards the end of last month we had to knit two sets of statistics together to find out last month you visited a record 94,579 pages, thank you.

sa 17 Nov

We could be a bit wobbly at some point in the future as our host migrates us on to a shiny new operating system.

mo 15 Oct

Our Twitter feed on the left there is back which is nice and a pig stolen in Dunwich ... not as funny as it sounds.

tu 4 Sep

Hopefully you've noticed we look slightly different?  Not only that but the 400+ pages of nearthecoast.com should be looking more consistent but in true Suffolk style there are still bloody minded outposts of this website fiercely resisting change.

th 31 May

We're very pleased to welcome back advertiser Warne's taxi service and we were told Boulevard Blond is no more but Mrs Warne and most of the BB lineup are putting together a Motown influenced band.

th 3 May

ASTONISHER No.23:  Johnny Johnson's big afro was in fact a wig ... you're going to have to trust us on this one. ♫

th 12 Apr

That's taken forever importing on this day in but it's here now, look up your birthday and see what happened on that day in history.

tu 20 Mar

Stackton Tressel now has it's own page, as does Little Mutterings.

fr 6 Jan

<blush>  Our pic of Truly Thumptious and son has been nominated by US website Derby Life for Most Derby photo 2011.

fr 23 Dec

Merry Wotsit

Have a good one ... see you on the other side ...

sa 6 Aug

Because of hyperactive spambots we are reluctantly blocking new registrations by hotmail and gmail email addresses on the bulletin board.

mo 1 Aug

A record 11,000+ visitors to this web site last month, perhaps it was our coverage of the Dunwich Dynamo?

sa 4 Jun

What's that Skip?07:03pm  What's that Skip?  You don't know what oxymoron means?  Don't worry Skip, it's a self contradictory figure of speech ... like ethical banking, sports personality or technology centre.

th 31 Mrr
world backup day

Wind up gramophone on ebaYThe truly green alternative to the iPod; no batteries, no USB, no mains adaptor, just wind it up and off it goes and on ebaY starting at just one penny!

fr 24 Dec

Log your first Christmas row on the bulletin board so we know we are not alone.

su 15 Aug

ASTONISHER No.1:  Country singer and songwriter Kris Kristofferson has a boxing blue from Oxford ... we know but it's true.

su 30 May

We found the thing to click so ntcers can now tag our FaceBook photies.

mo 2 Nov

10,000?Thank You!  In the end we had a record 9,409 visitors last month, perhaps if you tell more of your friends about us (or if you're a property developer tell that bloke at the district council you take out for a drink ... again) we'll get over 10,000 this month?

sa 31 Oct

tweet sockWe don't have even a 100 followers on Twitter, and some of those we do have are distinctly dodgy, but WeFollow reckons we're the fifth most influential tweeter in Suffolk ... mind you we've got a ways to go to catch up with Food Safari; and thank you everybody for a record 9,134 visitors in this month so far.

we 15 Jul

We love NearTheCoast, thanks for latest update, Rachel, Diss

sa 18 Apr

We can now tweet from our mobile phone ... if we could find it that is.

mo 10 Nov

Tomorrow's weather is cancelled.

th 23 Oct

You may think we're geeks but just imagine what the uber geeksW3C Markup Validation Service at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) must be like.  W3C specify standards and if your web site complies with the standards it makes the world a better place.  We spent a very long day yesterday replacing embeds with objects, includes with nested templates, nowraps with nowrap="nowrap"s and eventually we ended up with a wobbly looking home page but it did W3C validate ... just made a small change and it doesn't validate anymore, well see for yourself ... then we fixed it.

tu 14 Oct

Thanks to Karl Semple's conversion script the bulletin board is more or less back.  (PC Jeff Burt's wedding pics have gone missing but we can soon upload them again.)  God bless you Karl Semple.  May all your children be pension fund managers.

mo 13 Oct

11:00am  We seem to be sorted but have to wait for name server changes to spread to your service provider.

J Tarquin Browne on the beach near Salobrena01:30pm  Ah well, mother said there would be days like this.  The database software on the new host is a newer version than the old host and attempts to post on the board get an error message.  Working on it ... they're probably thinking about a siesta in Salobreña right now (it's 2:30 there) ... we would say "Apologies for any inconvenience" but we're not Icelandic and we don't have your money ...

sa 11 Oct

The bulletin board admins are putting up a team for Man in the Hat's Screen and Music quiz next Thursday at the Framlingham White Horse.

fr 25 Apr

Board mod Amanda Frost is on Weakest Link Monday night and yes, it was recorded weeks, if not months, ago.

tu 4 Mar

Last month on average someone visited this site every 2 minutes 37 seconds, which was nice.

tu 22 Jan

It's gone 1pm and we've sent out the first Near The Coast monthly digest.  If you don't want it just reply STOP and we will.

tu 11 Dec

Press Freedom IndexAmongst other things Reporters Without Borders maintains an annual worldwide press freedom index.  The UK comes in 24th behind Iceland and Norway equal first but ahead of USA (Land of the Free) in 48th position.

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