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this web site in 2013


tu 31 de 13

Did we say ...Thank you for your support in 2013 ...did we say we had approaching 20,000 visitors in September?  We have web site plans for 2014 including a mobile phone version that can be read without zooming, a proper Google search box and the embedded Flickr gallery returning ...

su 24 no 13

The RutlesWe can't help thinking that if The Beatles hadn't been called The Beatles but Four Nice Young Men from Liverpool and surrounding villages they may have got more public funding but probably wouldn't have been quite so significant.

su 6 oc 13

ASTONISHER No.32:  Having been secretly sold by Genoa to the French in 1764 Corsica only became openly French in 1768 just one year before Napoleon Bonaparte was born on the island, he retained a Corsican accent all his life ... funny what you learn isn't it in the centenary year of Le Tour.

tu 15 oc 13

There are now three advertising slots where there were five giving even better valueWhat a bargain!.  Next available advertising slot is 2nd November ... did we say we had nearly 20,000 visitors last month?

su 6 oc 13

Every three days our server generates overnight a new sitemap.

we 2 oc 13

You may have noticed that there are now four advertising slots not five and from theWhat a bargain! 6th October it will be three giving even better value.  Next available advertising slot is 2nd November ... did we say we had nearly 20,000 visitors last month?

su 29 se 13

1:16pm:  If before midnight tomorrow we get 99+ more first time this month visitors we will have had a record 18,856+ visitors this month ... reckon we might do it.

fr 20 se 13

We've now got a Twitter tab on our Facebook page and what was Sweet Dreams on the corner of Broad Road in Wickham Market is going to be a hospice shop.

we 18 se 13

The baby on the bench isn't Charles Laughton but he was British and only died comparatively recently.

tu 17 se 13

Wheelie bins arriving in Fram for the first timeFive years ago today the wheelie bins arrived inAll things will pass ... the now disappearing industrial south of Framlingham and what was then Solar was ram raided by four balaclavaed men.

th 12 se 13

It's always nice when Roller Derby Photo Competition second place someone gets it.

fr 13 se 13

Ray Dolby has died aged 80 ... that's the A, B and C of it.

su 8 se 13

Abandoned Burger King by the A12 - pic Mr SmithMr Smith found these left overs from from a good time by the A12 near Saxmundham.  Is there a Burger King in Sax now?  We were surprised to discover there's a Costa Coffee and no Mr Smith, the babe on the bench is not Benjamin Britten although it is a bloke.

fr 30 au 13

Guess Who 29?  Guess Who 30?  The babe on the bench.

we 28 au 13

Well howsabout that?  A record 17,011 visitors already this month.

sa 17 au 13

Anorak Alert 1:  Telstar: The Joe Meek Story on BBC2 last night didn't use the actual 304 Holloway Road. ♫

fr 16 au 13

Alan Lomax  1915-2002ASTONISHER No.31:  Alan Lomax is a giant figure in American folk and blues music having recorded in the field Muddy Waters, Lead Belly, Sonny Terry, Big Bill Broonzy, Woody Guthrie and others.  Astonishingly in 1953 he made an album at the Blaxhall Ship with singers including Cyril Poacher.  Although muso Steph the Pirate hadn't heard of Lomax he correctly intuited that Lomax was in the UK to avoid the House Un-American Activities Committee back in his native USA. ♫

th 15 au 13

Our server now generates overnight a daily sitemap which can be visited by the links on the A to Z page.

th 1 au 13

Yaaay!  A record 16,922 visitors last month, that's almost 17,000 ... we just like saying that's almost 17,000.

tu 2 jl 13

What a bargain!An all time record 16,674 visitors in June, thank you ntcers.  Seems a good reason to grab a two month advertising slot for just £9.95.

su 30 jn 13

By lunchtime today we'd had a record 16,399 visitors for the month so far, we'll pick up a few more before the day is out.

tu 18 jn 13

Opening day in reubensThis web site was six on Saturday, our first report was reubens opening at the back of the Framlingham Crown.  We forgot all about it being our birthday.  Can we forgive ourselves?  Well at least we avoided the urge to have dodgy clip art of balloons, cakes and sprinkles.

th 6 jn 13

Downton Abbey's Countess of Grantham is creeping up to being our first 1,000 viewer on Flickr.

sa 1 jn 13

Again the Gentleman Plumber puts Guess Who 28? to bed, what a bag of swag he'll get if we ever organise any nearthecoast swag, and we got an honourable mention last month ... which was nice.

fr 31 my 13

Linda in Framlingham Stationers know who Guess Who 28? is because we told her.

tu 21 my 13

The Arandora StarASTONISHER No.30:  It didn't astonish or even surprise us that actor (he played Miranda's dad in the Christmas special) Tom Conti's full name is Thomas Antonio Conti or that his father Alfonso was interned as a belligerent alien during the second world war.  What does astonish us is Alfonso returned home avoiding the Arandora Star after his wife Mary gave a suitcase containing £2,000 to the highest ranking policeman she could find.

sa 18 my 13

Guess Who 28?  She's not Martina Navratilova or Evonne Goolagong Cawley.

we 8 my 13

The right side bar has calmed down but there are more changes to come.

mo 6 my 13

The right side bar has been and will continue to wobble while we give it a bit of a makeover to improve the way it loads.

tu 30 ap 13

13,000+ visitors in AprilA whole bunch of fishing gear stolen in Benhall (that's at least two Benhall burglaries this month), we've had 13,000+ visitors this month which would have been an all time record in February and Blimey!  They have cocktails afterwards at the Wickham Market flower club!!

we 17 ap 13

Guess Who 28?:  Despite the Disneyworld carrier bag she wasn't born in the USA.

mo 1 ap 13

Thank you <blushes modestly> an all time record 14,289 visitors last month.

fr 29 mr 13

13,259 visitors already this monthYes! <makes clenched fist bent arm gesture so beloved of sports persons> an all time record record 13,259 visitors so far this month, maybe 14,000+ for the month if you tell your friends about us.

th 28 mr 13Rubbish Thursday ... the day before Good Friday

It's still winterToday:  The Easter (the weather may not be quite as horrendous as feared for the weekend, our giant icicle on the front door get the digest FREEhas morphed into an icy front step) digest has just gone out to the 5,000+ ntcers on the list ... click Postman Pat to get your FREE copy.

fr 15 mr 13

We're gratified that ranks this web site as three million places more important than free newspaper Coastal Scene's web site, makes our advertising look really good value eh?

tu 12 mr 13

How nice, a baseball team of new chums on our Facebook page.

su 10 fe 13

Even Vlad the Imp has gone quiet over Guess Who 27?

mo 4 fe 13

Guess Who 27?  The little fella with the very parted hair bottom right.

fr 1 fe 13

We've merged two of the Ginetta forums/fora on the drastic plastic bulletin board.

th 31 ja 13

It wasn't like the time we went all to pieces meeting photo journalist David Hoffman (he does have balls of steel) but we got a nice warm feeling seeing that Andrew Norton (film maker of the very nicely indeed put together Michael Burnett vid) had favourited our tweet about Kevin Bacon's dad.

fr 4 ja 13

That's nice, leased another pic on Alamy.

tu 1 ja 13

roller derby bout A Fistful of RollersHopefully in 2013 Fram market will stay a place to rant and drink good coffee, Earl Soham beer from its new Debenham brewery continues to bring its own joy, Maverick gigs proceed triumphally, the new Wickham co-op discovers it's not Ikea, roller derby find its way to coastal Suffolk (it's found Bury and the west of the county with a US military connection), the great and good get greater and gooderer and near the coast continues to madden and endear.  Happy New Year!

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