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this web site in 2012


th 27 Dec

Not Lester PiggotWe've established that Guess Who 26? is not Lester Piggot, French and an ex-sportsman, and it may be in a large town near Chelmsford but what a job op for a young snapper.

mo 24 Dec

Merry Wotsit

Have a good one ... see you on the other side ...

tu 11 Dec

Juan Manuel Fangio  1911-1995ASTONISHER No.28:  F1's first decade of racing was dominated by Argentinean Juan Fangio.  The evening before the 1958 Cuban grand prix he was kidnapped from his hotel with responsibility claimed by Fidel Castro's 32nd of October revolutionary movement.  The race started late in the hope that Fangio would appear and then abandoned when Armando Garcia Cifuentes crashed his Ferrari into the crowd killing and injuring many.  Fangio was released unharmed.

tu 4 Dec

Alexa.com is telling us our pages are loading a bit faster since our server change/upgrade and publishing is certainly a lot faster, so worth all the pain ... maybe.

mo 3 Dec

Guess Who 25? is Ethel (wasn't Just William's sister called Ethel?) Jane Cain the first voice of TIM the speaking clock, next Guess Who? in a month or so.

A record 94,579 pagesBecause of the server change towards the end of last month we had to knit two sets of statistics together to find out last month you visited a record 94,579 pages, thank you.

th 29 Nov

As Guess Who 24? got messed up by a change on our host (we're still sorting out some minor messes) let's do Guess Who 25? straight away, who is this lady?

mo 26 Nov

Yesterday this web site came up with a shiny updated operating system but Guess Who 24?due to our lack of understanding (not the hosts) it went back a week.  We've fixed the website but can't fix the bulletin board so have to tell you for the third Guess Who? in a row Vlad the Imp correctly named Guess Who 24? as President Barack Obama allegedly sucking on a dodgy cigarette.

fr 23 Nov

Probably unwise to say so but nice to reach 1,500 leicas on Facebook thank you.

Guess Who 24?Guess Who 24? has gone quiet after suggestions Jimi Hendrix, Lionel Ritchie, August Darnell, Cassius Clay?! and Bill Cosby.

sa 17 Nov

We could be a bit wobbly at some point in the future as our host migrates us on to a shiny new operating system.

we 14 Nov

We're nearly 1,500 leicas on our Facebook page.

tu 6 Nov

near the coast on TwitterExpect us to be chattier on Twitter now that our tweets starting @yourname are filtered out from that feed on the left.

sa 3 Nov

As you can see we've added buttons at the top there so you can tell your nearthecoast on Facebook friends and nearthecoast on Twitter followers about the nearthecoast page.

su 28 Oct

Those roof bars are still FOR SALE and now thought to be a universal fitting.

fr 19 Oct

Mike Hawthorn 1929-195954 years ago today Mike Hawthorn became the first British Formula One world champion.

mo 15 Oct

Our Twitter feed on the left there is back which is nice and a pig stolen in Dunwich ... not as funny as it sounds.

we 10 Oct

Yesterday we updated the drastic plastic bulletin board software just like we did for the ntc bulletin board.

mo 1 Oct

Captain WE JohnsASTONISHER (quite) No.27:  We weren't that surprised and definitely not astonished that Captain W E Johns the creator of Biggles wasn't a real captain but we were a little taken aback to discover that early in his career he was a sanitary inspector in Swaffham Norfolk.

fr 28 Sep

05:40pm  Locking the bulletin board for a software upgrade.

06:20pm  Done.

tu 25 Sep

Guess Who 23? falls to Vlad the Imp AGAIN!

mo 24 Sep

Guess Who 23? Guess Who 23?  Three days now and not a peep, said it'd be a stinker.

tu 4 Sep

Hopefully you've noticed we look slightly different?  Not only that but the 400+ pages of nearthecoast.com should be looking more consistent but in true Suffolk style there are still bloody minded outposts of this website fiercely resisting change.

we 22 Aug

Had a teensy wobbler this morning (the host moving stuff about) but all is well now.

tu 21 Aug

Nineteen new leicas on our Facebook page, feeling popular.

tu 7 Aug

Guess Who 22So far we've established that Guess Who 22? is not Jimmy Hill, Lionel Blair or Kirk Douglas and while we're in a faintly gladiatorial area it's not Omid Djalilli either.

fr 3 Aug

The Revolution Will Not Be TelevisedASTONISHER No.26:  American poet and jazz funkster Gil Scott-Heron died last year; his father Gil Heron was the first black athlete to play football for Glasgow Celtic ... we know but there's more, Scott-Heron's uncle Roy served in the Norwegian marine during WWII before joining the Canadian army.

su 15 Jul

Yes we're five years old today thank you very much for asking.

sa 7 Jul

We've only just noticed that Eric Sykes died Wednesday.  We always liked the considered Tati like way he moved and adored his tv series with Derek Guyler as the policeman Helmet off Corky, Helmet on Constable Turnbull and the surreal running joke that Eric and the divine Hattie Jaques were twins:)

su 10 Jun

ASTONISHER No.25:  James Robertson Justice the bearded Sir Lancelot Spratt of The Doctor films tended goal for professional ice hockey team the London Lions ... we know but when you look at his build it's probably true.

th 31 May

We're very pleased to welcome back advertiser Warne's taxi service and we were told Boulevard Blond is no more but Mrs Warne and most of the BB lineup are putting together a Motown influenced band.

tu 15 May

Roof bars for a Peugeot 307 estate FOR SALE on the board.

su 13 May

The Gentleman Plumber as so frequently before names the Guess Whoee.

sa 12 May

David Nixon and Basil BrushASTONISHER No.24:  Basil Brush will be 50 next year and his first man was tv conjurer David Nixon, no that's not it, David Nixon helped fund the Mellotron a sort of early synthesiser before there were synthesisers ... and what's more only some 2,000 were ever made. ♫

fr 11 May

Guess Who 21?  Guess Who 21?  The bloke making a certain gesture.

we 9 May

We went away for about 45 minutes around midday, a Denial Of Service attack on the host apparently.

th 3 May

ASTONISHER No.23:  Johnny Johnson's big afro was in fact a wig ... you're going to have to trust us on this one.

th 19 Apr

Guess Who 20?Time for a Guess Who?  This time it's Guess Who 20?  The glasses are a bit of a surprise.

th 12 Apr

That's taken forever importing on this day in but it's here now, look up your birthday and see what happened on that day in history.

fr 6 Apr

We've been running a bit slow recently but a server re-boot's had the same effect as three Red Bulls and not that you're interested but even when we were running slow Google says we were still faster than 80% of the sites on the web.

sa 7 Apr

The Lone Ranger and TontoASTONISHER No.22:  Canadian Jay Silverheels who played Tonto was in the 1930s a lacrosse professional with the Rochester Iroquois and Clayton Moore The Lone Ranger wore that worryingly lavender suit to personal appearances into his 80s despite the copyright owner briefly getting a court order to stop him in 1974.

fr 23 Mar

We've laid back, thought of Suffolk and accepted the timeline on our Facebook page.

tu 20 Mar

Stackton Tressel now has it's own page, as does Little Mutterings.

sa 17 Mar

363 years ago today Oliver Cromwell declared England a commonwealth.

fr 24 Feb

♫ See, we said you'd know who Guess Who 19? is didn't we?

th 23 Feb

Guess Who 19Guess Who 19?  Even though you maybe can't name Guess Who 19 we guarantee that when he is named you'll know who he is.

we 22 Feb

Steve JobsASTONISHER No.21:  When Abdulfattah Jandali managed a restaurant in Silicon Valley he was flattered to have Steve Jobs of Apple as a patron and on several occasions shook hands with him ... neither were aware they were father and son ... you'd think the genes would recognise each other wouldn't you?

we 1 Feb

12,634 of you visited last month and looked at a record 82,987 pages, thank you.

mo 30 Jan

Guess Who 18?  Guess Who 18?  Seemingly out of thin air Vlad the Imp gets it.

fr 6 Jan

Truly Thumptious and son<blush>  Our pic of Truly Thumptious and son has been nominated by US website Derby Life for Most Derby photo 2011.

mo 2 Jan

80,743 page viewsLast month we had over 12,000 visitors for the second time and a record 80,743 page views ... ♥♥♥ you all and thank you ... maybe 20,000 in 2012?

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