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fr 30 Dec

ASTONISHER No.20:  It is illegal in Japan to ride a tandem on a public road ... except for the province of Nagano ... and since 2008 Hyougo ... and since 2009 Yamagata ... You get the picture?  Yes, we see.

we 28 Dec

That's nice, we've already gone over 11,000 visitors for the sixth month in a row ... might, just might, go over 12,000 again.

fr 23 Dec

Merry Wotsit

Have a good one ... see you on the other side ...

mo 19 Dec

ASTONISHER No.19:  When Fred Astaire (b1899 in Omaha Nebraska!) made his first film with Ginger Rogers he'd already made one film ... she'd made twenty and OMG weren't they beautiful, watch Ginger's left arm, we think it's gently doing some sending up.

th 1 Dec

Fifth month in a row we've had 11,000+ visitors, ♥♥♥ you all.

sa 19 Nov

Yes, it's Roy Plomley who in the 1940s devised and then presented Desert Island Discs for some 43 years, and it's still going on Radio 4 ... Radio 4? ... it's a radio station?  Just up from Radio 2 past Radio 3?  Radio 3?  Tell you what, let's forget it.

fr 18 Nov

Guess Who 17?  Who's the bald bloke on the right? Guess who 16?

th 3 Nov

October was the fourth month in a row we had over 11,000 visitors and we had almost 13,000 in August, thanks a lot you lovely ntcers.

sa 29 Oct

Stephanie Flanders ~ pic contributedASTONISHER No.18:  BBC economics editor Stephanie Flanders is the daughter of the late Michael Flanders who died when she was six ... yes, that's what we thought, what's Robert Peston's job then?  He's the business editor apparently.

sa 1 Oct

Pages visited  You lovely ntcers visited a record 80,541 pages last month.

fr 16 Sep

Newsreader Angela RipponASTONISHER No.17:  Broadcast only in the Midlands area in 1977 news reader Angela Legs Rippon was the first presenter of Top Gear not Jezza and chums ... although it does feel like they've been doing it for ever ... we know but it's true.

tu 05 Jul

Guess Who 15?Guess Who 15?  Haven't had one these for a bit, the girly in the middle?

mo 29 Aug

We've gone over 12,000 visitors this month  , thank you every one of you.

sa 6 Aug

Because of hyperactive spambots we are reluctantly blocking new registrations by hotmail and gmail email addresses on the bulletin board.

tu 2 Aug

Truly Thumptious and sonAfter just a handful of days Truly Thumptious and son has become our most viewed pic on Flickr.

mo 1 Aug

A record 11,000+ visitors to this web site last month, perhaps it was our coverage of the Dunwich Dynamo?

fr 15 Jul
St Swithin's Day

12:10pm   nearthecoast and drastic plastic wobbling over.

10:20am  We're having problems accessing the admin for both the near the coast and drastic plastic bulletin boards, we suspect because a new software upgrade is swamping the phpBB server.  Expect things to be wobbly for a bit.

tu 05 Jul

Jolly D!  This June we were over 10,000 visitors for the fourth month in a row.

sa 4 Jun

What's that Skip?07:03pm  What's that Skip?  You don't know what oxymoron means?  Don't worry Skip, it's a self contradictory figure of speech ... like ethical banking, sports personality or technology centre.

th 2 Jun

How busy are we?Just slightly fewer visitors last month than the record 10,777 in April but a record 8.25Gigabytes of downloads.

fr 27 May

Floella Benjamin - pic contributedASTONISHER No.16:  Delicious Floella Benjamin who presented Play School and Play Away in the 1980s was made Baroness Benjamin of Beckenham last year and Chancellor of Exeter University in 2006 ... we know but it's true.

we 4 May
Star Wars Day

Helena Bonham Carter in A Room With A ViewASTONISHER No.15:  The great grandfather of actress the divine Helena Bonham Carter (we actually love her eyebrows more than Julianne Moore's nose) was prime minister Herbert Asquith, Britain's last Liberal pm ... we know but it's true.

sa 23 Apr
St George's Day

Lord LucanASTONISHER No.14:  Lord Lucan's great-great-great-grandfather was the officer who told the Light Brigade to charge the wrong Russians ... we know but it's true.

fr 1 ap 11
April Fool

In the end it was a record 10,261 visitors this month, still feel a little like Sachin Tendulkar!  #ainttooproudtobeg

th 31 mr 11
world backup day

Wind up gramophone on ebaYThe truly green alternative to the iPod; no batteries, no USB, no mains adaptor, just wind it up and off it goes and on ebaY starting at just one penny!

fr 25 Mar

Guess Who 14?Guess Who 14?  We think recognisable but then we know who it is and feel free to send us pix of bonny babies, sulky teenagers, whatever for Guess Who?

sa 19 Mar

Dave Randall in a GinettaApologies if we seemed to have blitzed you with old(ish) sports cars, it's a prob on the server which we've fixed by giving it a wipe with a dirty J-cloth ... hopefully it'll hold.  (thanks Gosia)

8pm:  Probs with bulletin board fixed with a rusty Brillo pad.  (thanks SBB)

sa 12 Mar

Stanley Matthews in an England shirtASTONISHER No.13:  Just before Christmas 1960 legend Stanley Matthews played in a charity Tennis v Showbiz football match with his tennis player son.  Matthews was reprimanded by the FA for breaking reg 18a playing with or against unaffiliated clubs and signed an undertaking to never do it again ... we know but it's true.

fr 11 Mar

Guess Who 13?Thankfully the Gentleman Plumber has finally put Guess Who 12? out of its agony, it's famous wart wearer and pretend bass guitarist Lemmy aged 3½ ... this is probably a bad idea but who are these two?

we 16 Feb

ASTONISHER No.12:  Israel qualified for the 1958 world cup without Jimmy Murphy 1910-1989playing a game as the Arab countries in their group refused to meet them.  FIFA then ruled that to qualify Israel should play Wales (Belgium having declined) and consequently Welsh national manager (and assistant Man U manager) Jimmy Murphy was in Cardiff not Munich.  Scotland's first national (but still only part time) manager Matt Busby was in Munich and near death so the Scottish FA solved the problem by not sending a manager ... we know but it's true.

su 9 Jan

Guess Who 10?  Who's this policeman's son?  Guess Who 10?

sa 1 Jan

Thank YOU FacePackers for our thousand fans this new year, you're too kind.

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