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fr 24 de 10

Log your first Christmas row on the board so we know we are not alone.

th 23 de 10

Charles MansonASTONISHER No.10:  What do Stephen Stills (musician)Stephen Stills and Charles Manson (serial killer)  have in common?  They both auditioned for the Monkees?  Stephen Stills certainly did audition before forming Buffalo Springfield but Charles Manson was in prison 1961-67 for parole violation and couldn't have ... we know but it's true.

th 16 de 10

Arthur Mullard  1910-1995You'll be pleased to hear we aren't doing a Christmas special this yearChristmas like a noose so no special guests like Arthur Mullard, lookalikes Deadwood and the person who actually owned Doophus.

we 15 de 10

What do these ladies do for a living?Guess What? No.1:  What do these ladies having lunch do for a living?

mo 13 de 10

ASTONISHER No.9:  At the 1898 FA Cup Final the teams Nottingham Forest in Derby's shirtswere photographed with the cup before the match and at the photographer's suggestion eventual winners Nottingham Forest borrowed Derby County's lighter coloured jerseys ... we know but it's true.

su 21 no 10

Thembi Seete11:00am:  About to lock the bulletin board for 3.0.8 software upgrade.

12:00pm:  Board's back so you can see the very individual dancing style of Thembi Seete.

sa 13 no 10

ASTONISHER No.7:   In 1947 by investing $50,000 in the then six man Ampex company singer Bing Crosby made tape recorders commercially available ... we know but it's true.

th 4 no 10

Charlie HaylockThe up coming Charlie Haylock cd Confessions of an Hysterical Historian (with our cover photo) is imminent.

su 15 au 10

ASTONISHER No.1:  Country singer and songwriter Kris Kristofferson has a boxing blue from Oxford ... we know but it's true.

su 30 my 10

We found the thing to click so ntcers can now tag our FaceBook photies.

th 27 my 10

The washing machine on the board SOLD.

we 26 my 10

FOR SALE on the board a fridge/freezer, washing machine, 28" telly, pet feeder and desk.

th 13 my 10

Kid's bike on the board SOLD.

tu 11 my 10

Kid's bike FOR SALE on the board.

tu 4 my 10

Another vote on the bulletin board increases the Lib-Dems' lead.

sa 27 mr 10

near the coast on FaceBook Thanks Jamie, Anne and Cameron for the Facepack ½ century!

fr 26 mr 10

The bulletin board is wearing a new outfit for the weekend.

sa 06 mr 10Oh poo, security update for the board, hang on ... done!
tu 02 mr 10

4:21pm:  About to lock the bulletin board for software update.

5:20pm (or thereabouts):  The board is back.

mo 1 fe 10

a brand new you   a brand new you   A brand new you   a brand new you   a brand new you

we 6 ja 10

Twelfth NightThere's some disagreement whether Twelfth Night is today (Epiphany) or yesterday, we plump for today ... but we might change our mind later.

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