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rural myths


sa 17 Mar

Rural Myth 74:  Honest Suffolk folk can tell the difference between advertise and publicise.

we 27 Dec

Rural Myth 73:  The parish council meeting is the highlight of the month for most people.

we 30 Aug

Fox in that there LondonRural Myth 72:  You can always tell an urban fox in the country, they're the ones looking for an escalator to stand on the right of.

we 26 Apr

Rural Myth 71:  All blowins come from that there London.

su 22 Jan

Rural Myth 70:  Lovejoy is a documentary and they film it in Stackton Tressel.

su 30 Oct

Rural Myth 69:  You can always tell when someone is a bit odd, they don't live in Suffolk.

fr 17 Jun

Rural Myth 68:  You can always tell an ol' country boy because they never walk anywhere ... unless it's with a dog and/or a gun.

we 30 Mar

Rural Myth 67:  If you say it loud enough it must be the law.

sa 2 Jan

Rural Myth 66:  Red diesel is only ever used in farm vehicles.

th 17 Sep

Rural Myth 65:  In Suffolk a homosexual is a man who likes women better than tractors.

tu 18 Aug

Rural Myth 64:  When the grass verge brambles need cutting back they're your brambles, when they've got ripe blackberries on them they're everybody's'.

fr 10 Jul

Rural Myth 62:  You can always tell a Londoner, they think you'll be interested that the Central line is open again.

su 31 May

Rural Myth 61:  No Parking cones are just a suggestion, you can move them if you want.

sa 10 Jan

Rural Myth 60:  It's ok to park on double yellows as long as you're half or fully on the pavement.

sa 20 Sep

Rural Myth 59:  You don't get long for rape ... unless you have the whole field away.

we 25 Jun

Rural Myth 56:  You can always tell people from a London because they lock the house when they're in the garden.

we 19 Dec

Rural Myth 39:  Batter is what posh people feel after they've got over the flu.

sa 17 Mar

Rural Myth 37:  You can always tell people from Benhall because they're polite and like to help people.

sa 18 Feb

Rural Myth 36:  Sax is what posh people have so there's someone to leave the money to.

su 18 Sep

Rural Myth 35:  In Little Mutterings you don't lose your girl friend you just lose your turn.

we 1 Jun

Wheelie bins arrive in Framlingham for the first timeRural Myth 33:  You can always tell a townie, they're the ones who put their wheelie bins out Sunday afternoon for collection on a Thursday.

tu 28 Sep

Doophus the catRural Myth 30:  The Stackton Tressel town council does include a cat (Mr Doophus) but he does not sit on the markets committee because the market supervisor is a fishmonger.

mo 26 Jul

Rural Myth 26:  People in Little Glemham call the A12 The Road to the Sun.

sa 26 Jun

Rural Myth 24:  Property developers become councillors because they want to give something back.

th 17 Jun

Rural Myth 23:  All of that there London is under a glass roof ... or perhaps it's just Liverpool Street station ...

mo 22 Mar

Rural Myth 19:  Sex and the City is based on Halesworth.

th 25 Feb

Rural Myth 15:  It's illegal to pull anyone under the age of 19 from the path of an approaching lorry because it's inappropriate touching, if they're over 18 it's probably assault.

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