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on this day in November


November 1

1956  Premium Bonds first went on sale

November 2

1954  Hancock's Half Hour was first broadcast

November 3
Ah ... Guy Fawkes

1968  Graham Hill won the Mexico Grand Prix to become world motor racing championLaika, the first animal in space

1957  The USSR launched a dog into space

1843  The bottom half of Lord Nelson's statue was hoisted to the top of his column in Trafalgar Square - the top half followed the next day

November 4

1982  The French film director and creator of Monsieur Hulot, Jaques Tati, diedRichard Jordan Gatling  1818-1903

1963  The Beatles appeared in a Royal Command variety performance

1879  James Ritty, a saloon owner in Ohio, patented the first cash register

1862  Richard Gatling patented his gun

1530  Cardinal Wolsey was arrested as a traitor

November 5

1605  Guy Fawkes was arrested while attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament

November 6

1942  The Church of England ended its rule obliging women to wear hats in church

November 7

1988  Sugar Ray Leonard became the first boxer to win five world championship titles

1967  Henry Cooper won his third Lonsdale belt when he beat Billy Walker

1872  The Marie Celeste set sail from New York bound for Genoa

1783  The last public hanging took place at Tyburn although the last in England was 1868

November 8

1978  John Merrill completed his 10 month 6,824 mile walk around the British coast

1974  Covent Garden market moved to Nine ElmsWillhelm Conrad Röntgen  1845-1923

1967  The first UK local radio station, Radio Leicester, went on air

1958  The first British album chart was published in the Melody Maker

1953  Three mountaineers on the slopes of Mount Everest discovered and photographed footprints of the supposed Yeti

1895  The German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered X rays

November 9

1990  Mary Robinson, a lawyer, was confirmed as The Republic of Ireland's first woman President

1967  The first issue of the rock magazine Rolling Stone appeared

1925  The Shutzstaffel (Protection Squad) or SS was founded

1922  The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sir William Horwood was poisoned by arsenic filled chocolates but survived

1859  Flogging was abolished in the British army

November 10

1989  East Germans moved freely between East and West Berlin for the first time since the Berlin Wall was constructed 28 years earlier

1931  Over 30 people were injured when four elephants stampeded at the Lord Mayor's Show in London

November 11

1977  Morecambe's West Pier was swept away in galesLest we forget

1921  The British Legion held its first Poppy Day

1918  At 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month the armistice to end the First World War was signed

November 12

1981  The General Synod of the Church of England voted in favour of ordaining woman as deacons

1927  The first London to Brighton veteran car run took place

1847  Chloroform was first used in Britain during an operation

1660  John Bunyan was arrested for preaching illegally

1035  King Canute died

November 13

1946  For the first time a natural cloud was seeded with 3lbs of dry ice to promote precipitation

November 14

1952  The first British singles chart appeared in the New Musical Express

November 15

1837  Isaac Pitman's shorthand system was published

November 16
Ah ... Guy Fawkes

Major Clanger1969  The Clangers first shown on tv

1960  Gilbert Harding collapsed and died outside Broadcasting House

1932  The Prince of Wales opened Stormont, Northern Ireland's new parliament building

November 171879  The Suez Canal opened
November 18

Mickey Mouse1928  Mickey Mouse made his screen debut in Walt Disney's 'Steamboat Willie'

1919  The Prince of Wales made his first visit to the USA and was given the first ever ticker tape welcome

November 19

Benny Hill  1925-19921969  The Benny Hill Show was first shown on tv and then ran for nearly twenty years

1863  Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg address

1703  The Man in the Iron Mask died in the Bastille after 24 years imprisonment

November 20

1970  The Bank of England ten-shilling note went out of circulation in preparation for decimalisation

November 21

1913  Prince Keika Tokugawa, the fifteenth and last Shogun of Japan, died

November 22

1946  The Biro pen first went on sale

November 23

1852  The pillar box first came into use

November 24 

Charles Darwin  1809-18821927 Sir Harry Lauder was given the freedom of Edinburgh

1859  Charles Darwin's "The Origin of Species" was first published

1642  Dutch navigator Abel Tasmin discovered Van Diemen's Land, later renamed Tasmania

November 25

1963  President John F Kennedy was buried in Arlington National Cemetery

November 26

Detail from the cover of Cream's first album 'Fresh Cream'1968  Cream made their farewell performance at the Albert Hall

1966  The world's first major tidal power station opened on the Rance estuary in Brittany, France

November 27

1582  Anne Hathaway married William Shakespeare

November 28

1983  The European Space Agency's Spacelab was launched

Nancy Astor  1879-19641968  Children's writer Enid Blyton died

1919  Nancy Astor became Britain's first woman MP

1893  New Zealand women became the first women in the world to vote in a General Election

1660  The Royal Society was founded

November 29

1929  Bernt Balchen and Richard Byrd made the first flight over the South Pole

November 30

1931  Columbia and HMV merged to form Electrical and Musical Industries (EMI)

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