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on this day in June


June 1

1958  Charles de Gaulle became prime minister of France

June 2

1988  Steven Venables became the first Briton to climb Mount Everest without oxygen

June 3

1956  Third class rail travel was abolished in the UK

June 4
Aah ... flaming June

National flag of Tonga1970  Tonga became independent

1958  The first Duke of Edinburgh awards were presented

1940  The evacuation from Dunkirk was completed

1913  Suffragette Emily Davidson was fatally injured when she tried to stop the King's Horse during the Derby

June 5

1975  The Suez canal was re-opened after eight years of closure

1916  Lord Kitchener was lost at sea

June 6

1978  The world's largest hedge maze was opened at Longleat, Wiltshire

June 7

1942  The first UK massed start bicycle race of modern times and on open roads was held Llangollen to Wolverhampton

June 8

1968  James Earl Ray was arrested and charged with the murder of Martin Luther King

1924  The mountaineer George Mallory disappeared on Mount Everest

1376  Edward the Black Prince died

June 9

1940  The Duke of Windsor was appointed Governor of the Bahamas

June 10

Kenneth Horne  19??-19691968  The last original episode of Round the Horne was broadcast

1909  The SOS distress signal was transmitted for the first time

1829  The first Oxford and Cambridge University boat race took place

June 11

1987  Diane Abbott, Paul Boeteng and Bernie Grant are elected the first British black MPs

June 12

1837  Sir William Cooke and Sir Charles Wheatcroft patented the first electric telegraph

June 13

1991  Leningrad reverted to its pre-revolutionary name of St Petersburg

June 14

1968  The Basil Brush Show was first seen on television

June 15

1919  Alcock and Brown completed the first non-stop Atlantic crossing by aeroplane

June 16

1963  Russian astronaut Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space

1960  Psycho was premiered in New York

June 17

Aah ... flaming June

1959  Liberace won £8,000 libel charges from The Daily Mirror for implying he was a homosexual

1939  The last public execution in France by guillotine took place

1860  Brunel's ship The Great Eastern began her maiden voyage

June 19

1910  Father's Day was initiated in the USA

June 20

1960  Nan Winton became the first woman to read the news on BBC tv

June 21

1970  Tony Jacklin became the first Englishman for 50 years to win the US Open golf championship

1854  Charles Lucas won the first Victoria Cross when he retrieved and disposed of an unexploded enemy bomb

June 22

1867  Barbed wire was patented

June 23

1924  The seeding system was introduced to the Wimbledon tennis championships

June 24

1992  Steel making in Scotland ended with the last production shift at the Ravenscraig steel works in Motherwell

1314  Robert the Bruce defeated the English at the Battle of Bannockburn

June 25

1988  David Galloway and Andrew Muirhead sheared 706 sheep in 9 hours at Lesmahagow, Strathclyde

June 26

The national flag of Madagascar1960  Madagascar became independent

1959  The St Lawrence Seaway was officially opened by Elizabeth II and President Eisenhower

June 27

George II  1683-17601787  Edward Gibbon finished writing "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"

1743  George II, the last British monarch to command their army in the field, defeated the French at the battle of Dettingen

June 28

2001  Comic actress Joan Sims died

1914  Gavrillo Princip assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife at Sarajevo

1838  Queen Victoria was crowned

June 29

1966  Barclays Bank launched Barclaycard - the first British credit card

June 30

Vigdis Finnbogadottir  1930-1980  Vigdis Finnbogadottir was elected President of Iceland - the first democratically elected female head of state

1991  The last five Shackleton aircraft were withdrawn from service with the RAF

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