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on this day in February


February 1

1971  Wireless licenses were abolished in the UK

February 2
Ah ... Valentine's

The National Flag of Liechenstein1986  Liechtenstein women voted for the first time in a general election

1976  The Queen opened the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham

1852  The first public flushing lavatory for men was opened in London's Fleet Street

February 3

2002  In the shipping forecast Finistere became FitzRoy, after Sir Admiral FitzRoy founder of the Meteorological Office

1966  Russia's Luna IX made the first controlled landing on the moon

1962  Fidel Castro was excommunicated

1959  Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper died in an air crash

1919  The League of Nations first met

February 4

1953  Sweet rationing ended in the UK

1920  The comic actor Norman Wisdom was born

February 5

1922  The Reader's Digest was first published

February 6

Bill Haley  1925-19811957  Bill Haley and the Comets played their first London gig

February 7

1984  Captain Bruce McCandless became the first astronaut to fly free in space without a life-lin

1965  George Harrison had his tonsils removed

February 8

1990  George de Mestral, the man who invented Velcro, died

1969  The Boeing 747 airliner made its maiden flight

February 9

2002  Princess Margaret died

1933  The Oxford Union Society debated the motion "That this house will in no way fight for King and country"

1824  At the age of twelve Charles Dickens started work in a blacking factory

February 10

1942  The first golden disc was presented - to Glenn Miller for Chattanooga Choo Choo

February 11

The Kennel Club Crest1891  The first Cruft's Dog Show opened at the Agricultural Hall, Islington

1852  The first flushing toilet for women in London was opened

February 121941  The first person was successfully treated with penicillin
February 13

Anna Ford  1943-1978  Anna Ford became ITN's first female newsreader

1692  The Campbells massacred the MacDonalds at Glencoe

February 14

1918  The first Tarzan film 'Tarzan of the Apes' was released

1852  The first patient was admitted to the Children's Hospital in Great Ormond Street, London

February 15

1971  The UK adopted decimal currency

February 16

1937  Nylon patented

February 17

2002  Short track skater Steven Bradbury won Australia's first Winter Olympics gold medal when the four skaters in front of him fell over on the last corner

1909  Geronimo, the last Apache chief to surrender, died in custody

February 18
Ah ... Valentine's

1984  After 400 years the naval dockyard at Chatham closed

1930  The American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered the planet Pluto

1901  Sir Winston Churchill made his maiden speech in parliament

1678  The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan was published

February 19

2001  The French singer Charles Trenet died

1975  Iceland broke off diplomatic relations with the UK over a fishing dispute

1878  Edison patented the phonograph

February 20

1985  The Irish parliament legalised the sale of contraceptives

1971  Idi Amin declared himself president of Uganda

February 21

1741  Jethro Tull, inventor of the seed drill, died

February 22

1907  The first purpose built cinema in Britain, the Central Hall in Colne, Lancashire, opened

1879  Frank Winfield Woolworth opened his first shop in Utica, New York

February 23

2000  Legendary footballer Sir Stanley Mathews died

February 24

Flying Scotsman1923  The Flying Scotsman went into service

February 25

1570  Elizabeth I was excommunicated

February 26

1935  RADAR was first demonstrated

February 27

Borley Rectory  1863-19392002  Truly original comic giant Spike Milligan died

1939  Borley Rectory, reputedly the most haunted house in England, burnt down

February 28

2000  After a 100 years the UK's quarantine laws were relaxed at midnight

February 29

1956  Muffin the Mule made his tv debut

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