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tu 22 Jan

09:40am: The bulletin board will be unavailable for a bit while it is upgraded.

12:02pm: That could have been easier, in the end did a full re-install, board's back.

fr 18 Jan
Winnie the Pooh Day - AA Milne's birthday

West Suffolk County Council coat of armsBury St Edmunds may not be near the coast but it is in Suffolk, was the county town of West Suffolk and is home to brewer Greene King and roller rink Curvemotion so it now has its own page, and why not?

su 6 Jan

bloody Christmas ... eh?Just taken down the Christmas cards and in the manner of brown wheelie bins re-purposed the Christmas lights ... some might say a day late.

th 3 Jan

Ed Sheeran in 2006 and Earl SohamWe could rant about the relentless building around near the coast making rural Suffolk increasingly suburban with little if any improved infrastructure but we'll console ourselves that it's still a pleasant place to live.  We have bubbling a slight change to our look and very probably stylish merch.  In 2019 no doubt there'll be continued sightings of Ed Sheeran, the East African will report local fury about something or other and there'll be even more building ... wishing you the best for 2019.

tu 18 Dec

Christmas Second Class Stampsbloody Christmas ... eh?It may have been the Christmas postal deadline Friday for military with static post offices but significantly more terrifying is it's TODAY last posting for second class in the UK ... and a BIG queue in the Framlingham PO yesterday.

we 12 Dec

CORRECTION: We originally reported that the CCU Chargers' honoury captain last Sunday was Ken Matcham.  The honoury captain was in fact Joe Waller who is being treated for cancer, our apologies to both gentlemen.

fr 30 Nov
St Andrew's day

Man in the HatMightily pleased to welcome back supporter Man in the Hat.  Man in the Hat will be entertaining for dancing at the Brandeston Queens tomorrow.

tu 6 Nov

House sales around near the coast seem quiet.

th 1 Nov

HalloweenThrowback Thursday:  Thirteen years ago today we reported that the Framlingham Barclays has made the effort for Halloween.

su 28 Oct

The clocks go back at the end of October  The clocks have gone BACK.

sa 27 Oct

The Rupa Ensemble at St Michaels Framlingham 27 Oct♫ Very happy to welcome new advertiser the Rupa Ensemble an octet of outstanding, stylistically agile singers especially adept in singing founder Julian Marshall's compositions.  They will be singing in concert at St Michael's Framlingham tonight.

fr 28 Sep

bloody Christmas ... eh?Outrageous to be thinking about Christmas in September but if you need to post pressies by surface mail/International Economy to Australia, New Zealand or lots of other non-European destinations they need to be posted today.

mo 10 Sep

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day ... we'll be lighting a candle at 8pm.

sa 11 Aug

Home grown tomato in Stately TerraceYesterday was a big one in the nearthecoast year, the eating of the first home grown tomato ... right up there with true l♥ve.

fr 10 Aug

You can tell pigeons aren't middle class because they never save some for later.

su 5 Aug

House sales around near the coastAs expected/hoped (remember GDPR?) the house sales review around near the coast is back ... that didn't take long for a Hopkins Home to not suit someone.

th 26 Jul

Danish cyclist Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig We've added pro racing cyclist Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig in Framlingham to peeps in Suffolk.  Not only does the Dane take a very nice pic but we were impressed by her post-race interview at La Course.

su 22 Jul

House sales around near the coastWe may have been a victim of GDPR because no house price reviews for a bit, hopefully fixed and we will catch up next month.

mo 16 Jul

L♥ve it!  Half Off If your dress like Trump  FREE If your dress like Hillary.

su 15 Jul

Looks like it probably won't rain today St Swithin's day.

su 24 Jun

An Ipswich Cardinal training early this year has joined Suffolk Gentleman.

sa 23 Jun

Fish on the Market Hill FramlinghamFish was a good friend to this web site and his chums both on and off line, especially in Framlingham.  In 2011 tragically he laid down in front of a train and committed suicide.  The bulletin board software has deleted the tribute to him, we have recovered the tribute which is now permanently at Fish 1972-2011.

th 21 Jun

Hoxne gets its own page.

we 20 Jun

We really l♥ve Jessie Cave.

su 17 Jun

It may be father's day but you're not my real daughter, you can't tell me what to do.

sa 12 May

Kitchen Range and CookshopVery pleasant to welcome back advertiser Framlingham's Kitchen Range & Cookshop.

su 29 Apr

This website in in 2016-15.

fr 27 Apr

Cheers the day licensing a pic on Alamy, to see our stock photography click on nearthecoast at Alamy

th 26 Apr

Daisy Cooper canvassing in Woodbridge and 2010Throwback Thursday:  Eight years ago today Daisy Cooper was canvassing inAll things will pass ... Woodbridge as Lib-Dem candidate for Coastal Suffolk.  She stood for President of the Lib-Dems in 2014 and as MP for St Albans in last year's general election.

su 8 Apr

We have 3,000 plus stock photos on Alamy ... soon to be 4,000 plus. nearthecoast at Alamy

fr 6 Apr

Appreciative and appreciated Facebook comments about Ladies in Framlingham.

tu 3 Apr

Last week's digest the Parham/Thorpeness one prompted the most clicks ever, book your freeby here.

tu 16 Jan

nearthecoast on Facebook Things keep changing, our Facebook page is now at facebook.com/nearthecoast

su 24 Dec

bloody Christmas ... eh? Ok, let's get this over, see you on the other side ...

th 21 Dec

Winter Solstice - the shortest dayToday is the winter solstice, the shortest day, from now on the days get longer and the world continues on its way to hell in a handcart.

fr 15 Dec

nearthecoast at AlamyAlways a good day when we license a pic on Alamy, today it's the label of an old pair of Levis.

tu 12 Dec

pc tips/the Internet has spawned a social media page.

tu 21 Nov

BBC Radio 3 mixtapeBBC Radio 3 now has a 30 minute mix-tape 7:00-7:30pm, thankfully jock free so a pleasant relief from the preceding relentless jollity of Sean Rafferty's interaction with the studio guests. ♫

fr 17 Nov

nearthecoast on Twitter We've got a new header pic on our Twitter feed ... #rollerderby eh?

mo 30 Oct

We've licensed a pic via Alamy to a French publisher ... feeling quite cosmo. nearthecoast at Alamy

mo 25 Sep

The clocks go back at the end of OctoberWe were wondering why since our move to a new server maintenance things were happening in the morning instead of middle of the night, the server was on New York time:)  Clocks go back at the end of next month.

fr 22 Sep

Today is the autumnal equinox, the date can move and next year it's on the 23rd. Autumnal Equinox

mo 4 Sep

Apologies for being a bit silent recently but we've been doing stuff to please Mr Google.  He gave us a small pat on the head yesterday ... but we don't trust him.

tu 15 Aug

Messing with PageSpeed again today, we might wobble a bit.

su 6 Aug

The clocks go back at the end of October At the end of October the clocks will go back ... there's no stopping time's process.

fr 4 Aug

We'll be testing different PageSpeed configurations today so we'll be a bit wobbly.

fr 28 Jul

The server move earlier this month meant Google PageSpeed (does what it says in the name) had to be re-installed ... which is why some of the pix are missing and the bulletin board looks very wrong ... working on it.

we 26 Jul

Still tidying up from the server move earlier this month.

mo 24 Jul

Eve early on New Year's Day 2007The pic zoom is back, try Eve on New Year's Day 2007 (remember her behind the bar at the Framlingham Station) or this same year misfortune at The Crown.  If the Gods of the Internet smile and the pic zoom doesn't go away again there are more Framlingham Ladies.

tu 18 Jul

03:09pm: The bulletin board is back, wasn't that complicated but we kept having to do other stuff.

mo 17 Jul

02:40pm: The bulletin board is about to go off line while we upgrade the software.

08:04pm: It'll have to wait until tomorrow now:)

su 9 Jul

On the sixth anniversary still miss Fish.

th 6 Jul

Today we're moving nearthecoast on to a new and faster server.  There could be a little disruption but as Stackton Tressel's wellbeing deliverance officer has taken to saying It's gonna be great.

Blimey!  One of our stock pix licensed for German telly.  nearthecoast at Alamy

th 15 Jun

We are ten today, big school next year.

th 25 May

Parham Airfield Museum - FREE entryWelcome back to advertiser Parham Airfield Museum (halfway between Parham and Great Glemham) which re-opened last month for the summer season.  It's well worth the trip being free entry, still has the original control tower and an excellent cafe.

sa 1 Apr

April FoolPopular song singer Ed Sheeran in Earl Soham and 2006In today's East African no mention of football (soccer) team Ipswich Town FC or popular (pop) singer Ed Sheeran.

We were popular last Christmas.

tu 28 Mar

Twitter was offering to translate our tweet from Swedish ...

su 19 Mar

The year moves on, it'll be the spring equinox tomorrow.

mo 6 Mar

This month's near the coast house sale review is a bit like snow in July ... thin on the ground.

sa 11 Feb

Early Warning: Shrove Tuesday is comparatively late this year, last day of the month.

mo 30 Jan

Pleased to welcome new advertiser Unfolding Enlightenment who have a Mind Body Soul and Craft show this March in Woodbridge.  More info on advertising here.

sa 28 Jan

Today is Chinese New Year - year of the fire rooster.

sa 14 Jan

1:30pm:  The bulletin board will unavailable whilst the software is updated.

4:30pm:  Hang on, we're still working on it.

4:55pm:  The bulletin board is back and mostly working, you may have to do a hard refresh Ctrl +f5 for it to display properly.

th 12 Jan

Friday the 13th Tomorrow is the first of two Friday the 13ths this year.

mo 9 Jan

Some of the links on this web site site used to change every three days and link to the most recently changed pages, now  they change every day and on a random basis ... yeah, we're pretty random.

su 1 ja

WELCOME to 2017: what a miserable soggy day ... the year can only get better.

We've fixed /stradbroke+ above so it now shows as Stradbroke+ which is nice except it shouldn't be Stradbroke+ ... the http header on our server seems to have given up returning the last modified date and time.

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