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Suffolk in 2008-03

fr 28 Nov

It's worth making the trip for the Sudbourne Printmakers Winter Show this weekend not just for the show or the refreshments but the magnificent setting too!

tu 22 Jul

Oh dear, the brass lecturn has been stolen from Sudbourne church and a cash dispenser damaged in Framlingham.

we 27 Feb

The Sudbourne Park Printmakers are having their Easter show at the Peter Peers gallery in Aldeburgh.

su 17 Aug

Chickens for sale in Monk Soham.

tu 6 May

A gun (well sort of) stolen in Swilland and swords stolen in Melton.

we 23 Apr

The Darsham garage was broken into Monday night and a load of cigarettes stolen, and a wallet pinched in the Martelsham Tescos turns up in Sudbury.

we 16 Apr

The stolen 15C chest tableBlythburgh Church was broken into over the weekend with substantial damage to stained glass and furniture was stolen including this rare 15th century chest table.

fr 14 Mar

Loaves but no fishes stolen in Otley.

th 13 Mar

An outburst of stolen quad bikes near the coast and Tuesday night a house burglary and car break-ins in Wenhaston.

th 14 fe

Valentine's Day6:30pm this Sunday there will be an all faiths Taizé style service at St Mary's, Ashfield cum Thorpe.

we 6 Feb

The Eastern Angles take Cuckoo Teapot out on tour next week starting Wednesday and Thursday in Saxmundham .  Over the next three months venues will include Eye, Brandeston, Bredfield, Westleton, Hacheston, Woodbridge and Orford.  Take them in before the blue meanie Arts Council finish them off.

81 year old Alethea "Anita" Nunns was found dead at her home in Wenhaston (it's between Halesworth and Southwold) yesterday.  Police are trying to trace her next of kin.

mo 7 Jan

On tonight's University Challenge one team contained a student from Grundisburgh and the other team one from Cretingham.

su 25 Nov

Sudbourne Park

Before yesterday what we knew about Sudbourne was it doesn't have a pub and it's a small case study in Howard Newby's Green & Pleasant Land?  We discovered yesterday that Sudbourne Park is a spectacular, primarily residential, sprawl with a few workshops.  In a converted apple store is a co-operative of over 20 print makers including Chinwe Chukwuogo-Roy.  There was a steady stream of visitors yesterday for the Sudbourne Park Printmakers Winter Show which continues until 4pm today.  To visit this surprising place just head for Orford and follow the show signs.

The studios are a converted apple store

tu 13 Nov

Kasai Masai at Easton Farm Park last monthKasaï Masaï are back in Suffolk on Friday the 23rd at the Rumburgh Hut ... no, we don't know where it is either.

su 11 Nov
Remembrance Day

The Guardian magazine todayNow the media has discovered Ruth Watson she just doesn't know how to keep her gob shut (The Hotel Inspector was about Butley Priory recently).  We don't want everyone to know about Coastal Suffolk Ruth!

The Mechanical Music Museum in Cotton is a cracking day out though the museum

Rock'n Roll mayhem in Cotton last night

only opens Sundays during the summer.  Cotton is a village the other side of the A140 and there was a somewhat different musical experience there last night.

fr 22 Jun

High Road, Swilland at about 3pm Wednesday 20.06.07 a rear garden was entered and discarded copper piping stolen.  The offender, disturbed by a witness, dropped the piping in his hands, apologised and made off on a bicycle towards the church.  A car in the road had to swerve to avoid hitting him.  The offender is described as a white male, 25 to 30 years old, 6' tall, slim build, with wavy mid brown hair, wearing casual clothing and carrying a pale blue holdall with copper piping in it.  Police are keen to trace the driver of the car who had to swerve as they could assist the investigation. Calls in relation to this incident should be made to PC Victoria Gilmore at Woodbridge Police Station on 01473 613500 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

A glass jar containing a small amount of change was stolen from a stall selling farm and homemade produce at the front of a home in Swilland between 5am and 9am on Monday 11 June.  A motorbike was heard in the area around this time and police are asking anyone with information about the theft to call PC 1491 Wheddon at Woodbridge Police on 01473 613500.

fr 9 Sep

Doophus the town catSlightly miffed because it's our pic of the pussy and the Diss Express didn't credit us ... the sordid matter of coin was not mentioned of course.

we 8 Jun

Diss ExpressWe were rather pleased with our Framlingham Gala pics but were still a little surprised when the Diss Express asked if they could use some of them ... the sordid matter of coin was not mentioned of course.

tu 12 Apr

Rumburgh Buck  des' dinners 49

Despite closed roads, unpleasant noises from the brakes and not actually knowing where the pub is Goddess Steph, Max andOne of the two bars at The Buck NaTCH did make it, if rather late, for our fifth anniversary.  The barmaid told us Steph A Bit Posh To Be A Builder had been in earlier and someone with curly hair, a moustache and beard who was meeting someone had left.  Actually maybe he didn't have a moustache and beard.  Apologies if you were meeting us.  Adnams, the unimpressive Adnams Explorer, and Mauldon's Wherry available; Everard's Perfick actually drunk and enjoyed.  Conversation included doggy discussions with Pekinese owners at the next table and a new role for the Goddess in a black cocktail dress as The Greeter at The Station.  AfARs from Spadge (in Nottingham), David (work), and Richard (just back from the Frankfurt MusicMesse)  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

tu 13 May

Bradfield St George Fox & Hounds  des' dinners 36

des' dinners bore a striking resemblance to a rowdy Sunday school outing as Goddess Steph, Matt, John B & Spadge piled into NaTCH's car to travel through thundery downpours to Neil's new pub.  NaTCH had thought it would be nice if our visit were a surprise so of course Sally and Mia Louise were in Framlingham and Neil was cooking, but Neil did join us after serving some excellent food including beef and tomato curry.  The two beers on offer were 4.3% Grumblings(?) from a Hertfordshire brewery and something even stronger.  (The two racked cooking bitters hadn't cleared yet.)  Conversation included pop star Broccoli Spears and why nobody won the mini-hifi in the raffle.  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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