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Stradbroke 2013-11

tu 17 Dec

Public meeting in the Stradbroke community centre 6:30-7:30pm tonight about the village's closed Spar shop.

su 15 Dec

Stradbroke which doesn't have a shop or a post office at the moment is proposing to re-open the post office in the library.

mo 2 Sep

WANTED by the Stradbroke Ivy House over 18s part and full time staff 01379 384634

th 11 Jul

Rafe's Orchard EggsIf memory serves what was Rafe's Orchard Eggs near Stradbroke became just Eggs a while back and now the house by it is FOR SALE ... don't know if they're connected.

we 3 Jul

Kim Bannon of Radio StradbrokeAt the back of the Ivy House a couple of Sundays back Radio Stradbroke was having an all day fund raiser for the air ambulance.  We were particularly impressed by the raffle prizes and the witty repertoire and fine musicianship of five young men who might have been called Teen Brass ... or perhaps Brass Teens? ... no, Teen Brass. ♫

tu 25 Jun

Cricket Club v High School T20Thursday's third annual T20 between Stradbroke cricket club and a Headmaster's XI from the high school was an enjoyable and fine tribute to the memory of James Grigg.  A shaky start from the club who were soon 5 for 4 but they went on to a comfortable win.  The two ladies, one on each team, were given equal treatment including being sledged and nice to see the school being involved in the village.

sa 11 May

Lucy Sampson at Maverick 2011Tomorrow from 11am it's family day at Stradbroke cricket club and in the evening it's open mike in the Framlingham Castle hosted by Benhall ukulele goddess Lucy Sampson.  Lucy along with John Sessions, Madam Galina, Kasaï Masaï, The Dirty Gentleman and local celebrity Neil Innes will be playing the other festival in the Aldeburgh Pumphouse next month.

mo 1 Apr
April Fool

Police Dog Hogan at Maverick 2011Police Dog Hogan are a seriously creative, original and witty Americana seven piece that will overcome your prejudices about 'Country' (are you listening Radio Stradbroke?).  They are playing the Aldeburgh Pump House at the end of the month and though the Pump House is perfectly formed it is tiny, better book early.

sa 23 Mar

Stradbroke post officeRoyal Mail is of the opinion that the Stradbroke post office closure since July last year is only temporary but that doesn't seem to be the opinion of this notice in the window.

tu 5 Mar

Stradbroke libraryThere wasn't any prize bingo Saturday morning at the Stradbroke Court House but there was cake and an impressive turnout to help decide what the bits of the building that aren't library should be.  Radio Stradbroke was regarding an upstairs room with lasciviousness but the main courtroom looks like it's going to be a cafe ... with cake.

su 4 Nov

Richard Pierce-Saunderson 9:40am:  Listening to Richard Pierce-Saunderson play vinyl (just love that crackle) on Radio Stradbroke (they're on air till noon).♫

mo 25 Jun

Two teams have dropped out of this Sunday's Stradbroke It's a Knockout, not surprisingly late entrants welcome.

we 4 Jan

Whimsy in the car park of Stradbroke swimming pool and less entertainingly this from someone with an IQ less than their collar size on the cricket pitch next door.

we 28 Dec

When we arrived early at the Stradbroke Community Centre yesterday it didn't look good for A Christmas Carol, the audience was maybe a dozen silent people in their coats and a rather chilly hall ... but by show time the heating had turned on, just about every seat was taken and the audience was up for joining in.  Lots of much enjoyed by the children audience participation and Laurence Pears' ♫Jingle bells Batman smells♫ sung in the Scottish manner justly earned its own applause.  There are still a handful of chances to see this Keeper's Daughter production.

fr 9 Dec
Near Stradbroke
mo 28 Nov

Vic Spurling at Radio StradbrokeSunday morning we went to Stradbroke Radio where their new and first lady jock Vic Spurling was making a very decent fist of the now weekly Sunday morning broadcast ... and we were told a special is planned for Christmas eve.

su 10 Jul

Yesterday's semis and finals of the James Grigg T20 Cup at Stradbroke hadJames Grigg T20 Cup all the charming qualities of village cricket, at least two lost balls, hog roast, beer tent, a three way debate at over between the umpires, scorers and players whether it's a free hit AND an extra ball or a free hit OR an extra ball, the crowd pointing out the field can't be changed during the over, the raffle prize of a cricket box being won by a man, fortunately ... great stuff and a fitting tribute ... more pix on Facebook.

mo 9 May

Nicola FarnonBob Whoopee Band Kerr found organising the returned Stradbroke Jazz festival stressful, with weeks to go ticket sales were poor ... but come the weekend Saturday night was standing room only.  Yesterday we got to see the manic Spike Botterill and the outstanding Nicola Farnon trio who might be described as lounge jazz, but that would obscure they're all three are real players and Nicola has a charming voice.  Hope Bob can steel himself to do it again. ♫

fr 8 Apr

Theatre company The Keeper's Daughter who toured a tight and creative Dracula last year are rehearsing what will certainly be an original Hamlet around the libraries (mostly) of ntc later this month (while we've still got the libraries) including Halesworth, Stradbroke and Saxmundham.

th 31 Mar
world backup day

Tribute to Buddy HollyThis Sunday morning you could listen to Radio Stradbroke's Sunday Best with your mummy then take her to see the bunnies in Dennington in the afternoon and polish off a perfect day at Leiston cinema with Tribute to Buddy Holly.

sa 19 Feb


Striking how many peeps from Worlingworth, Wilby and other villages in this vid (and a district councillor) all supporting save Stradbroke library.  Public meeting in Straddy community centre 7:30 pm Monday.

we 9 Feb


In Stradbroke library a virtual Dan Poulter MP for Central Suffolk is very distressed and disappointed (but not angered) by Suffolk county council ... and then there was poetry ... well you can't win them all.

sa 5 Feb

Stradbroke library protestAn extremely good demo turn out this morning about Stradbroke Library's proposed closure and encouragingly after the protesters had filled the library to hear a few words (including poetry) a youngster started reading one of the booksThat's what libraries are for!  MP Dan Poulter's surgery at Stradbroke community centre 6:30pm this Friday will be extended/hijacked to discuss the library.

sa 29 Jan

Braving the cold, and it was cold outside Leiston Library this morning, Steve Smedley was leafleting borrowers to remind them about next Saturday's demo outside the library and that unless something gets sorted the library along with another 28 including Aldeburgh, Debenham, Framlingham, Saxmundham, Stradbroke and Wickham Market will close.

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