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tu 25 Jun

As part of the Foxearth Lodge Care Home's summer fete tomorrow in Saxtead is live music from Annie.

fr 10 Nov

Tomorrow week 10am-3pm take a table and £5 towards church funds to All Saint's Saxtead and sell anything suitable as a Christmas present.  Already there are toys,Bah! Humbug! jewellery, posh bric a brac, advent calendars, tea towels, pictures, antiques, baskets, books, and candles.

tu 22 Aug

♫ You probably have a hoarder friend whose wardrobe will provide an outfit for Saturday's 1970s Disco at Meadow Lodge Saxtead.

we 5 Jul

Suffolk ConstabularySometime overnight Monday entry was forced to a Saxtead Little Green shed and a strimmer and chainsaw stolen.  Any info ref 37/38578/23 and call 101.

fr 30 Jun

Suffolk ConstabularySometime last week a sound system was stolen from All Saints Church Church Road Saxtead.  Any info contact police ref 37/37077/23, call 101.

su 19 Jun

This year's Saxtead Fete is being held in the Old Mill House garden on Saturday? 28th of this month, was that last year's date?  We're making enquiries.

mo 22 Nov

Suffolk ConstabularyOff Several Road Saxtead between 10am Wednesday 17 and 5pm Thursday 18 November a detached garage was entered and a black Frey Pro electric full suspension mountain bicycle complete with front and rear lights was stolen. Any info please contact Suffolk police quoting reference 7/65396/21, you can call 101.

th 26 Aug

JOBS  The Foxearth Lodge Nursing Home at Little Green Saxtead is recruiting career carers.

th 15 Nov

We've only recently noticed that the Saxtead windmill has no sails.

mo 11 Jun

Now there's a novelty, Saxtead's fete is Tuesday next week and in the evening.

mo 31 Oct

Halloween WARNING  Police speed checks today in Aldeburgh, Yoxford, Ipswich and Saxtead.

we 17 Dec

Saxtead village carols - All Welcome  Carols at the Saxtead Old Mill Friday.

th 20 Mar

A Renault in Saxtead had a rear window smashed last week.

mo 28 Oct

This week the Saxtead Forge (we had to look up the postcode ... it's on the other Brundish road) is open all week 9am-4pm for Christmas shopping and mulled wine and cider.

tu 2 Jul

After a shotgun stolen in Framlingham last month 26 pistols?! ... yes 26 admittedly de-activated pistols burgled yesterday afternoon in Saxtead.

th 17 May

More ways to mark the jubilee on the Saturday are another free family fun day in Aldeburgh and a jubilee quiz at the Saxtead Old Mill.

tu 24 Jan

We haven't heard about any Burns Night celebrations tomorrow nearthecoast but we do know that Friday Grethic/Farctum is hosting a quiz at the Saxtead Old Mill.

mo 8 Nov

40 apple trees stolen in Saxtead last week.

tu 12 Oct

Saxtead MillJon Sullivan talks about Saxtead Mill tomorrow night at the everybody welcome WI meeting in Dennington.

tu 21 Sep

Adam Wolley drinking ESB beerAdam Wolley of the epic trans-Africa bike ride was dining with his parents in the Framlingham Station last night; in that British way he's somewhat dismissive of his achievements, including carrying on after the very nasty injury in Rwanda.  We suspect Adam would be happy to speak to your organisation about the Malaria Consortium (he's doing it tonight in a large town near Chelmsford) but he is starting a new job in Hertfordshire.

tu 20 Jul

Adam Wolley ~ pic contributed9:00am  In about an hour Adam Wolley will end in Cape Town, South Africa the final 9,000th mile of his epic 200 day bike ride.

tu 6 Jul

Hay bailing on Saxtead Green  

A surprising amount of hay was being bailed on Saxtead green Sunday.

sa 19 Jun

Adam Wolley ~ pic contributed  Understandable South African kindness to Adam Wolley.

tu 8 Jun

Adam Wolley is in Botswana and the only cash dispenser for several 100 miles won't cough up.

we 19 May

Adam Wolley is in Malawi.

fr 7 May

Adam Wolley is having his stitches out in Zambia.

mo 3 May

Adam Wolley's final stitch count is 38.

su 2 May

Adam WolleySaxtead boy and Earl Soham Vic barman Adam Wolley is cycling from London to Capetown to support the Malaria Consortium.  In Rwanda he now has more than 20 stitches in his face and mouth after going through a car's rear windscreen.

we 14 Apr

Adam Wolley ~ pic contributedJenny in Earl Soham has pointed out that Adam Wolley from Saxtead is doing a bit of a bike ride to support the Malaria Consortium ... as a matter of fact a bike ride from a large town near Chelmsford to Cape Town ... and on his own ... and he's got as far as Kenya.

th 25 Mar

Mobile police station at Saxtead 8:45-9:45am tomorrow morning.

mo 01 Mar

DiscardFarctum/Grethic didn't go as far as lipstick and earrings but she did give quite a makeover to her lane's ditch in the rarely visited Dennington-Saxtead Triangle (it's like the Ambridge-Penny Hassett Triangle, the phones only occasionally work as the residents keep making bangles out of the wires).  Not surprisingly her net on a stick turned up a lot of discard but four (yes 4) brandy bottles?

th 2 Jul
All four sails back on the Saxtead Mill - pic by Farctum  All four sails back on the Saxtead Mill(Thanks Farctum.)
mo 1 Jun

Saxtead Village Garden Fete tomorrow night at the Saxtead Green Barn.

sa 18 Apr
Two sails up at Saxtead Green.
sa 11 Apr

The mill at Saxtead Green is getting new sails.

sa 17 May

Yesterday another car didn't make it round the corner in Saxtead Bottom on the A1120 between Saxtead Green and Dennington(Thanks Grethic)

mo 21 Jan

Somebody has pinched 30! gas bottles in Saxtead.

th 3 May

Can't think of a nicer way to vote; in a caravan at the back of the pub in Saxtead

Clerk and Presiding Office at the Saxtead poll

with a very welcoming Clerk and Presiding Officer, though Muffin at the Badingham polling station was doing his best.  The four polling stations are open till 10 pm  and you don't need your poll card to vote though it helps.

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