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Sax in 2008-07


fr 10 Oct

Inspector Neil ReidThis is Inspector Neil Reid nobly wearing his hat because we asked him to.  He's now stationed at Leiston and newly commands the Aldeburgh, Framlingham, Leiston and Saxmundham Safer Neighbourhood Teams ... and he cycled to work today.  Here's his bio.

We didn't get a good look driving past but what used to be the barbers in Saxmundham, near the lights?  Now seems to be a gallery.

mo 4 Aug

A man has been arrested after a shed was set alight in Saxmundham.

fr 1 Aug

Mobile phone stolen from a shoe in Saxmundham.

tu 29 Jul

Last week two people were injured in Woodbridge by a car that didn't stop and over the weekend three car park ticket machines were robbed in Sax.

we 10 Jul

PCSOs Jamie Newson and Thora Taylor at Saxmundham Middle School ~ pic contributed Today Police Community Support Officers Jamie Newson and Thora Taylor are making the second of three visits this week to Saxmundham Middle School to highlight the Lets Get A Life! campaign.  The campaign tackles anti-social behaviour by engaging with young people and encouraging all sections of the community to interact, breaking down our often stereotypical views of each other.

fr 29 Feb



... and from the people who brought you the Saxmundham-Aldeburgh branch line another 24 carat piece, the 1958 Aldeburgh Carnival with a brief glimpse of Wickham Market Junction (yeah, yeah we know it's at Campsea).

mo 18 Feb

SomerfieldThat's disheartening.  The toilets in the Saxmundham Somerfield, which are right by the checkout, are locked after 6pm because of "continued vandalism".

fr 15 Feb

Rather like the Tour de France given enough time the Eastern Angles come to you and put on a show.  They did it last night in Saxmundham Middle School with

The audience for Cuckoo Teapot

Cuckoo Teapot and will be doing it all over East Anglia this spring.  They are next near the coast Tuesday 4th March at Brandeston.

we 6 Feb

Cuckoo Teapot The Eastern Angles take Cuckoo Teapot out on tour next week starting Wednesday and Thursday in Saxmundham.  Over the next three months venues will include Eye, Brandeston, Bredfield, Westleton, Hacheston, Woodbridge and Orford.  Take them in before the blue meanie Arts Council finish them off.

tu 22 Jan

Here's a bit of solid gold, a 1950s train journey on the Saxmundham-Aldeburgh branch calling at Thorpe Halt ... accompanied by Flanders and Swan ... and we've just worked out that the boy standing seemingly dangerously on the track is holding up the single track token for the driver.

mo 8 Oct

Specials at town council meeting 

The Suffolk Constabulary are having an information evening about becoming a Special from 7:30pm tonight in Saxmundham Middle School.

fr 5 oc

The fifth Saxmundham Arts Festival starts Friday week with a literary luncheon featuring author Joanna Trollope who, perhaps unfairly, might be considered queen of the Aga saga.

fr 24 Aug

The back of the White Hart and the front of Somerfields

It's a while since we've actually been to Saxmundham so when we visited last weekend there were a lot of changes.  You can no longer drive down the side of the White Hart but the pub does retain a car park at the back.  You get to it by driving all the way round Somerfields ... who don't have Patak's lime pickle but at least have Sharwood's which is more than the Fram Solar has.

You can no longer drive down the side of the White Hart The High Street is poshing up with an art gallery, what was the gent's outfitters is now designer shop Cotton Tree , the jewellers who were call Crapnockett and Sons or some such Was W. Wells and Son now soon to be The Store are now Jackey L, the second hand book shop that closed Saturday afternoons so the owner could get to the football now sells cards and the other hardware shop is about to become The Store.  Are all near the coast towns going the same way as Aldeburgh?

sa 19 May

Don't Dance on Glass

Last night Don't Dance on Glass were tearing up the Saxmundham Market Hall and in Farnham it was quiz night and, as everywhere, the raffle winners were pleased to win.

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