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earlier in Saxmundham

we 5 Sep

House sales around near the coastHouse sales active in Saxmundham, Wickham Market, Woodbridge and surprisingly Laxfield.

th 29 Mar

♫ SAXmundham Music Fest has found a new venue for this July.

we 21 Mar

 JOBS  Wanted immediately near Framlingham a New Homes Sales Advisor and recruiting in Saxmundham a Private Client Tax Assistant ... crikey.

su 4 Mar

Tesco discount voucherLife Skills 19: Just before Christmas we spent just over a qualifying £90 in the Saxmundham Tesco but had left the £9 discount voucher at home.  Just in case three days later on the way to see It's A Wonderful ... more here

mo 12 Feb

As of 3:18 this afternoon Saxmundham Station is on fire.

we 3 Jan

 JOB  Wanted in Saxmundham a chef de partie.

fr 22 Dec

In the dark the platform lights at Saxmundham railway station brighten as you walk past ... very twenty first century eh?

sa 9 Dec

Hits from the last six decades from Handle With Care in the Saxmundham Meerkat Hall as a fundraiser for next year's Sax Music Fest ... there'll be a bar.

fr 17 Nov

 JOB  MR King are looking in Saxmundham for a motor vehicle technician with NVQ3 or MOT accreditation.

we 26 Jul

East Suffolk LinesLaying new track will close the Ipswich-Halesworth rail service for nine days from this Saturday the 29th and the Ipswich-Felixstowe for the next two weekends.  Ipswich-Halesworth stations affected include Woodbridge, Wickham Market and Saxmundham, there will be replacement bus services for both lines.

we 26 Apr

Crime prevention advice at the Saxmundham WaitroseOutside the Saxmundham Waitrose today Nick Ray and PCSO Christian Hassler were advising passers by to register their valuables at immobilise.com and despite it trying to hail had picked up some interested parties.  Nick will be doing it again 10:00am-2:00pm tomorrow at Southwold market.

mo 6 Feb

Talk in the pub yesterday of the A12 being closed at Saxmundham for some five hours.  We've always found crossing the A12 dual carriageway from the B1119 Rendham road worrying, difficult to judge the speed of the traffic on the A12 and it's confusing where you put the car to half cross.

tu 20 Dec

Freelance groom available in the Framlingham/Saxmundham area.

sa 19 Nov

 WANTED  House to rent in the Saxmundham or Framlingham area for January and  TO LET  house in Castle Street Framlingham ... synergy eh?

th 11 Aug

Framlingham's finest The OutlawsAlthough Framlingham's finest The Outlaws will be putting their autograph signing pens away for the last time later this year a local gig is the Meerkat Hall Saxmundham tomorrow Friday 12th August. ♫

we 20 Jul

♫ Drummer  WANTED  for a psychedelic/grunge band in the Saxmundham-Framlingham area.

mo 25 Apr

A 37 year old Saxmundham man has been charged with robbery, racially aggravated assault and criminal damage at the town's betting shop.

sa 19 Mar

♫ Tonight a musical choice, Walkway back at the Saxmundham Social Club (they must like them) or the Kingfisher Sinfonietta with a concert of Mozart and Mendelsshon at St Mary's Woodbridge.

sa 16 Jan

 JOBS  As of today there seem to be care (mostly night) assistants wanted in Eye, Framlingham, Halesworth, Saxmundham and Woodbridge.

fr 11 Dec

Duncan has always spoken highly of Walkway, they're playing the Saxmundham social club tomorrow night.

tu 14 Jul

Saturday a 14 year old girl had her bank card snatched outside the Saxmundham Tesco.

we 29 Apr

Saxmundham Cats Protection League JOBS  A gardener for an elderly couple in Debenham and a volunteer administrator for the Saxmundham Cat Protection League.

mo 20 Apr

An 18 year old Saxmundham man has been arrested in connection with the two stabbings in Leiston Friday night.

we 4 Mar

House sales around near the coastHouse sales around near the coast including Kettleburgh and Worlingworth with some activity in Saxmundham and Woodbridge.

su 25 Jan

Saxmudham Music Fest is back again this year Saturday 15 July, hopefully it'll still be free.

sa 24 Jan

More heating oil stolen, again 500ltrs but earlier this week in Carlton near Saxmundham.

su 2 Nov

We've picked up three new faves on Flickr; Halloween in AldeburghHippy Jo on Flickr, laptop on the line and our easily most viewed pic Hippy Jo.  You may remember Jo had a Fairtrade clothing stall on Framlingham, Saxmundham and possibly Woodbridge markets but for over two years now she's had a shop in Halesworth selling Fairtrade clothing.

th 21 Aug

Earlier this week catalytic converters stolen in Saxmundham and Hollesley.

We shopped in the Saxmundham Tescos for the first time this week, no Granny Smiths, staff didn't much want to be there, a bland experience.  Disappointing that the three small street side shops part of the development are a Costa and a charity and a betting shop.

sa 9 Aug

A Ford convertible had it's rear window slashed in Saxmundham earlier in the week.

tu 22 Jul

Sunset at Saxmundham music festWe didn't get to see the excellent Jade at Saxmundham music fest Saturday but did hear the end of their set as we walked from the car park.  The Memorial Field had lots of family groups and an enormous queue for the bar (Adnams £3.20 a pint) prompting Speedway Ronnie to hold stereo rum and cokes.  After a live sound check the UK Beach Boys prompted pleasant surf music nostalgia but the real star was the Pye radio sunset.

fr 18 Jul

Brundish village fete Sunday 20 JuneTomorrow we will be mostly snapping the Saxmundham FREE Music Fest and Sunday the Brundish The Las Vegas of High Suffolk village fete.

tu 20 May

Abba Revival at Hachfest 2008In similar style to the late Hachfest the Saxmundham Music Festival has a tribute band headlining, is looking for local bands to fill out the lineup this July and ... it's going to be free!

mo 31 Mar

Last week a flat screen television was taken in a two house Saxmundham burglary.

mo 10 Mar

treble9man (perhaps he doesn't have 11 on his amp) is looking for a workshop in the Framlingham/Saxmundham area.

fr 28 Feb

Saxmundham/Benhall chocolate muffinSeen on the Saxmundham/Benhall border we're not sure if this is a complaint from Mr Smith or a LOST AND FOUND.

fr 14 Feb
Valentine's Day

obvious reasonsA free concert at the Eye community centre this noon, tonight a Valentine's disco in Saxmundham and free sports for youngsters in Leiston but sadly tonight will also be Chelsea's last (for obvious reasons) dispensing liquid therapy at the Framlingham Station.

sa 18 Jan

House sales around near the coastOur latest house sales report shows sales almost totally stationary in Aldeburgh but perambulating in Saxmundham.

we 8 Jan

Saxmundham and Framlingham SNT public meeting 2pm this afternoon in the Framlingham fire station.

su 5 Jan

Happy New Year from PASTEL SaxmundhamPASTEL in Saxmundham who are starting a Tuesday club at the beginning of March sent us a new year's card and new year's best wishes for ntc from David McGinness in Framlingham, Australia.

fr 20 Dec

A black car and a Saxmundham wall in a hit and run last week.

sa 7 Dec

Table top sale at Saxmundham scout hut 9am-12pm tomorrow morning.

fr 8 Nov

The band Growler who were playing the Saxmundham Meerkat Hall Saturday week have broken up and not an Irish tribute band the Nolan Brothers are depping.

th 24 Oct

The first anniversary of the SMILE Café in Saxmundham is being marked this morning by a volunteer awards ceremony.

we 18 Sep

A family quiz this Saturday in Saxmundham, prizes for both winners and gallant losers and just a quid per person to enter.

su 8 Sep

Abandoned Burger King by the A12 - pic Mr SmithMr Smith found these left overs from from a good time by the A12 near Saxmundham.  Is there a Burger King in Sax now?  We were surprised to discover there's a Costa Coffee and no Mr Smith, the babe on the bench is not Benjamin Britten although it is a bloke.

fr 6 Sep

Towering above the window by Alastair DouglasThe annual Framlingham Camera Club exhibition started yesterday and ends tomorrow, it's free.  The electro swing festival Maui Waui starts tomorrow morning at Peak Hill Farm Theberton, in the afternoon there's a free family jolly on the Laxfield playingMaui Waui electro swing festival 7-8 Sept field and in the evening the Broadside Boys are on stage in the Meerkat Hall Saxmundham.  Sunday the Framlingham soap box racing goes off road at the college ... busy weekend.

sa 6 Apr

Worlingworth tractorsWhen we first moved to near the coast last century we weren't surprised but interested that the wall of model toys in HG Crisp Saxmundham was nearly all farm machinery, seems perfectly ordinary now.

we 30 Jan

Monday a man did a runner with booze from the Saxmundham Waitrose.

mo 28 Jan

Thank god for that!  Five shotguns (and cartridges) stolen in a daytime Sibton burglary have been recovered and a Saxmundham man charged.

fr 9 Nov

Yesterday Des Fry from the Saxmundham Waitrose presented a cheque for £600 to the popup Smile café which is so shiningly new it probably still smells of paint.

Cheque presentation at the Smile cafe - pic contributed

sa 27 Oct

Tango malonga in FarnhamThere's a tango malonga in the Saxmundham Market Hall tonight and from our previous experience not only will the hall be decorated but this time there's a live band too.♫

sa 6 Oct

Saxmundham Smile CafeThursday was the launch of pop up cafe Smile which pops up every Thursday 10:00-2:00pm at the Fromus Centre in Saxmundham.

th 18 Oct

Hound of the Baskervilles is approaching the end of it's two month East Anglian tour with Stradbroke tonight and Saxmundham tomorrow.

th 16 Aug

Suffolk ExhibitionsThings to do Saturday include the scouts' boot sale in Saxmundham (they use to be on Sundays?) and Framlingham Castle Inn's Party by the Park 2 with Marc Everett and Lucy Sampson and others.  We ate Sunday roast off a Lavenham decorated place mat for our teenage years so know it's picturesque, this weekend in the village hall Suffolk Exhibitions are showing Art Photography Ceramics and Textiles.

su 5 Aug

After a collision last night on the A12 near Saxmundham a man from near Southwold has been arrested ... sounds hairy.

tu 24 Jul

Terry needs musicians for an upcoming monthly gig in Saxmundham.

su 22 Jul

We sense a certain lack of enthusiasm for a betting shop in Saxmundham and bits stolen (eventually) from a dinghy in Aldeburgh at the end of the week.

we 4 jl 12
American Independence Day

Seaside Siren Holly GofightlyThe Peasenhall Assembly Hall is one of three green token good causes this month at the Saxmundham Waitrose (roller derby league the Seaside Sirens was one of last month's three in the Southend Waitrose).

su 10 Jun

A barman at the Monday jubilee jolly in Saxmundham told us the town council had paid for it ... makes a change from flags.

we 6 Jun

Hertfordshire Hell's Belles and the Norfolk Brawds

What we did in Norfolk, Saxmundham and Framlingham for the jubilee ... ah well, back to work.

Saxmundham Market HallThe Framlingham StationBarney being patientFramlingham's finest The Outlaws

th 22 Mar

Ipswich band Anything But Ordinary are playing the Saxmundham Meerkat Hall Saturday night to raise funds for the town's jubilee celebrations ... it'll probably involve flags.♫

tu 28 Feb

Dodgy £20 notes have been popping up all over near the coast including Aldeburgh, Saxmundham, Snape and Walberswick.

sa 18 Feb

Rural Myth 36:  Sax is what posh people have so they have someone to leave the money to.

tu 24 Jan

Strada Cars LtdGetting a good response on the board to a drastic plastic query about Strada sports cars built on the Carlton Ind Est in Saxmundham during the 60s.

sa 7 Jan

It may have been Epiphany yesterday but Saxmundham was still looking rather lovely in her Christmas lights and last week in the charmingly named Laundry Lane Huntingfield a half hearted break in.

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