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mo 21 Dec

bloody Christmas ... eh?Last Saturday in Norwich the Norfolk Brawds Christmas party bouts co-ed and intra-league.

tu 24 Nov

Hannah 'Hannihilation' Edmonds We've merged the final multi-bout day in Bedford of the 2012 End of the World album with the rest of the series.  What we've noticed is three years ago packs and walls were looser making for more one on one photies.

tu 3 Nov

Suffolk Roller DerbyThe weekend before last we travelled to Easton college near Norwich expecting to make photos of a Jolly Dodgers scrimmage but what we got was a Norfolk Brawds v Grid City Division and East Anglo Smacksons v Suffolk Roller Derby double bouter.

th 14 Oct

Elegant lady skater circa 1907No doubt we all think we look like this when skating and no idea why Wes Aronson is wearing lipstick.

tu 29 Sep

Skippy the AngerooThe Saturday before last we went to the UEA Norwich to see roller derby.  There were no equipment checks, one minute penalties, minor penalties or tutus but there was free cake and some fine derby from both Norfolk Brawds teams and the Nottingham Roller Girls.

tu 15 Sep

Pictorial evidence that roller derby always was co-ed ... and East Anglian.

su 13 Sep
Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

We've merged roller derby bout PS I Shove You in Swindon with Facebook album Heartlands 2013 and it's taken only five days for the co-ed debuts in Norwich last weekend to join our Flickr 1,000+ views album (bottom of the page).

su 6 Sep


sa 5 Sep

Today is the public debut co-ed roller derby teams Mustard City Rollers and Suffolk Roller Derby in Norwich ... expect pictures.

tu 1 Sep

Penalty box NSOOne of the many things that bemuse us (we're easily bemused) about roller derby is how the usually three or so Non-Skating Officials managing the penalty box keep track of six stop watches especially now a penalty has been reduced from 60 to 30 seconds.  So stunning Sunday at the Norfolk Brawds' minimalist scrimmage just one NSO was doing it ... and then we saw he had six timers on his tablet.

we 26 Aug

We've added Dan Buster to our Suffolk gents page.

we 12 Aug

The Seaside Sirens 2011 and 2012 Facebook albums have been merged.

mo 27 Jul

Norfolk Brawds open co-ed scrimmageWhat seemed like a good handful of skaters had bailed out on the day of yesterday's Norfolk Brawds/East Anglo Smacksons open and co-ed scrimmage but in the event there were sixteen person teams plus some skaters splitting between bouting and officiating.  Encouragingly visitors from Suffolk RD, Full Metal RD and MK Concrete Cows and fun was definitely being had, at one point chicken sounds coming from somewhere in the pack:)

fr 24 Jul

Open co-ed roller derby scrimmage this Sunday near glamorous Norwich ... we'll be there snapping.

tu 14 Jul
Bastille Day

Suffolk Roller Derby v Norfolk BrawdsA broken down horse box on a Martlesham roundabout contributed to us missing the first bout at Ipswich's first public roller derby hosted by Suffolk RD.  As so often what looks like an enormous sports hall immediately shrinks with a derby track on it and things were crowded.  In the event we were surprised (but then what do we know) how comfortably the Norfolk Brawds beat SRD 243-63 though it's clear that theDan Buster longer established Brawds have a larger cadre of skaters to call on.

SRD Men v mixed league Top Gun was more evenly matched with Top Gun coming from behind to lead at the half but in the end losing 226-132.  As with most if not all men's derby it was physical, at one point the pack came past jammerless but still with every skater engaged in hefty contact.  Great stuff, it!

th 18 Jun

The East and West albums for the 2013 Heartlands roller derby series merged into Heartlands 2013.

su 7 Jun

At yesterday's British Championship bouts in Norwich the Norfolk Brawds came from behind against the KillaHurtz (they're from Chelmsford) for a very emotional last couple of jams 144-138 win.

su 3 May
International Dawn Chorus Day

Open co-ed scrimmage at the Norfolk BrawdsPhotos of the Norfolk Brawds open co-ed scrimmage two weekends back at Easton College and they're doing it again this month.

sa 11 Apr

Norfolk Brawds birthday cakeWe wore our fanboy hat for The Norfolk Brawds fifth anniversary last weekend.  The celebrations included a Sur5al format tournament with guest skaters from LRG, the Billies and other leagues, a choo choo train and an absolutely brilliant cake.

mo 16 Mar

Sad Norfolk Brawds at Easton College yesterday.

mo 9 Mar

Who are we?We arrived early for Suffolk Roller Derby's first training session in Ipswich and it was a little disheartening, maybe half a dozen skaters waiting for the women's basketball to vacate the hall.  Then suddenly everybody turned up en masse with maybe 10-12 newbies (including a mother and daughter) being fitted up with borrowed kit.  The Inspire looks encouragingly big but like any hall it shrinks when a derby track is laid out but it will still make a fine venue for SRD's next home game.  Inevitably falling over is part of derby but nobody laughs at a fresh meat landing spectacularly on their bottom and everyone enjoys the Who are we? ritual at the end.  Newcomers welcome again this Friday.

sa 21 Feb

Norfolk Brawds open co-ed scrimmageThe Norfolk Brawds open co-ed scrimmage last week had places for six (possibly eight) more skaters, expect another open scrimmage next month.  In Ipswich and the adjacent county Suffolk RD have open training sessions starting next month ... and though Scroobius Hip isn't skating at the moment she has joined our 1,000+ album.

mo 26 Jan
Australia Day

The Norfolk Brawds held their first ever co-ed scrimmage with some Suffolk Roller Derby guests at Otley College near Norwich yesterday.  Great stuff!  We saw ourThe Norfolk Brawds' first ever co-ed scrimmage first pegassist with Kid Hell swinging Ben Jamin over the infield but Ben couldn't quite stay in bounds.  A star pass to Philthy Delphia over the blockers at the whistle did work.  There were a lot of star passes perhaps indicating we're still post Christmas plus a shortage of jammers obliging blockers to take their turn.  The Brawds expect to continue these open (you just need basic skills, a black and a white top and a fiver, trainee officials welcome too) scrimmages as a monthly event ... bring it on.

Got a gratifying message from the Cambridge Rollerbillies last week saying they only picked up our message Wednesday and we would have been welcome to snap their fresh meat the preceding weekend.  Snap you soon Billies.

th 8 Jan

Very early roller derbyGuess Who 34? reveals that roller derby is much older than you would think and not only that it was co-ed, multi player blocks were legal and jammers were identified by feathers rather than stars.

su 4 Jan

Scroobius HipScroobius Hip nowadays skates with the co-ed Full Metal RD and she has picked up a fourth fave on Flickr.  At the end of the month the Norfolk Brawds are hosting an open co-ed scrimmage at Easton College near Norwich.

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