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roller derby 2011-09


mo 28 Nov

Referee Cherry Fury at half timeSaturday we went to Southend to see the Seaside Sirens bifurcate into Guns and Roses for their first intra-league bout, and first time for us man derby from Southern Discomfort and Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder.  Blimey!  Man derby is 100 mile an hour stuff with very BIG hits and a 'loose' skating style that includes lots of skating backwards and some running backwards on your toes ... but still that roller derby quirkyness.

su 6 Nov

Yesterday one Norfolk Brawds' car wouldn't start, another Brawd left her Brawds captain Jessica Whackitcontact lenses behind, in Houghton Regis the satnav decided to send the 50 seater down a tiny lane that had a locked gate across it, just 30 minutes for the after party and a 170-33 beating from hosts Rebellion Rollergirls in a closed door bout that had five Brawds injured including one hospital visit ... but there was the warm enveloping chattering companionship of the 50 seater plus the group laugh passing Stevenage's CHEAP ADULT DVD SHOP and well ... it's roller derby!

mo 12 Sep

Yours Truly skating out at Pier and LoathingScouser Alexie Sayle may have said of Milton Keynes it's like the Somme with houses but the MK Concrete Cows don't seem to have been disadvantaged beating roller derby hosts the Seaside Sirens 143 to 88 in Southend Saturday.  In the support bout the debuting Kent Roller Girls also won and looked particularly good in black and gold, lots of pix on Facebook.

su 19 Jun

Pix of the Beach Bash Bosh roller derby in Southend on Facebook.

tu 17 May

What struck us about last night's Norfolk Brawds roller derby training in Norwich was commitment and inclusion.  Commitment with a weekly three hour training session

The Norfolk Brawds

 even though their next bout is not until August and inclusion with some newbie Cabin Girls who can just about skate and the league refs actively involved.  As with all roller derby bags of attitude ... and a bit sexy.  Pix on that there Facepack.

su 24 Apr
Easter Sunday

Norfolk Brawd GRIMbolinaYesterday's outstanding Brawl at Sea in Southend was the first ever roller derby bout for both the Seaside Sirens and Norfolk Brawds ... we were slightly taken aback by the smallest blocker and largest jammer we've ever seen on a flat track.

fr 15 Apr

Last weekend we got to stand in the track centre for the first time at Anarchy In The UK in a large town near Chelmsford and our word that bit closer the roller derby action is much faster ... made us quite dizzy.

su 21 Mar

London Brawl SaintsLondon Roller Girls lost 63-84 to Texas last night, even stevens all the way until some jammer penalties hurt LRG badly near the end.  Cracking roller derby as always but in the industrial wilderness that is the ExCel Centre and £10 to park!  Ah well that's a large town near Chelmsford for you ... lot's more pix on that there Facepack.

mo 18 Jan
Winnie the Pooh Day - AA Milne's birthday

Smiles at the TSRG tryoutAs is the way the signs for the Chelmsford Riverside Centre come and go but we did find it and inside an encouragingly good turn out of all ages and all abilities for the Triple Sword Roller Girls.  The gentle voiced coaching sensibly first dealt with how to stop and there was one to one guidance as well.  The TSRGs have been through some changes since their practice in May last year with the league splitting in two and one half now on Canvey Island.  Can't wait to see their first scrimmage.

su 6 Dec

The hall isn't really big enough

Yesterday's Winter Wonderslam in a large town near Chelmsford was the expected roller derby mix of madness, theatre, skill, physical endeavour and good solid fun even if it was a bit of a runaway for The Steamrollers ... and thankfully nobody hurt.

mo 20 Jul

London Roller Girls versus Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames

Yesterday's Roll Britannia in a large town near Chelmsford and the echoing confines of Earls Court had all the rowdy noisyness of a swimming gala and, despite the contact nature of roller derby, essential goodwill.  A cracking day out with outbreaks such as spontaneous Jacko zombie dancing and spectator versus mascot racing.  Surely a bit of colourful, sexy, carrying on near the coast would make a nice change from all that relentless scrummy cake and nature notes?

fr 24 Apr

Clearly enjoying herself

Satirical punk third wave feminism that's how Wikipedia describes roller derby but then we didn't have to repeat it did we?  The Triple Sword Roller Girls in Chelmsford are looking for more skaters to join them.

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