Police warning after Felixstowe man tricked out of £2,500

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Police warning after Felixstowe man tricked out of £2,500

Post by des fisher » Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:30 pm

Police are continuing to warn members of the public about online and telephone scams following an incident in Felixstowe.

The victim, a man in his 70s, received an email on Sunday, 15 October, indicating a problem with his PayPal account and requested he follow a link where he was asked to complete personal details. The man completed these but, concerned the email was not genuine, cancelled his bank card via online banking.

The following day, late in the evening, he received a telephone call from a male claiming to be from Lloyds Bank who suggested there had been failed attempts to access his account. The victim was told in an insistent manner to transfer £2,500 to a new account the caller had opened, which he did, and attempts were made to move a further £5,000 which was unsuccessful.

The caller advised the victim to call his bank to complete the transfer, but not to disclose this conversation. When the victim became suspicious, the caller insisted he go to his local branch to transfer the funds instead.

Police are reminding members of the public that your bank, or the police, will never ask you to withdraw money or purchase items.

• Your bank or the police will never ask for your PIN, bank card or bank account details over the phone – never give these details out.
• If you receive such a call leave the landline for at least five minutes to make an outside call. Fraudsters will keep the line open and have been known to play ring tones, hold music and a recorded message down the phone so the victim believes they are making a call to a legitimate number
• Use a friend or neighbour’s telephone instead
• Friends, family, carers and neighbours are asked to spread the word to ensure everyone is aware of this scam and what they should do

For advice on keeping yourself safe against scams, please visit: https://www.suffolk.police.uk/sites/suf ... advice.pdf

Alternatively, report incidents of fraud to Action Fraud using their online reporting tool https://www.actionfraud.police.uk or by calling 0300 1232040.

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