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mo 28 Nov

Referee Cherry Fury at half timeSaturday we went to Southend to see the Seaside Sirens bifurcate into Guns and Roses for their first intra-league bout, and first time for us man derby from Southern Discomfort and Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder.  Blimey!  Man derby is 100 mile an hour stuff with very BIG hits and a 'loose' skating style that includes lots of skating backwards and some running backwards on your toes ... but still that roller derby quirkyness.

su 6 Nov

Yesterday one Norfolk Brawds' car wouldn't start, another Brawd left her contactBrawds captain Jessica Whackit lenses behind, in Houghton Regis the satnav decided to send the 50 seater down a tiny lane that had a locked gate across it, just 30 minutes for the after party and a 170-33 beating from hosts Rebellion Rollergirls in a closed door bout that had five Brawds injured including one hospital visit ... but there was the warm enveloping chattering companionship of the 50 seater plus the group laugh passing Stevenage's CHEAP ADULT DVD SHOP and well ... it's roller derby!

mo 17 Oct

Young cyclocross riderIt's been a couple of years since we've seen a cyclocross and though a nice day may have helped it was still impressive youthful involvement at the Amis Velo Supacross in Colchester.  Old timers complained like they always have that the course was too easy and national junior cross champion and Ashfield cum Thorpe resident Hugo Robinson won the event with such ease it must have been little more than a training run for him ... mind you he still broke sweat.

we 17 Aug

A tiny at the Goodwood roller marathonLast Sunday the 10th annual Goodwood roller marathon had an incredibly mixed 1000+ fieldHuge bunch start of the self propelled raising money for the NSPCC; some real tinies, hurtling lines of mostly in-line skaters, a girl competing with her arm in a sling and huge support from roller derby ... from Cardiff a coach load of Tiger Bay Brawlers, Southend's Seaside Sirens, the Brighton Rockers, a fledgling yet to scrimmage league from Eastbourne, Haunted City (where's that?) and loads more!  Looking forward to next year already.

sa 28 May

♫ Gil Scott Heron has died aged 62.

we 6 Apr

A camera found in Orford possibly belonging to a teacher with connections to Singapore and Norfolk.

fr 4 Mar

The coalition? What do you think of it so far? What do you think of it so far?

su 20 Feb

The Gamekeeper  Gamekeeper tells a Russ Abbott story on the board.

su 2 Jan

We think William should dump Kate Middleclass (his dad did it for christ's sake and he was married at the time) and wait for Karen from Outnumbered ... she's played Princess Margaret in The King's Speech so she's forewarned and it would mean a really sensible consort for the monarch later on this century ... who's with us?

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