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Norfolk in 2015-14


th 9 Feb

UEA Pirates 6-9 Cambridge PythonsThe UEA Pirates lost 6-9 to the Cambridge Pythons in Norwich Sunday as their last home game in the BUCS South East.  A not entirely satisfactory game but the Pirates single touchdown was a high bomb to a wide receiver dramatically at a flying full stretch ... and we didn't snap it ...

mo 30 Nov
St Andrew's day

On a Long Stratton corner opposite the Shell garage the smaller open all hours Co-op is now Funeral Services so on Sunday nights it's useful the Stradbroke Spar is open for travellers returning to near the coast.

mo 9 Nov

As most of the grass near the coast was sodden Saturday we expected Thetford rugby club to be the same but either the pitch is remarkably well ... more here

tu 3 Nov

Suffolk Roller DerbyThe weekend before last we travelled to Easton college near Norwich expecting to make photos of a Jolly Dodgers scrimmage but what we got was a Norfolk Brawds v Grid City Division and East Anglo Smacksons v Suffolk Roller Derby double bouter.

we 9 Sep

We knew the NFL had changed the rules about overtime but were very confused when they were needed Sunday near Thetford.  It took nearly an ... more here

mo 31 Aug

It's not near the coast or Suffolk but we just love the name, next weekend is the Strumpshaw Steam Weekend.

mo 27 Jul

Norfolk Brawds open co-ed scrimmageDespite a good handful of skaters bailing out of yesterday's Norfolk Brawds/East Anglo Smacksons open roller derby scrimmage in the end there were more than enough, and what must have been most satisfying for everyone involved the Ipswich Cardinals had their first win of the season.

sa 16 May

1:50pm  We're on Future Radio in Norwich and in just a bit.

sa 11 Apr

Norfolk Brawds birthday cakeWe wore our fanboy hat for The Norfolk Brawds fifth anniversary last weekend.  The celebrations included a Sur5al format tournament with guest skaters from LRG, the Billies and other leagues, a choo choo train and an absolutely brilliant cake.

mo 16 Mar

Overheard in the Long Stratton co-op:

little girl: I don't like lemons

mum: Not lemon... melon

little girl: I don't like green

mum: They're only green on the outside

mo 16 Mar

Sad Norfolk Brawds at Easton College yesterday.

mo 26 Jan
Australia Day

Life Skills 5:  If you find yourself in Long Stratton on a Sunday after 4pm the big Co-op is shut but the little one on the corner opposite the Shell/Lotus garage is open.  This knowledge is particularly valuable if you're travelling back to near the coast and haven't realised the new Spar in Stradbroke will be open.

mo 26 Jan

We saw our first pegassist at the Norfolk Brawds' co-ed scrimmage yesterday.

mo 12 Jan

Suffolk ConstabularyExpect delays north of Lowestoft from 9:30am tomorrow when another abnormal load moves from Heath Road Lowestoft to the Bacton Gas Terminal Norfolk via the A146, A1117, A12, A149 and B1159.

mo 29 Sep

bloody Christmas ... eh?It's just not the Woodbridge Wyvale and Deben Inns that think it's Christmas already, when we were in Norwich Saturday we saw a banner advertising Festive Lunches.  Even more uncomfortable today is last day posting surface mail to Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and New Zealand for Christmas!

su 28 Sep

Mutiny on the BoutyRoller derby has more rules than the EU making a ref's difficult job essentially impossible during the frequent bursts of frantic activity.  Inevitably there will be calls that bemuse the benches and crowd, when events allow it would help if refs could signal long enough so third parties as well as the offending skater are informed.  Know we ... more here

we 24 Sep
Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

Bike stunting in NorwichBike stunting in NorwichIn Norwich we asked the stunting cyclist on the right if he could do a back flip.  He said yes, he'd learnt by practising into a swimming pool but now one of the Norwich skate parks has a foam pit.  Google make us think it may be the Charge Unit indoor skate park.

th 18 Sep

Marcus BrigstockeWe've noted before the Haverhill Arts Centre has become a try out zone for Himoff Thetellies so weren't stunned but a little surprised that nice Stephen Mr Cleverclogs Fry is playing there next month.  Then we read more carefully, it's a broadcast of him on stage in a large town ... a broadcast? <in Lady Bracknell voice>.

Marcus Brigstocke's Diss Corn Hall gig at the end of next month is halfway though a proper tour ... maybe it's because it's Norfolk.

fr 12 Sep

Love your co-opIn the car park at the back of the Long Stratton Co-op pharmacy (perhaps they mean chemists) we saw a white five hundredweight Co-op pharmacy van with sign written on the side prescriptions collected and delivered ... now there's a thought.

fr 22 Aug

Lacons dray in FramlinghamAny pub or ex-pub near the coast with eagles (the Pettistree Three Tuns) is likely to have been a Lacons pub.  The Great Yarmouth brewery served 1760 until 1968 when Whitbread who had bought it three years earlier closed it in the American manner.  To our surprise at least the brewery resuscitated last year ... what goes round comes round.

su 13 Jul

Yesterday we felt the derby l♥ve Feel the derby love! in Norwich.

su 6 Jul

Twister in NorwichAs we know East Anglia tends to be more laid back than say a large town near Chelmsford though these days even the Wickham Market co-op car park can get a bit frantic.  At April's Eastern Sur5val roller derby in Norwich the teams found time to play Twister.

sa 14 Jun

Very East Anglian 6pm tonight live speedway from Sweden on ... wait for it ... Freeview Quest!  (Perhaps they're buying it from Eurosport?)

tu 27 May

2014 Framlingham gala princessesThankfully it was sunny yesterday for the Framlingham gala parade and as always the galaRD Leicester v Norfolk Brawds princesses looked lovely with beautiful flower arrangements whilst Sunday near Norwich roller derby princesses from Leicester collided with those from the Norfolk Brawds ...  the gala princesses are on the left.

mo 21 Apr

Sur5val pile-up in NorwichThe Saturday before last the Sur5val roller derby format came to UEA Norwich.  A little difficult to follow as the scoreboard had software problems and to prevent colour clashes the teams didn't wear their league jerseys but still highly enjoyable derby.  Impressively Suffolk Roller Derby came fourth in their first public bout and hosts the Norfolk Brawds celebrated winning by falling to the floor prompting a mass pile up/bundle.

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