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Norfolk in 2010-02


su 20 Jun
Father's Day - pic contributed by R Magritte

The Killer QueensWe arrived at Suffolk Pride in Christchurch Park, Ipswich early this afternoon and it wasn't that well attended, The Sugar Plum Fairies ... we thinklong silences from the stage ... the crowd started to grow and drag acts Miss Leslie Lush (the divine one that is) and the Killer Queens (they're from Norfolk ... where else?) raised a good time atmosphere, and the very pink Sugar Plump Fairies and the naval gentlemen in a bath created surreal interactions in the crowd, very jolly!  Immaculately clean portaloos but no hand basin, antiseptic hand foam instead and bloody smoothflow the only draught on offer but a very child friendly and FREE day out.  We'll be going next year ... more pix on Facebook.

Have you washed behind your ears?

mo 11 Jan

Rupert Hamer the UK journalist killed in Afghanistan was ex-Eastern Daily Press.

tu 5 May

Some of the over 600 weaponsDuring March and April the weapons amnesty in Beccles, Bungay and Halesworth retrieved over 600 items, we find the ammo the scary bit ... well actually some of the knives are pretty scary too.

mo 30 Mar

The Magnolia SistersAdmittedly more than a bit of a ways off but Cajun quartet The Magnolia Sisters are playing Norwich Arts Centre 15 July.  This year Maverick in Easton is the first weekend in July so maybe they'll still be round for that?

we 19 Nov

The male body found in Beccles yesterday has been identified.

tu 18 Nov

Body found in Beccles.

tu 23 Sep

The long term effects of The Outlaws ~ pic by Mark CookSaturday night there was the general mayhem that always seems to occur when Banham and The Outlaws come in to conjunction.

we 10 Jul

More info hereThey know how to party in Banham and Friday week Swervy World's Fabulous Swinging Chandeliers are offering FREE tickets to drivers of any pre-1968 classic cars and hot-rods parked in the priority bays next to the hall.  Free tickets are for drivers only and can be obtained from classic car park marshal Andy.

we 11 Jun

A refutation (good word eh?) of the Banham social club rumour.

we 20 Feb

Now that's how long since we last went to Snetterton.  When we drove through Diss last week a Tescos had appeared, next to Morrisons which has Somerfield on the opposite side of the road ... didn't see the turbines but it was dark.

su 17 Feb

Sara with offspring and chargesBefore we went there for the first time last night we knew Banham has a zoo, a shop, a community centre and Sara from the former Munch Box Café lives there.  What we now know about Banham is the community centre's main hall couldn't double as an aircraft hangar but you could probably squeeze in eight helicopters double stacked, it's high enough; and they just love having their photo taken in Banham.  Once The Outlaws' easy going Outlaw hats honesty had winkled people out of the bar you couldn't stop 'em posing or dancing.  In fact one girl danced so committedly she ended up full length on the floor ... or maybe it was just midnight sunstroke ...

... and on our way home the lights were still on in the Wilby village hall.

tu 27 Nov

Bushman Tucker flashing his nipples - pic contributedEast Harling may be in Norfolk but they do know that you don't have to be a hoodie to be bad ... so random.

fr 23 Feb

We dropped in briefly on the Framlingham Development Trust's agm last night which had a bigger crowd than last year.  Dawn Easter seems to have to departed into the middle distance and some woman from Harleston was going on about delivery.

we 11 Dec

The Fat CatNorwich Fat Cat  des' dinners 32

The fringe Lunch Club was thwarted when on entering the Norwich Fat Cat NaTCH and Lady KRJ discovered it did not serve hot food.  Consequently lunch was taken in Pizza Express.  No beer was drunk but conversation included how fed up Lady KRJ is of hearing about Bowling for Columbine(first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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