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tu 30 Dec

Marlesford Farm Cafe had it's till stolen in a break in over the weekend.

fr19 Dec

BE WARNED if near the coast you normally put the bin(s) out Sunday night forbloody Christmas ... eh? Monday collection Christmas has moved the collection forward to Saturday so you need to put the bins out tonight.

su 9 Nov

The Stonham Aspal Ten Bells may no longer be functioning as a pub but the Shepherd and Dog the other side of the A140 had an A board saying Open All Day when we passed last Sunday ... mind you it has an 'eaterie' ...

tu 28 Oct

An unlikely salvation for the Stonham Aspal Ten Bells, the back of it is now the Casa Mexico selling Mexican groceries, gifts, kitchenware, wrestling masks ... sounds like a winner.

fr 24 Oct

Maybe only attempted but still your actual highway robbery in the Halesworth Road Walpole Tuesday.

tu 7 Oct

Daisy Cooper at the 2010 general election11:32am:  Daisy Cooper who grew up in coastal Suffolk is one of the four standing for presidency of the Lib-Dems.  They're on the Daily Politics BBC2 at noon, it won't be on iPlayer.

tu 7 Oct

From 9:30 this morning a large boat will be moving along the A14 boundary of near the coast from Cambridgeshire to Ipswich marina.

we 10 Sep

FREE catalytic converter marking this Saturday morning at the Darsham Tyre Centre and you don't need an appointment.

th 28 Aug

Last week a large lump of tools stolen from a Chillesford workshop and a Woodbridge house burglary, a Walberswick caravan set fire to Sunday. and over £2,000 of jewellery burgled in Aldringham yesterday .... quite a crime wave by Suffolk standards.

tu 26 Aug

Suffolk SportNext month and for what remains of this month golf clubs across near the coast are offering four week courses for £20, there's one starting today at Ufford and upcoming at Woodbridge, Stonham Barns and Southwold.

mo 25 Aug

The driver of a blue Fiesta died in Letheringham Saturday.

fr 22 Aug

Lacons dray in FramlinghamAny pub or ex-pub near the coast with eagles (the Pettistree Three Tuns) is likely to have been a Lacons pub.  The Great Yarmouth brewery served 1760 until 1968 when Whitbread who had bought it three years earlier closed it in the American manner.  To our surprise at least the brewery resuscitated last year ... what goes round comes round.

su 3 Aug

♫ Today at the Orford Pavilion (no, we don't know where it is either) it's the twelfth annual Picnic Jazz with singers Emma Divine and Natasha Hodge bill topping, and police will be at Rendlesham Forest Centre (we sort of know where that is) 10am-2pm raising cycling safety and security awareness.

tu 29 Jul

No scrap valueWe all know how councils like signs, in Hackney (it's in the east of a large town near Chelmsford) they put signs on signs ... we'll see how long it takes to reach the Wickden Triangle.

su 20 Jul

We didn't start snapping until 8am last Sunday so it was theNarayani sensibly walking the last bit of Fore Street tail end of the 115 mile Dunwich Dynamo passing through near the coast but then the achievement of the less trained is perhaps the more impressive.  Narayani had previously ridden no further than 20 miles before her first Dynamo last year.  The Gentleman Plumber said he'd had fewer cyclists through his pop up cafe on the Saxmundham Road Framlingham but also said a Dun Runner coming back reported they'd never seen so many cyclists at Dunwich, perhaps the unsettled weather put some off.

sa 12 Jul

Tomorrow near the coast expect voices floating past In the early hours as it's the Dunwich Dynamo again.

fr 20 Jun

That's all we have until ThursdayIn this part of Suffolk you're more likely to be run down by a mobility scooter than an inline skater but we do like its been here forever bumptiousness ... and though unfair to say it's still the 1950s near the coast we have heard that sugar rationing didn't end in Stackton Tressel until 1986 ...

mo 16 Jun

At the end of the nineteenth century there was no speedway or annoyingThe Framlingham Station Hotel? hatchbacks to entertain young men so TWOKing pony and traps was popular amongst the rougher elements of near the coast.  Fortunately taking the stolen transportation to a remote spot and setting it alight had not become fashionable but in his East African column Peregrine Cuttlefish clearly thought such joy riding indicated the imminent collapse of civilization as it was then known.

fr 23 May

European elections yesterday near the coast but the return not until Sunday.

su 4 May
Star Wars Day

Women's Tour of Britain 2014Next week the inaugural women's Tour of Britain flirts with near the coast twice.  Stage 3 Felixstowe-Clacton on Friday passes just south of Woodbridge and the final and fifth stage on Sunday passes to the west of Stowmarket to finish in Bury St Edmunds.

we 23 Apr

It's why we l♥ve near the coast, toothpaste stolen in Cratfield is a reported crime though on this occasion we suspect there might be a little bit more to it.

fr 18 Apr

Private security contractor at the Cold War MuseumThis is not the welcome you'll get at the Bentwaters Cold War Museum Rendlesham, the museum is literally dripping with volunteers eager to tell you about the history and the museum, there's an excellent little cafe and the rare right hand drive coach/ambulance will make you expect Hawkeye and Hotlips running up the aisle shouting medic emergency speak.  They are open this Sunday and Monday.

fr 14 Mar

Shingle Street dog walker

Shingle Street Wednesday

th 13 Mar

Marine Watch at RamsholtA beautiful day yesterday for our first visit to Ramsholt where there was a harbour master and lots of boats but nobody much to be met and greeted by the police's second Marine Watch meet and greet of the day ... but not wasted, the cops have shown they are about and we've seen a piece of Sandlings heaven.

tu 11 Feb

Twenty five Butley pigs stolen over a five week period?

th 23 Jan

DI Gwen Danbury is a written for radio drama with the DI stationed at East Suffolk Police HQ and doctors who retire to Orford so very near the coast but it doesn't really have a sense of place just the occasional Muffolk accent.

mo 13 Jan

Fellow Twitterer @Jaydubblah asks do any nearthecoasters know of really wheelchair friendly eating places in East Suffolk?  Need room to manoeuvre.

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