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near the coast in 2013

fr 13 Dec
Friday the 13th

Skating in Framlingham castle car parkWe can't ice skate but are told it's quite different from roller skating and at last year's highly successful skating In Framlingham we were told the dry plastic surface does make it easier ... despite that there were some spectacular falls.  So presumably expect more falls when indoor ice skating starts at Stonham Barns tomorrow.

we 4 Dec

Last weekend in Knodishall someone was poking about in cars not their own.

fr 29 Nov

... Christmas eh?The HumdingersTomorrow it's a Christmas market in the afternoon and Brundish village hall whilst the circus at Stonham Barns has four shows throughout the day.  Sunday evening the free Slice of Life show at FAYAP in Framlingham is fully booked so good thing The Humdingers will be engaging in some of that rockabilly stuff at the Spread Eagle Ipswich. ♫

sa 16 Nov

The gritting lorry was out last night.

sa 9 Nov

Police can't identify the owners of recovered items which include a Bosch drill, Police recovered Bosch drilla Diesel watch, an Echo leaf blower, a Fujifilm digital camera, a Kazuma quad bike, a nupower gasoline generator, a Samsung digital compact camera, a silver coloured chain and locket, a Stanley spanner set, a Stihl chainsaw, a Tactix socket set, a TorQ spanner set and two Hitachi cordless combi drills.

mo 28 Oct

Stately Terrace FramlinghamThe Orwell Bridge closed as of 9:15am and 10:30am, and a fence down in Stately Terrace Framlingham ... as of 12:30pm the Orwell Bridge now open.

su 27 Oct

The clocks went back early this morning.

mo 21 Oct
Trafalgar Day - 21 October 1805

Framlingham camera club - pic by Colin HardyA copious report by Mandy Pryke on the bulletin board of Wickham Market flower club's activities, Framlingham camera club's workshops continue next month and today it's Trafalgar Day all over near the coast.

su 20 Oct

This is what we love about near the coast, a fence panel in Woodbridge damaged possibly by someone sitting on it is a recorded and reported crime ...

sa 19 Oct

Shingle Street isn't the end of the world but you can see it from there.

tu 1 Oct

The part time gardener has been acquired in a village between Wickham Market and Woodbridge, kind words about the Framlingham White Horse and interesting times at the Stonham Barns heavy horse day.

fr 27 Sep

At 10am tomorrow presenter of ITV's Countrywise Paul Heiney will open a boating crime reduction event at High Lodge Darsham.

th 26 Sep

We suspect when at school Simon was good at English because he has composed quite an essay about how wonderful the weekly boot sale is at Stonham Barns plus it's heavy horse day this Sunday.

sa 17 Aug

The Brewer has given us the bad news that the hop farm just outside Sibton Hop harvest Sibton 2006has given up and it might be the last one in Suffolk ... although there could be another at Monewden at least.  Either way we hope the splendidly industrial machinery at Sibton has found a home and the Brewer is modestly confident he can keep the character of his beers with other hops ... and the barley still comes from Brandeston.

mo 12 Aug

House sales around near the coastWe paid some £12,000 for our first house, it sold in May for £230,000 ... in the meantime recent house sales near the coast imply Aldeburgh's off the boil.

mo 22 jul

A body thought to be that of a woman was discovered on the beach at Shingle Street this morning.


Talk of isolated thunderstorms tomorrow near the coast.

sa 20 Jul

If near the coast you hear voices drifting past in the early hours tomorrow it'll be the Dunwich Dynamo.

tu 11 Jun

Love your co-opArriving back near the coast yesterday we did our shopping in the Wickham Market co-op ... it was so calm and unhurried compared with the Hackney Tescos near Chelmsford ... ahhhh (we thought) nice to be back ... on the back road to Easton we dodged two hatchbacked mums with hectic lifestyles and a flying post van ... Suffolk eh? (we thought).

sa 4 May

House sales around near the coastThough Woodbridge and Aldeburgh the usual house sales hot spots have been quiet it's been encouragingly busy in the near the coast heartland.

we 1 May

In our happily not broad experience of near the coast county councillors they are always Tory and really fancy themselves.  Tomorrow you have a chance to try out some new faces.

tu 23 Apr
St George's Day

Last week a Charsfield garage was broken into and petrol pinched, four chainsaws stolen in Brandeston but just one in Stratford St Andrew; two disc cutters burgled in Melton over the weekend, worryingly three shotguns, two rifles and ammo stolen in Otley yesterday but the good news is a man's Rotary watch was handed in to Woodbridge police station Saturday.

fr 19 Apr

Pagan Portals - Zen DruidryJoanna van der Hoeven was born a Canuck but moved to near the coast last century, so like us still a blowin.  Now living near Woodbridge her book Pagan Portals - Zen Druidry was published this month.  Though it could do with a little editing we like Don't go with the flow.  Be the flow itself.

fr 12 Apr

Things to do near the coast this weekend include Brief Encounter tonight at the Peasenhall Picture Palace (bring your own tissues), open day at Woottens charming plant nursery in Wenhaston tomorrow and in the evening bright as a button (and about the same size) comedienne Lucy Porter in the Haverhill Arts Centre.

sa 6 Apr

Worlingworth tractorsWhen we first moved to near the coast last century we weren't surprised but interested that the wall of model toys in HG Crisp Saxmundham was nearly all farm machinery, seems perfectly ordinary now.

su 31 mr
world backup day

Lord Deben before he wasThough the chums we mentioned it to were aware we've only just noticed that one time and once upon a time local mp John Selwyn Gummer became Lord Deben back in 2010, good thing he didn't want to be Lord Framlingham and good thing Lord Framlingham didn't want to be Lord Brundish.

mo 4 Mar

House sales around near the coastNew(ish) house sales near the coast and some historical comparisons in Woodbridge.

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