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near the coast in 2011

mo 5 Dec

Here's a scary one, a map of road fatalities and injuries 2000-2010.  Zoom in to where you live near the coast and like us be shocked at what mayhem there has been within just a few miles of your house.

fr 2 Dec

A Christmas CarolWelcome back to the Framlingham Castle Inn (your support is much appreciated A&H).  You can see The Keeper's Daughters' production of A Christmas Carol at the Castle Inn this Sunday night or all over East Anglia this month.

fr 11 Nov
Remembrance Day

Ron Beadle MBE at the 2006 HachfestSorry to hear from Deano that St John Ambulancer and Suffolk Land Rover Owners' Club marshal Ron Beadle who was awarded the MBE at the beginning of the year passed away Saturday.

su 6 Nov

House sales near the coast July to September depressingly few.House sales around near the coast

we 2 Nov

Blimey!  The Keeper's Daughter theatre company could rival James Brown for hard work, A Christmas Carol is out on the road all over December with four double headers, the first pair on the first weekend ... what's more it's Dracula in Stowupland village hall tonight.

we 21 Sep

near the coast has very pleasant countryside, often good beer and a sense of community particularly in the smaller places, a little bit too much quiet sometimes and it does occasionally feel like this ...

we 15 Jun

Are you finding near the coast that like Deano warm weather and fortnightly bin men results in maggots?

su 5 Jun

Today is the second and final day of Pettafiesta at Pettaugh.

th 2 Jun

the Suffolk Show on TwitterParking at this year's Suffolk Show plus a family ticket on the gate is £48.  Just three quid more and it'll be cheaper to supply alcohol to the under aged (£50 fine) but not to wander into a bus lane in a large town near Chelmsford (£130 fine).

we 1 Jun

Rural Myth 33:  You can always tell a Townie, they're the ones who put their wheelie bins out Sunday night for collection on Thursday.

sa 7 May
Black Spot Day

Shaw's Ballot PencilWell done near the coast!  So many of you turned out to vote that counting the parish/town polls Suffolk Coastal hit the pause button Friday night and will start up again Monday and Suffolk county chief exec Andrea Hill has gone on handbag leave.

we 27 Apr

Princess Margaret by Cecil BeatonDepressingly nearly three quarters of the parish and town councils in Suffolk Coastal will not have a contested election this 5 May.  Encouragingly 30 will have contested elections a significant increase on 2007 so maybe it's time for regime change where you live ... and we agree, there's probably a parish out there that hasn't had an election since Princess Margaret was a goer.

mo 18 Apr

FREE is always popular and yesterday it attracted some 5,000 to Trinity Park for the National Police Dog Trials and impressively the Suffolk Constabulary paid for it all with sponsorship and pitch fees.  Parental shoulders were needed to see much, plenty of stuff to do, an enormous queue for ice cream, the Surrey police pups were overwhelmed with attention and a Suffolk dog was expected to finish in the top five.

Welsh police Parental shoulders Climbing

we 6 Apr

Predicted warmest day this year so far near the coast, maybe 20+°C.

we 16 Mar

Full time chef needed in Pettistree (digs available if wanted) Robert 01728 747979 and a FREE three piece suite in Framlingham.

fr 4 Feb

Demo at Stradbroke library 10am-12pm tomorrow and Suffolk Exhibitions are back in Bawdsey tonight.

sa 1 Jan

We predict that at in 2011 near the coast's great and good will continue to kindly agree, munch scrummy cake, vote the minutes a true and accurate record and relentlessly pursue niceness ... but also the Maverick festival will delight, The Outlaws will do the odd gig near the coast, and who knows?  Maybe roller derby will find its way to Suffolk ... but don't hold your breath.  Happy New Year!

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