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near the coast in 2010

th 30 Dec

Like yesterday another murky day near the coast.  Fram castle in the mist

we 8 Dec

Louise HarwardNow that was a generous donation, in the charity auction Louise Harward's triptych Suffolk Trinity went for nearly £3,000 to a Framlingham family at Saturday's Suffolk Punch Trust Christmas Ball in Hollesley.

tu 28 Sep

Now we all know you're still a safe driver when in a bit of a hurry and not all of these are near the coast and surprisingly they're not all male or young 'uns either but 123mph on the A134 or 63mph past a school ... 

su 29 Aug

What time zone is near the coast?  Ooh, about 1954.

fr 27 Aug

No surprise is it that we are the nation who invented the Pakamac?

Newest Suffolk Constabulary police dog is Springer spaniel Arnie.  He is trained to sniff out drugs and later this year he'll be taking a course in firearm recovery then, rumour has it, a NVQ in leisure management and perhaps one day his own boutique hotel.

tu 29 Jun

Gordon Knowles  The Chicken Man of BungayThe Essex Record Office said to Sounding Board Productions The portrait pictures in your Suffolk Voices CDs are absolutely superb. What's the secret?  Yes, we took the snaps.  <blush>

sa 26 Jun

Rural Myth 24:  Property developers become councillors because they want to give something back.

mo 21 Jun

Beware telephone calls claiming to fix your pc.

th 17 Jun

black hatLooks like new Suffolk Coastal MP Therese Coffey has been hacked on Twitter.

Rural Myth 23:  All of that there large town near Chelmsford is under a glass roof ... or maybe it's just Liverpool Street station?

Dr Kathryn Ferry ~ pic contributedThis is author and historian Dr Kathryn Ferry who leads the panel judging the best beach hut in Britain.

th 10 Jun

Babysitter needed in Huntingfield for the school hols.

sa 29 May

Pretty much a hung nearthecoast about being happy with the coalition.

fr 21 May

atm plate style skimmer- pic contributedThere were three cash point skimmers found near the coast last week and one on the Framlingham Barclays in 2008.  Though the throat type atm skimmer - pic contributed police have pointed out they do vary in appearance they seem to come in two flavours; throat and plate and both have a pinhole camera mounted above the keypad to capture the pin ... nasty.

th 6 May

just DO IT! First voter waiting for the poll to open  more pix here

tu 20 Apr

How are you going to vote?  Don't worry, it's a secret poll.

tu 6 Apr

Rural Myth 20:  People in a large town near Chelmsford ride on the right of escalators to stop their wallets being pinched.

th 18 Mar

Full time gardener/handyman job in Huntingfield

we 10 Mar

No, sea eagles not sea lions.

sa 06 Mar

Say no to sea eagles Remains of Say No To Sea Eagles
Bit of a difference of opinion about sea eagles near Peasenhall.

th 25 Feb

Rural Myth 15:  It's illegal to pull anyone under the age of 19 from the path of an approaching vehicle because it's inappropriate touching, if they're over 18 it's probably assault.

fr 15 Jan

Last year at Bawdesy but Brandeston next monthMuch of the artists and photographers from last year's show in Bawdsey are doing it again next month in Brandeston.

sa 9 Jan

Sounds hairy out there, it's the hills, lorries stuck on the hill last night by what was the Farnham George and Rocket Ronnie has given up trying to get to Framlingham at what was the Sweffling White Horse.

Despite the cold these two pigeons were declaring, no doubt everlasting, love for each other this morning.  Though it's hard to believe now, spring will be on us soon enough.

mo 4 Jan

House sales around near the coastHouse sales seem to have picked up in all the ntc towns except Framlingham, maybe it's those dodgy Christmas lights:)

fr 1 Jan

Happy new year and what would you like to see in 2010?  Jedward loose all their stupid hair after Al Qaeda tamper with Head & Shoulders?

Today is officially the hottest day of the year.

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