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near the coast in 2009

tu 15 Dec

The SLROC off road courseIf we've done the sum right the Suffolk Land Rover Owners Club have raised over £6,000 for charity this year, primarily Cancer Care in Suffolk.

th 3 Dec

Looks like harassing the Knodishall village shop has moved to the garage on the road to Aldeburgh near Snape.

we 18 Nov

What looks like an unpleasant little vendetta in Knodishall.

sa 7 Nov

Sophia Roberts' monochrome piecesDespite pitch black and incessant rain it was all we could do to get through the door at Bawdsey Village Hall last night it was so crowded for the private view of photographs, paintings, prints, digital art and ceramics to benefit St Mary's, Bawdsey.  The show is open to the public today until 4pm and perhaps like us you too will be fooled by Sophia Rogers' monochrome pieces.

we 4 Nov

Oh dear, the Knodishall shop was burgled Monday night.

we 28 Oct

The Knodishall Butcher's Arms is for sale and why is some of the same stuff more expensive in the Aldeburgh Solar than the Framlingham one?  Is it because they're posher in Aldeburgh?  Well that'll teach 'em.

th 15 Oct

In the new poly tunnel at Coldfair Green School

Where the Sandlings garden will beDown Judith Avenue in Knodishall is a whole world we didn't know about including Coldfair Green School.  With help from parents and agencies like Eastfeast the two existing raised beds at the back of the school have been lowered (they were too high for the children) and the timber used in the new poly tunnel.  The tunnel will enable the school to produce a wider range of vegetables to eat.  At the front of the school what was a brambles jungle is becoming a Sandlings garden to provide a home for local endangered plants.  Great stuff!

mo 28 Sep

Suffolk Constabulary want you to have your sayThe Constabulary want you to have your say, for near the coasters at the Orwell High School, Felixstowe ... that's convenient isn't it?

sa 29 Aug

hornets - pic by the GamekeeperGamekeeper has been having some interesting experiences with hornets including a four foot cube nest.

fr 17 Jul

So far at Latitude one arrest for theft, one drink/drive and three vehicle seizures for no insurance.

th 2 Jul

A 22 year old man of no fixed address has been charged with Tuesday's A12 robbery.

3:15pm   A fourth person has been arrested.

we 1 Jul

Police have arrested a third person in connection with yesterday's A12 robbery   and more disorder on Dunwich Heath.

NHS Suffolk have issued tips on keeping healthy during this heat.

tu 30 Jun

Early this morning a woman driver on the A12   was waved down and robbed by four youths.

5:10pm    Two males have been arrested.

th 11 Jun

Sir Michael LordIf local mp Sir Michael Lord becomes the next speaker then much of near the coast won't have much choice at the following election because by convention the major opposition parties do not contest the speaker's seat ... mind you as deputy speaker he doesn't vote now anyway.

fr 4 Jun

Yesterday's European elections certainly brought out the nutters (AnimalsYesterday's ballot papers Count?  We've yet to meet one that could reach double figures), indeed the ballot paper could have easily been confused with a tabloid newspaper.  In the traditional slow Suffolk manner we're still waiting for the results.

11:45am  Results starting to come in

12:55pm  District bye election result

01:05pm  Beginning to look pretty bad for Labour, an indy got in here

01:15pm  Turnout across the county looks like upper 30s%

01:50pm  Good news for trees, a Green in at Upper Gipping

02:05pm  Lib Dem Caroline Page takes Woodbridge from Tories

02:10pm  Finally, in Ipswich a Labour win

02:11pm  49% turnout in Woodbridge for Caroline Page's win

02:16pm  Conservative Patricia O'Brien returned for Martlesham

02:40pm  2nd Lab win, in Ipswich again but squeaky close (13 votes).  Still waiting for the east and south of the county

02:47pm  Michael Bond (Con) in at Wickham.  He's a district and parish councillor too, what a busy chap

02:50pm  Bored now

02:52pm  European election results not until Sunday night

02:57pm  A Green came second in Bungay and Halesworth

03:07pm  Looks like East Suffolk doesn't want anyone looking at them funny so they've voted Tory too

03:31pm  Ah well that's it.  All of near the coast is dark blue apart from the single orange hold out of Woodbridge, going to butcher a hub now.

fr 15 May


It's always a pleasure to watch dancers up close and ... more at not near the coast.

th 30 Apr

Ed the GreekEd_the_Greek rang NHS Direct about this swine flu, it was a terrible line all he got was crackling.

we 29 Apr

According to NHS Suffolk the UK is among the most prepared countries in the world to deal with swine flu ... doesn't sound very British ... being prepared.  Apparently Gloucester Old Spots live in terror of catching man flu.

Perhaps for the very good reason it's no longer two tone horns emergency speak now calls it the full disco not blues and twos.

tu 28 Apr

The Co-op won't take a cheque any more?!

th 16 Apr

Clement Freud   1924-2009Lugubrious sort of East Anglian Sir Clement Freud has died aged 84.  He was a liaison officer at the Nuremberg war crime trials after WWII and was deeply concerned that new crimes were being created on the hoof ... so no change there then.

we 15 Apr

hot near the coast What's hot near the coast?  Pirate names ... Gahr!

su 12 Apr

Paris-RoubaixLive Paris-Roubaix ici ... lots of splits in the bunch ... motorbike has just hit spectator(s?) ... five away, 50k to go ...

Remember the supermarkets are closed today. Easter Sunday

th 9 Apr

A government minister with an impossible name visited the coast of near the coast this week and then went away again.

tu 7 Apr

near the coast on TwitterThis Twitter lark is really infecting near the coast, Southwold Police now tweeting.

tu 24 Mar

one we've seen  another one we've seen  and yet another we've seen

Including us eight people so far have shown us theirs and Gamekeeper has described his.

even more  in Benhall  another one

sa 7 Mar

Detective Inspector Terry Jones and Sgt John Shuttleworth Here's an unhappy thought, you're a child or young person who has to be taken in to care in a hurry.  What do you have?  What do you own?  Probably just the clothes you're wearing so Project Linus UK through the Suffolk Police Victim Care Centres gives you a quilt.  What a brilliant idea!  It seems no accident that Americans call a quilt a comforter.

fr 20 Feb

The Pettistree GreyhoundThat didn't take long, the Pettistree Greyhound is up for sale.

th 5 Feb

Terry Byford when she was still a Chief InspectorTerry Byford is the new police superintendent for the Coastal Suffolk and Waveney districts.  Infuriatingly this is the only pic we have of her; ah well, maintains the mystery.

we 21 Jan

Personally we think that dog walkers who don't clean up after need to be culled, slightly more moderate views on the board.

we 7 Jan

Good God!  It was minus 6 early yesterday morning.

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