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near the coast in 2008

we 31 Dec

Fess Parker as Davy CrockettWe've just seen a lady near the coast wearing jodhpurs and a Davy Crockett hat.  We had a Davy Crockett hat back when these things mattered to us.  It was different from all the other kids' because they got theirs on Roman Road market and Aunt Con had got our two hats wholesale at the Houndsditch.  Two hats because we suffered the fate of all oldest children and the baby sister had to have one too ... bitter?  Nous??  The cheap shapeless lump of synthetic fur had a tail on it rather like that of a docked cocker spaniel and infuriatingly no matter how you pulled and tugged you couldn't get it to rest in front of your shoulder like Fess Parker's.  Now remind us, what did he do afterwards?

sa 20 Dec

On the Wilford Peninsular you know the year end is approaching when the east wind is so strong that the seagulls have to walk to work.

th 18 Dec

Which one's the Chief Constable?

Which one's the Chief Constable?  No, really, which one's Suffolk's Chief Constable?

fr 14 Nov

English CompassThe English as a foreign language book with our pic of local Special Graham Durrant has arrived and yes that is Elizabeth Pargeter née Archer on the teacher's CD.

fr 17 Oct

Numero uno! ~ photo by Man in the Hat

th 11 Sep

The Bridge Street CafeThe bulletin board is back and so is the Framlingham cafe formerly known as Jackie's, sensibly renamed the Bridge Street Cafe.

th 24 Jul

Pettistree Greyhound last week  des' dinners 68

The new Garden at the Pettistree GreyhoundThe Greyhound has been through some landlords, we recall the greengrocer from Witham, Ronnie Frost making an excellent job of making it over for Mike Hearn and then it was Sara's mum for a bit.  It has been shut quite a while but we're certain the new landlords will make a success of it, a very personable couple originally very local (Tunstall and Campsea Ashe) and they serve Earl Soham beer.  The large shed/barn has gone to make a garden and the pub was sufficiently busy we couldn't get in the newly shingled car park when we arrived.  Lunchers were Goddess, NaTCH and Nick with AfAR from The Brewer (brewing).  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

su 13 Jul

That John Western watercolour in Knodishall is back on ebaY this time with a starting price f £400.

fr 30 May

Flowering salsify before it went all floppyThis is what you get if you let last year's salsify (it's a skinny white cross between  a carrot and a parsnip) bolt in this year.  When Chairperson saw it she said "It's like something from the Chelsea show" but in all this rain it's had an attack of the vapours and flopped all over the lawn.

tu 15 Apr

April and the gritter lorry was out last night!

tu 25 Mar

John Western watercolourA John Western watercolour living in Knodishall and depicting sail boats at Slaughden Quay, Aldeburgh is for sale on ebaY with a starting price of £800.

we 27 Feb

So far on the board three people have said last night's earthquake woke them up.

su 24 Feb

One of the Green's policies is Rights of individuals to have detailed knowledge of their condition and the range of treatments available, both conventional and alternativeSo good news for aromatherapists then ... in fact anyone who drives out devils.

fr 15 Feb

Stealing fishing stuff from sheds seems very popular at the mo, this time it's Knodishall.

we 16 Jan

Carlton Poachers Pocket  des' dinners 65

The Carlton Poachers PocketIf, as we did yesterday in that filthy weather, you approach the Carlton Poacher's Pocket from Rendham (the White Horse was closed as we passed) Carlton might seem in the middle of nowhere but in fact it's just outside Saxmundham.  The pub was encouragingly busy, good condition Adnams and Ruddles on offer, jolly landlord and what seemed a trifle expensive menu but then what do we know?  Conversation between NaTCH, Nick and John B included John's new floor that he can't use yet, how popular the Blaxhall Ship is now that bloody minded Dutchman has gone and the first money to come out of Our Town in Sound is fifty quid for the First Responders.  AfARs from Spadge and The Brewer (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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