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near the coast in 2008-00

we 31 Dec

Fess Parker as Davy CrockettWe've just seen a lady near the coast wearing jodhpurs and a Davy Crockett hat.  We had a Davy Crockett hat back when these things mattered to us.  It was different from all the other kids' because they got theirs on Roman Road market and Aunt Con had got our two hats wholesale at the Houndsditch.  Two hats because we suffered the fate of all oldest children and the baby sister had to have one too ... bitter?  Nous??  The cheap shapeless lump of synthetic fur had a tail on it rather like that of a docked cocker spaniel and infuriatingly no matter how you pulled and tugged you couldn't get it to rest in front of your shoulder like Fess Parker's.  Now remind us, what did he do afterwards?

sa 20 Dec

On the Wilford Peninsular you know the year end is approaching when the east wind is so strong that the seagulls have to walk to work.

th 18 Dec

Which one's the Chief Constable?

Which one's the Chief Constable?  No, really, which one's Suffolk's Chief Constable?

fr 17 Oct

Numero uno! ~ photo by Man in the Hat

th 24 Jul

Pettistree Greyhound last week  des' dinners 68

The new Garden at the Pettistree GreyhoundThe Greyhound has been through some landlords, we recall the greengrocer from Witham, Ronnie Frost making an excellent job of making it over for Mike Hearn and then it was Sara's mum for a bit.  It has been shut quite a while but we're certain the new landlords will make a success of it, a very personable couple originally very local (Tunstall and Campsea Ashe) and they serve Earl Soham beer.  The large shed/barn has gone to make a garden and the pub was sufficiently busy we couldn't get in the newly shingled car park when we arrived.  Lunchers were Goddess, NaTCH and Nick with AfAR from The Brewer (brewing).  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

su 13 Jul

That John Western watercolour in Knodishall is back on ebaY this time with a starting price f £400.

fr 30 May

Flowering salsify before it went all floppyThis is what you get if you let last year's salsify (it's a skinny white cross between  a carrot and a parsnip) bolt in this year.  When Chairperson saw it she said "It's like something from the Chelsea show" but in all this rain it's had an attack of the vapours and flopped all over the lawn.

tu 15 Apr

April and the gritter lorry was out last night!

tu 25 Mar

John Western watercolourA John Western watercolour living in Knodishall and depicting sail boats at Slaughden Quay, Aldeburgh is for sale on ebaY with a starting price of £800.

we 27 Feb

So far on the board three people have said last night's earthquake woke them up.

su 24 Feb

One of the Green's policies is Rights of individuals to have detailed knowledge of their condition and the range of treatments available, both conventional and alternativeSo good news for aromatherapists then ... in fact anyone who drives out devils.

fr 15 Feb

Stealing fishing stuff from sheds seems very popular at the mo, this time it's Knodishall.

we 16 Jan

Carlton Poachers Pocket  des' dinners 65

The Carlton Poachers PocketIf, as we did yesterday in that filthy weather, you approach the Carlton Poacher's Pocket from Rendham (the White Horse was closed as we passed) Carlton might seem in the middle of nowhere but in fact it's just outside Saxmundham.  The pub was encouragingly busy, good condition Adnams and Ruddles on offer, jolly landlord and what seemed a trifle expensive menu but then what do we know?  Conversation between NaTCH, Nick and John B included John's new floor that he can't use yet, how popular the Blaxhall Ship is now that bloody minded Dutchman has gone and the first money to come out of Our Town in Sound is fifty quid for the First Responders.  AfARs from Spadge and The Brewer (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

th 20 Dec

4:15pm  At most you've got just a couple of hours to post those first class stamped cards if they are to arrive in time for Christmas.

th 29 Nov

Triple prize winning 1930 SunbeamIt was the first anniversary of David Berry's death last week.  It's some slight consolation that the 1930 Sunbeam model 9 Sports 500 that he restored  (with some finishing off after David's death by Bryan Smith) won First in class, Best British and Best in Show at the Copdock Bike Show.

su 11 Nov
Remembrance Day

The Guardian magazine todayNow the media has discovered Ruth Watson she just doesn't know how to keep her gob shut; eg The Hotel Inspector was about Butley Priory recently.  We don't want everyone to know about near the coast Ruth!

we 10 Oct

Friendly this Sunday between the newly formed Aldeburgh Boules Club and the highly successful Stowmarket team Meadlands, and apparently Hachfest raised over £7,000 for charity.

we 3 Oct

A serious but non-fatal accident on the Parham Road

Car users are 3 times more likely to die on a country road than an urban one.

th 19 Jul

Huntingfield Arms  des' dinners 62

Huntingfield is a charming village and though a bit remote there was a healthy lot of patrons in the pub, perhaps because of the Tuesday lunchtime special of all main courses £4.50  Arthur the enormous mastiff dog had taken exception to Dudley for some reason though this only manifested as some growling (which shook the floor) and walking out of the room in protest.  NaTCH and John B enjoyed on song Adnams though for Adnams with a surprisingly tall head.  NaTCH got a massive chicken casserole whilst John had something Italian not as massive with chips and salad.  Conversation included how John had emphasised in the Halesworth builder's yard that it had to be cut 32 exactly so it was cut 31.5  Afar from Richard V.  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

tu 13 Feb

Gamey is on BBC Radio Suffolk tomorrow week.  His pic of a hornet's nest in Waldringfield Heath won the British Pest Control Association photographic competition ... but he's still waiting for the prize.

fr 2 Feb

All the paintings in public ownership in SuffolkThe bulletin board will go all funny 3-4pm tomorrow whilst Fish upgrades the software and for the first time all the oil paintings in public ownership in Suffolk have been catalogued.

tu 19 Sep

Otley White Hart  des' dinners 57

NaTCH observed to Goddess Steph as he got out of the car that the last time he visited the White Hart the interior was rather naff 1970s but Phew! what a makeover of

The stylish madeover Otley White Hart bar

the re-opened in April pub's interior.  Very stylish.  Original menu with a certain amount of theatre in serving ("Shall I introduce the cheeses?") and the cheese with cumin seeds was brilliant, a black doggie with dread locks wandering about and it transpired the barman had briefly worked for The Brewer when ESB had the Tram Shed in Cambridge.  Adnams and unfortunately somewhat over chilled ESB Vic.  The Brewer asked for the cellar keys as he was delivering and conversation included the regrettable news that David is leaving ESB to become an aerial rigger for Matt Bayfield.  (last visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

tu 21 Feb

Crowfield Rose  des' dinners 54

Matt, The Brewer, Goddess Steph and NaTCH travelled in Matt's South African Landrover to the CrowfieldMatt's Landy outside the Crowfield Rose Rose knowing they wouldn't get lunch as the new landlord's wife was having the car serviced in Worthing(!?).  The Rose is on the outskirts of the village, has spacious rooms and a three acre field at the back, so you can see why the Suffolk Landy club use it for their meetings.  Vic, Woodforde's Wherry and Skinner's (a Cornish brewery) Best were all served in good condition.  Conversation included Matt's traditional use of the phrase a bit light in the loafersAfARs from David, Rob (in Lowestoft) and John Bawtree (flu).  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

tu 8 Jun

Otley White Hart  des' dinners 44

Not a lot of conversation.  AfAR from Spadge.  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

tu 10 Feb

Pettistree Three Tuns  des' dinners 42

Spadge introduced Harold Pinter as a topic ofThe Three Tuns Entrance conversation and NaTCH got him thoroughly mixed up with Arnold Wesker and Samuel Beckett.  Goddess Steph told us that a past barmaid at the Tunstall Green Man lived at the back in a caravan with a lesbian ... because there wasn't an Aga.  Matt not in a Hat had a pudding.  AfARs from Rob (working), and Richard V who now has a web site.  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

tu 9 Dec

Pettistree Three Tuns/Earl Soham Victoria  des' dinners 41

Well it had to happen.  For the first time in three and half ... more at Earl Soham

we 12 Dec

Swilland Moon and Mushroom  des' dinners 21

NaTCH arrived a little early to find every table occupied, primarily by groups of women.  At quarter past one most of the pub left making it possible to eat 'Christmas Casserole' with rather underdone roast potatoes.  Buffy's Terrier was much enjoyed (rather dry - if you can say that about a beer) but the coriander flavoured Umble didn't seem as full as last year.  Conversation was limited.  AfAR from Spadge (sending cars to Santa).  (last visit ↓  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

we 9 May

The Marlesford BellMarlesford Bell  des' dinners 14

The pub has changed hands since our last visit.  Bridget, our first lady luncher, wasn't feeling too well so charmingly the new landlord entertained her with conjuring tricks!  The bar has been decorated with various military memorabilia and a barn at the rear turned into a museum.  Adnams, Greene King IPA, and Bridget's presence gave us the courage to sing "Happy Birthday" to new chum Las.  Very pleasant.  AfAR from Andy (too busy),  John FH (not feeling well), and Station Tone sent a discussion document for the next lunch.  (last visit ↓  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

we 13 Dec

Swilland Moon and Mushroom  des' dinners 9

As NaTCH drove though Earl Soham on the way to Swilland they saw John B driving inThe Swilland Moon and Mushroom the opposite direction and Hugh strolling to the post office.  Not a good start!  In the event attendees were Malcolm, first timer Hugh, Spadge in a Ginetta looking remarkably like a MR2 (the Ginetta not Spadge), and NaTCH.  The Woodford Wherry was excellent, Malcolm drank a coriander flavoured beer called Umble and the food was very pleasant.  Conversation included "Why did the Americans go into Kuwait?".  Because Sadam Hussein had Malcolm's piano apparently and what's more he still hasn't returned it.  AfARs received from Andy and John FH (pressure of business), and John B (unwell child).  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

we 10 May

Marlesford Bell  des' dinners 2

Attendees NaTCH, Andy and John B (who arrive 20 minutes late saying I was in Beccles 50 minutes ago) were rather swamped by a coach load of senior citizens who had arrived a few minutes earlier.  John's prawn salad was spectacularly generous.  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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