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tu 6 Dec

Police advice on leaving your car unattended after Carlton and Westleton have 14 vehicle break ins at the end of last month.

sa 19 Nov

Henley is the other side of Ashbocking a few miles north of Ipswich.  Tonight the Fat Band supported by duo Honey and the Bear (containing local ukulele goddess Lucy Sampson) are playing the community centre ... cash bar and light supper.

we 16 Nov

Christmas Carol being rehearsed in FressingfieldAround near the coast theatre companies are putting their Christmas shows together.  InBloody Christmas ... eh? Fressingfield Sunday Roughcast Theatre were rehearsing a Christmas Carol with an impressive Marley's ghost and a live choir.  The show goes on the road next month with visits to Huntingfield, Stowmarket, Hoxne, Southwold and Wingfield.

sa 29 Oct

Halloween party tonight at the Hoxne Swan.

th 27 Oct

Butley Mills open studiosOpen studios at Butley Mills this weekend which will no doubt include sculptor Craig Hudson.

su 9 Oct

 SOLD  In Grundisburgh a Saab 93 2.0t Vector Sport ... sounds tasty.

th 29 Sep

We've only been to the Bealings once but they are absolutely charming and Saturday there's an extra reason to visit as a Healing, Psychic and Craft Fayre is being held in the village hall.

fr 23 Sep

Sunday the Debach Airfield Museum will be open for the last time this year.

su 4 Sep

Living art at Maui Waui ThebertonWe arrived at the Maui Waui festival Theberton yesterday along with the first significant rain for weeks which wasn't that disruptive but OTOH didn't help.  The living art show was part burlesque part catwalk and the combination of electro swing soundtrack, highly effective lighting and a enthusiastic audience made quite an event ... looking forward to next year.

sa 27 Aug

Free wedding open day at Butley Priory today 11am-3pm.and Free (the music not the beer) beer and music (sounds like a good combination) festival at the Hoxne Swan this bank holiday weekend. ♫

tu 23 Aug

Diversion in Victoria Mill Road FramlinghamDiversions seem quite the thing around near the coast at the mo'.  This one is in Victoria Mill Road Framlingham which is closed maybe a hundred yards from the junction with Station Road.

we 3 Aug

Surprisingly three recent house sales in Monk Soham.

fr 15 Jul

A woman died in a motorcycle accident yesterday evening in Walpole.

su 26 Jun

Witnesham End of a RainbowDriving through Witnesham last weekend we thought That PC repair shop has gone, well it was very isolated, looks like a private house now.  Passing today we saw it's End of a Rainbow, they've been there eighteen months but sadly (if appropriately) this weekend was their last.

mo 20 Jun

Police speed checking in Walpole and Yoxford today.

th 2 Jun

near the coast in 2014.

fr 27 May

Speed cameras today in Eye, Kenton, Melton and Woodbridge.

th 26 May

US air crew at Debach in 1944Sunday afternoon the Debach Airfield has an open day with military vehicles, 1940s music, the Eastern Angles and free admission to the museum and car parking.

we 18 May

Friends of East Suffolk Performing ArtsOver the past seven years FESPA have awarded more than £38,000 of bursaries to near the coast acting, dancing, music and stage management students.  If you are hoping to start a performing arts course this autumn make an application.

sa 23 Apr
St George's Day

Music Hall MomentsEntertainments around near the coast tonight include the second and last night Music Hall Moments (comedy, songs and sketches) in the Great Glemham village hall or the FRAmlingham residents have a St George's night of tuck and fun (including ♫ from the Broadside Boys) at Tommy Mills.

su 10 Apr

Bury Saints v Sussex ThunderDespite a pleasant morning here in near the coast we suspect that this year's Paris-Roubaix could be a muddy one.  Either way we won't be chasing it around the Internet because we'll be near Thetford snapping the Bury Saints v Sussex Thunder rematch that was such an outstanding semi-final last year ... it's free admission.

th 7 Apr

The near the coast April house sales review indicates that not surprisingly the start of the year has been slow.

sa 2 Apr

Mitch Benn and Neil Innes - pic contributed♫ Don't know what we make of musical parodist Mitch Benn, he's a permanent on Radio 4's The Now Show and seems to be a chum of near the coast's own gentle and brilliant parodist Neil Innes.  You can make your own mind up tomorrow when he closes the show at Ipswich's Jokers.

th 17 Mar

The constabulary warn about telephone scams involving council tax, one in which the caller claims to be from the district council.

fr 4 Mar

A male pony was found dead in a Hollesley field yesterday afternoon was thought to have been shot but a post mortem at the scene indicates the death is not suspicious.

tu 1 Mar
St David's Day

Spices in gherkin jarsLife Skills 9:  Supermarkets that have a world food section (the Norwich Hartford Bridge Tesco has Nigerian 6% Guinness!) may have those large cellophane bags of ground spices at a pro rata one fifth the price of Schwartz refills.  We decant them into large one time gherkin jars and even then the jars aren't big enough.  Couldn't see any large bags in the Martlesham Tesco today but not surprisingly the Hackney Tesco does stock them.

mo 29 Feb

Fram Con Club bar Saturday nightWe lost useful broadband Saturday morning (thank you BT) which was a pity as we wanted to tell you about wrestling that evening at the Stonham Barns and The Outlaws at the Framlingham Con Club.  Coming back from The Outlaws we passed The Railway at 10:50pm just as a nun ran past presumably not wanting to miss last orders ... honest, a nun ... a bloke but in a wimple and habit.

fr 26 Feb

Part of the Wyverstone ammunition stashThe thing about chairman of the parish council James Arnold's highly illegal 460+ firearms stash in Wyverstone (the other side of Stowmarket from near the coast) was the some 200,000 rounds of ammunition and other explosives.  Kept in close proximity and a single room if there had been an accident there would ... more here

sa 6 Feb

House sales busy in Woodbridge ... but then it's quite a big place for ntc.

mo 4 Jan

EA-CAT (pronounced 'ee'-cat) is the Eastern Community Assistance Team ... Same people, same commitment.

we 2 Dec

#bloodychristmas ... eh?Tomorrow 10am-6pm the Friday Street farm shop on the corner of the A12 and the A1094 for Aldeburgh is having a Christmas food tasting.

mo 30 Nov
St Andrew's day

On a Long Stratton corner opposite the Shell garage the smaller open all hours Co-op is now Funeral Services so on Sunday nights useful the Stradbroke Spar is open for travellers returning to near the coast.

we 25 Nov

Brundish Christmas Fair2pm Saturday afternoon it's the Brundish Christmas Fair in the village and there's an important  CHANGE OF VENUE  the candlelit advent carol service Sunday week has moved to St Ethelbert's Tannington because restoration in St Lawrence the Brundish church means the organ won't be available.

mo 9 Nov

Bury Saints tiny running back 27As most of the grass near the coast was sodden Saturday we expected Thetford rugby club to be the same but either the pitch is remarkably well drained or it's been drier in that there Norfolk.  Despite a 31-0 shut out on international visitors the Rotterdam Trojans the Trojans sportingly played a final post game rush where hosts the Bury Saints brought on a tiny running back who took it in for a TD.

On the B1117 between Heveningham and Walpole Tuesday afternoon a black Volkswagen failed to stop after a collision with a Vauxhall Corsa.

mo 26 Oct

Campsea Ashe farm machinery auctionWe thought it a little odd that the police were having a meet and greet at Clarke & Simpson's Campsea Ashe and definitely surprised by the packed car parks when we arrived.  The mobile police station and PCC Tim Passmore were there but the attraction was a farm machinery auction.  Very enjoyable, people in wellies poking at lumps of rotating metal whilst discussing it on the mobile and a Harwich farmer who told us of using a pole to force stacked bales off a sledge before sledges got a hinged tipper and then were made illegal.

sa 3 Oct

Tomorrow lunchtime is Bucklesham Plough Day ... we recognised the name but had to look it up, Bucklesham is just off the A12 near the junction with the A14.

mo 31 Aug

It's not near the coast, it's not even Suffolk but we just love the name, next weekend is the Strumpshaw Steam Weekend.

mo 17 Aug

It was a collision between a vintage tractor's trailer and a Golf that closed the A12 yesterday.

su 16 Aug

11:45am: A12 problems both ways just north of the A14.

mo 29 Jun

We might have to review our opinion that everything is happening near the coast this Saturday the fourth, the Saturday after the 11th is getting pretty busy.  Cretingham fete is on the 11th though we're not sure where.  In Stradbroke Stradisphere is back with loads of local bands.  Last year it was extremely well organised, let's hope this year they're rewarded with a better turnout.

fr 26 Jun

We're pretty sure another thing happening near the coast on 4 July is the Kenton church fete but we've lost the bloody bit of paper!

th 25 Jun

The Gentleman Plumber setting up last yearAnother thing happening near the coast on 4 July is the 2015 Dunwich Dynamo will be passing through.  The Gentleman Plumber's pop up café by the water tower on the Saxmundham Road will be serving home slow cooked pulled pork.

fr 15 May

Nothing to do with near the coast but a beautifully crafted involving nine minutes.

su 3 May
International Dawn Chorus Day

Difference of opinion between Dr Dan Poulter MP for much of near the coast and a Stradbroke councillor and a prospective Stradbroke councillor.

sa 2 May

We've been trying to crowbar this since February, with the catchy title Flaunt your Flowers you can help the St Elizabeth Hospice by opening your garden for half a day this summer.

tu 21 Apr

 JOB  Part time nanny urgently needed in Monewden.

sa 25 Apr

Last week a burglary, thefts and a car stolen in Friston, and thefts from cars in Benhall and Sternfield.

sa 28 Mar

English DemocratsLooks like the expected parties and all new faces (except for sitting MPs) in the constituencies Coastal and Central Suffolk this general election.  The only real bandit is Tony Holyoak standing as an English Democrat for Central Suffolk.  The English Democrats despite the name stand for Britishness apparently.

So far no SNP candidate but near the coast you never know ...

tu 24 Mar

Framlingham town councilThis coming May Stradbroke will have a contested parish council election, around near the coast most places probably won't bother ... don't know about Stackton Tressel.  Surprisingly applications to be a parish/town councillor have to be delivered to the district council by hand, in Stradders the parish clerk will deliver it for you.

su 22 Mar

Mobile Police StationThe cuts have meant that the mobile police station near the coast now only goes out every six weeks and even the station seems to have shrunk.  OTOH they are going out until the end of the year with the next set of visits starting in Campsea Ashe at the end of the month.

sa 14 Mar

Barn blaze in Hoxne (thanks Bunty).

we 11 Mar

Last night a woman died in hospital after a two car one driver collision in Friston.

mo 9 Mar

A handbag and a satnav stolen from two cars in Shottisham last week and a large amount of fishing kit stolen from an Alderton garage at the end of last month.

mo 23 Feb

The DAB (digital) radio network is to get 182 new transmitters with near the coast benefiting from new transmitters at Aldeburgh and Blythburgh.  Picking the bones out of a government document is an unsatisfying experience and we can't find a date for these two newbies beyond completion of all by 30 September 2016.

fr 30 Jan

 JOBS  An assistant manager wanted at the Framlingham Sue Ryder, the ad is saying it's too late to apply but the interview's not until 17 February ...  Deben Inns whose pubs include the Melton Coach and Horses and the Westerfield Swan are looking for bar, waiting and kitchen staff including chefs, send your cv to rachel@debeninns.co.uk

we 14 Jan

Deben RadioInternet community station Deben Radio ended broadcasting at the end of last year but listen again has remained up but today is its last day.

we 7 Jan

Dacre Peck♫ Once the new year is out of the way near the coast tends to go into lock down especially if the weather is miserable so pleasant to see the open mike behind the Framlingham Castle this Sunday is hosted by Peck and Ramsay (that's Peck of Vix and the Kicks she does the make the effort).

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