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th 27 de 12

Not Lester PiggotWe've established that Guess Who 26? is not Lester Piggot, French and an ex-sportsman, and it may be in a large town near Chelmsford but what a job op for a young snapper.

su 18 no 12

Unlike Thursday it's been lovely today in a large town near Chelmsford and it was mostly dark in Southend yesterday.

th 25 oc 12

London Fields  Broadway Market  Silesia Buildings

London Fields, Broadway Market and Silesia Buildings in October and a large town near Chelmsford.

th 30 au 12

The Paralympic flame in HackneyYesterday we went to Hackney town hall near Chelmsford for the Paralympic flame visit, no bunting but lots of security, barriers and not a lot else.  We walked the wrong way along the flame's route ... not a lot.  We stood by a useful looking traffic island ... more bloody Olympics!.

sa 11 au 12

This morning near Chelmsford Big Al collected his volunteer steward's uniform for the paralympics.  It was all Adidas and included two pairs of socks ...

we 18 jl 12

Lansdowne Road Hackney Police notice Lady KRJ at Malvern Road

tu 17 ap 12

A police car nearthcoastPC Evan Thatchpole is well regarded by the more senior nearthecoasters for his old style policing; mouthy teenagers get a clip round the ear.  This Sunday Evan is running the large town near Chelmsford marathon, you can sponsor him to help near the coast youth clubs buy hearing aids.

sa 17 mr 12St Patricks's Day

Rural Myth 37:  You can always tell people from a large town near Chelmsford because they're polite and like to help people.

tu 27 de 11

Martello Road  Near Hackney Town Hall  Lenthall Road

Christmas in a large town near Chelmsford

tu 9 au 11

Mini motos at Hog HillAt Hog Hill near Chelmsford last weekend new to us were the the small mini moto boards which because of their size are sufficiently difficult to ride that cameramen on longboards can keep up with the race.  Gratifyingly international again with Saturday's slalom won by Czech but resident in Germany snapper Robert Thiele.

su 15 jl 11St Swithin's Day

Just after midnight this morning we sat in the bus shelter by the Framlingham Station to see the first Dunwich Dynamo riders come through (the Dynamo is a loosely organised 115 mile overnight ride of 1,000++ cyclists from Hackney to Dunwich).  By 1am despite a surprisingly ... more Dunwich Dynamo

we 15 jn 11Our fourth birthday

Naomi GriggAt Hog Hill near Chelmsford last weekend a lot more longboard and slalom skateboarders than Jack PenmanGabor Kabacsin 2010.  A lot more overseas visitors, a lot more women boarders and with all this lotmoreness inevitably more crashes but nobody hurt, more pix on Facebook.

we 1 jn 11

Rural Myth 33:  You can always tell a townie, they're the ones who put their wheelie bins out Sunday night for collection on Thursday.

fr 29 ap 11

In central near Chelmsford Tuesday we saw a bloke on a mountain bike with two enormous and very stuffed bags hanging from the handlebars and no brakes at all, he slowed the bike by leaping off and running alongside.

mo 25 ap 11

Discovered this afternoon that walking on a canal towpath near Chelmsford on a sunny day is a full contact three way sport between the walkers, joggers and cyclists ... especially under the bridges.

fr 15 ap 11

Last weekend we got to stand in the track centre for the first time at Anarchy In The UK in a large town near Chelmsford and our word that bit closer the roller derby action is much faster ... made us quite dizzy.

we 2 mr 11

Police Dog Hogan Embarrassingly last night we got lost in past manor Clerkenwell near Chelmsford so missed Elizabeth Downton Abbey McGovern's set at the Maverick launch but Police Dog Hogan (it's a band not a person) had Big Al the VAL and us looking at each other in approval at their accurate but soulful at least five voice acapella singing and the Americana droleness of Shitty White Wine.  How did we miss them at last year's Maverick festival in Easton?  No matter, they're back this summer.

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