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we 18 mr 15

Hog Hill 23-24 MayNice to see there will be more Hog Hill's this year at Redbridge which is almost Essex but in fact still a large town.

we 7 ja 15

Klaudia Sokolowska has been found safe and well in Bethnal Green.

th 18 se 14

Marcus BrigstockeWe've noted before the Haverhill Arts Centre has become a try out zone for Himoff Thetellies so weren't stunned but a little surprised that nice Stephen Mr Cleverclogs Fry is playing there next month.  Then we read more carefully, it's a broadcast of him on stage in a large town ... a broadcast? <in Lady Bracknell voice>.

Marcus Brigstocke's Diss Corn Hall gig at the end of next month is halfway though a proper tour ... maybe it's because it's Norfolk.

we 17 se 14

Sunday morning's 5.5 mile time trial in a large town was the penultimate stage ofSupport car stopped on the inside the 2014 Tour of Britain.  At the end of Lower Thames Street there's enough of a rise that it was making the riders think.  British rider Nathan Edmundson's support car stopped on the inside so the mechanic could get out to recover whatSir Bradley Wiggins might have been his dropped mobile.  He'd only just got back into the car when following rider Manuele Boaro had to ride round the outside.  Overtaking the still stationary GB car the driver of Boaro's team car gesticulated and expostulated (it's like ejaculated but without the innuendo) in Italian.

Didn't recognise Mark Cavendish who looked a little porky and Sir Brad Wiggins' beard and national time trial champion's jersey confused us.

fr 20 mr 15
Spring Equinox

Stradbroke library and post office Before High Ongar in Essex was bypassed we used to pass the newsagents and sub-post office at seven in the morning.  Though they were open to get to the papers delivered they'd sell you papers, sweets and cigarettes but they couldn't conduct post office business until nine because it would be unfair competition for the main post office in Chipping Ongar.  So we were very impressed to find that not only is the Stradbroke library open on a Sunday but so is their post office counter.  But big organisations like the Royal Mail have a genetic need to cock it up and in Yoxford are insisting that the shop can only have a post office counter if it opens on a Sunday.

we 11 mr 15

The East of England co-op has withdrawn it's planning application for what was the garage in Stradbroke.

su 15 fe 15

Today we snapped in Stradbroke and Otley near Norwich but that can wait while we try and wrap up pleasing Mr Google.

we 18 fe 15

Kim Bannon at Radio StradbrokeHaving been distracted by Stradbroke's community run library and post office being open on a Sunday we made it to Radio Stradbroke in time for the last fifteen minutes of Kim Bannon's show.  This Sunday 10am-1pm it's Richard and Huggy with another punk show.

mo 26 ja 15
Australia Day

Life Skills 5:  If you find yourself in Long Stratton on a Sunday after 4pm the big Co-op is shut but the little one on the corner opposite the Shell/Lotus garage is open.  This knowledge is particularly valuable if you're travelling back to near the coast and haven't realised the new Spar in Stradbroke will be open.

sa 29 no 14

Now that's interesting, the Wikipedia Stradbroke page is currently semi-protected.

tu 18 no 14

Nearer Stradbroke than Dennington

Nearer Stradbroke than Dennington

sa 15 no 14

Stradbroke archive launchStradbroke launched it's village archive today with multiple computers in the Courthouse, cake, sausage rolls, a very decent cup of tea and much interest.  So far there are some 800 items of the 6,000 already digitised on  and browsing we discovered there was a workhouse in Hoxne?!

we 5 no 14Guy Fawkes 1570-1606

The Spar shop in Stradbroke re-opened todayDennington water splash after closing in September last year.  It was open at lunch time, had a good handful of well turned out staff and inside has been majorly made over but we can't show you because a man in a suit decided it was Spar policy not to allow photography.  We can't show you the post office in the library either because that's closed all day Wednesday ... but the water splash near Dennington was fun.

mo 15 se 14

Hackney carnivalWe now understand why Lady KRJ was bemused by the Aldeburgh carnival, the Hackney carnival in a large town yesterday was a bit overwhelming, no WI, boy scouts or volunteer firemen plus why do they need special policemen just for dancing?

tu 19 au 14

Aldeburgh carnival paradeAs best we could make out peering over people's heads (security had apologetically moved us on from the ramp up to the Coop Daily) yesterday's Aldeburgh carnival parade had a samba/Brazilian theme.  We thought it pretty impressive but our visiting guest from the east of a large town wanted to know where all the black people ... more here

tu 29 jl 14

No scrap valueWe all know how councils like signs, in Hackney (it's in the east of a large town near Chelmsford) they put signs on signs ... we'll see how long it takes to reach the Wickden Triangle.

su 6 jl 14

Twister in NorwichAs we know East Anglia tends to be more laid back than say a large town near Chelmsford though these days even the Wickham Market co-op car park can get a bit frantic.  At April's Eastern Sur5val roller derby in Norwich the teams found time to play Twister.

we 9 jl 14

Unofficial bride near ChelmsfordTeaching chef Joe Grollman was the bridegroom at the officially unofficial wedding near Chelmsford last month.  You can hear him around 19:30mins on Radio 4's Food Programme.

we 25 jn 14

Rural Myth 56:  You can always tell people from a large town near Chelmsford because they lock the house up when they're in the garden.

we 4 jn 14

Dog walker and rainbowOne of the nice things about a large town near Chelmsford is you can walk somewhere without a dog and not have every passing driver stare at you ... mind you from Sunday 6 July the buses won't accept cash, Oyster and contactless cards only.

tu 3 jn 14

A pretty and happy unofficial bride near Chelmsford ... Unofficial bride near Chelmsford

fr 16 my 14

Skateboard slalom in a large town near ChelmsfordWe're a sucker for a posh frock and this one could be in Framlingham next month, while we're in the market town famed for its flagging try Framlingham on Flickr and absolutely nothing to do with Framlingham longboarding and skateboard slalom in a large town near Chelmsford.

tu 15 ap 14

It has to be said that in the Halesworth Cut Friday night the Hackney Colliery Band were LOUD but at least half of the full house had seen them at last year's High Tide

Hackney Colliery Band at the Halesworth Cut

festival so knew what they were getting and had come back for more.  Hard to categorise the band, they are thunderously driving, band leader Steve Pretty hot on the witty verbals and stage business, and snare drummer Luke Christie's expressive enthusiasm endearing and visually rewarding.  Last day of the festival this Saturday.

su 9 fe 14

Marc Evans is a Florence Trust artistLast weekend we visited the Florence Trust winter open studios in north near Chelmsford.  The (unheated) studios are hidden away on the private estate Aberdeen Park in what was St Saviour's church, completed in 1866 and still spectacularly and highly decorated inside with painted stonework.  For thirty five quid you can become a friend of the trust and get a guided tour.

mo 6 ja 14

Just in case you don't get the not particularly good joke in the latest Paul Whitehouse ad the couple are Lord and Lady Brassisck, Brassick is (allegedly) how the east large town near Chelmsford community pronounce boracic which is rhyming slang ... boracic lint? ... skint?

th 19 de 13

Any East Anglian interested in roller derby would have been heartened by a massive turnout for coaching by Croydon's Rolling Thunder at Suffolk Roller ... more on roller derby

mo 9 de 13

Malvern Road   Middleton Road   Mentmore Terrace

... in a large town near Chelmsford

su 10 no 13

We've merged albums Remember Dismember and the first WFTDA sanctioned bouts outside North America Anarchy in the UK to make Roller Derby 2011.

fr 18 oc 13

♫ Followed two black male police support officers into the Kingsland shopping centre in a large town near Chelmsford, much fist bumping, hailing and greeting, a bit like the scene in Saturday Night Fever where Tony, his chums and his older brother the priest enter the disco ... #Hackney eh?

we 16 oc 13

Squirrels in a large town near Chelmsford  Squirrels in a large town near Chelmsford  Squirrels in a large town near Chelmsford  Squirrels in a large town near Chelmsford

They are just as irritating in a large town near Chelmsford.

mo 14 oc 13

♫ The Halesworth Arts Festival started Saturday and runs until Sunday 27th when The Horne Sectionit closes with Swinging at the Cotton Club at £19.50 a ticket.  Alex Horne and the Horne Section (we rather like their diffident slightly cack handed wit on Radio 4 ... not so sure about the beard though, they're everywhere in a large town near Chelmsford) this Wednesday at a slightly cheaper £17.50

th 8 au 13

At the top of the Olympic Park's 12ft boundary fence with Eastway near Chelmsford the razor wire and surveillance cameras have gone making the park look a bit less like a prison ... mind you there's still major excavation happening.

th 1 au 13

The Black Barn in Station Road Framlingham is starting to come down Framlingham soapboxing 2009(rumour has it the bricks Suffolk reds are already sold ... well they're red on five sides) and a prospective driver for September's soap box racing at the college was asking last night will the course have bends?  The rules strongly imply it will and we suspect the course will be influenced by the Red Bull soap boxing in that there large town near Chelmsford.

tu 23 jl 13

Harry Innit PhelpsThe weekend after next it's the 25th Southwold model railway exhibition with some twenty layouts in gauges Z to 1 plus live steam train and traction engine rides ... a perfect boys' day out ... except it's also the European skateboard slalom championships in a large town near Chelmsford ... mmm ...

mo 1 jl 13

K C Mckanzie at Paper Dress Vintage♫ Friday night around Silicon Roundabout in a large town near Chelmsford was an education for us, the pavements, bars and pubs heaving with TGIF ... and we got to understand how the shop Paper Dress Vintage becomes a venue.  The stock is crammed in to a back room, the counter is already pretty much a bar and the shop window becomes the stage for the bands attracting the attention of passers by for free entry.  It was a great pleasure to see K C Mckanzie again this time with her stand up bass player Boody and we enjoyed the singing and guitar style of the seemingly unknown first act on.

tu 11 jn 13

Love your co-opArriving back near the coast yesterday we did our shopping in the Wickham Market co-op ... it was so calm and unhurried compared with the Hackney Tescos near Chelmsford ... ahhhh (we thought) nice to be back ... on the back road to Easton we dodged two hatchbacked mums with hectic lifestyles and a flying post van ... Suffolk eh? (we thought).

tu 21 my 13

Despite rain being forecast we actually got a little sunburnt snapping Sunday on the outskirts of a large town near Chelmsford.

mo 6 my 13

Broadway Market  HackneyThis appeared a little ways back at the end of Broadway Market in large town near Chelmsford.  It's painted over this observation about Hackney and the 2012 Olympics.

su 7 ap 13

London Fields CyclesThis is the second time we've noticed that the window display of London Fields Cycles in Hackney had been designed.  Does this reflect a new attitude to cycling since a pretty girl won some medals on the telly or is it just a large town near Chelmsford?

mo 25 mr 13

Kamikaze KittenWe've merged a handful of albums on our Facebook page to make London Roller Girls in 2010.

tu 22 ja 13

Soapboxer in 2009No soapbox racing in Framlingham this year (Fram town council the political wing of Framfare has claimed responsibility), anyone near the coast contemplating the Red Bull jobbie in a large town this March?

su 13 ja 13

London Fields Hackney  Martello Street  London Lane Hackney  East Passage near Smithfield

Views of Hackney in a large town near Chelmsford and East Passage off Cloth Court where poet laureate the late John Betjeman lived in a flat over a restaurant.

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