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London in 2010


mo 27 Dec

Victoria Park

sa 14 Aug

Some of the M25 between the A12 and M11 junctions now has four lanes but the road surface is a bit patchwork.

fr 13 Aug
Friday the 13th

The British Open Slalom Championship last weekend near Chelmsford was a Finals of the British Open Slalom Championship knock out competition with the skateboarders going in pairs.  The riders go about their sport in the same laid back manner as the longboarders, riders walking back up the hill after their grand slalom run cone marshalling the rider coming down.  Opportunities for grand slalom in the UK must be few and some riders had improvised using duct tape to pull t-shirts snugger for better aerodynamics.

mo 9 Aug

It's not until you see the size of the bicycle transition area at the large town near Chelmsford triathlon that it sinks in how big the event is.  By late morning Sunday there were five tables dishing out race numbers but the supervisor told us that at one point over the weekend there were sixteen.

In the sunshine the ExCel centre didn't seem quite the industrial wilderness of our last visit but the parking is still expensive and bet some near the coast St Johns would like one of theseMore pix here.

fr 30 Jul

Dicky Birds ice cream trikeWhen we were a medium sized child in the east end of a large town near Chelmsford we did buy Dick Bird lollies (usually banana flavoured) from pedal powered trikes very like this motorised one outside Andy Tiernan's last weekend.  At 3pm on a summer's Sunday afternoon in Viccy Park the lollies were usually sufficiently melted to be on the point of falling apart and look at these prices.

fr 25 Jun

Three things we learnt last weekend:

1.   south bound on the A12 just before Hatfield Peverel where the B1389 joins there's now a bit of three lane making it much safer,

2.   in a large town near Chelmsford other flags are available, indeed outside the Bongo Bar Restaurant (I'm not kidding) in Tottenham men were draped in the Ghanaian national flag, and

3.   we can't work this out, is it gay friendly or protection against cougars?

th 17 Jun

Rural Myth 23:  All of that there large town near Chelmsford is under a glass roof ... or maybe it's just Liverpool Street station?

mo 7 Jun

Fox chewed crocsRecently in a large town near Chelmsford herwithabrainetc left her crocs outside her Hackney back door overnight as usual, in the morning one croc was in the middle of the garden with half the strap missing and teeth marks.  We've seen fox cubs in the garden and the cub on the right was chewing on a jar or bottle just like a puppy.

tu 1 Jun

Longboard crash developingYesterday's UK Longboard (going downhill very fast on a skateboard) Championships at Hog Hill, Hainault (on the outskirts of a large town near Chelmsford) was an ultimately laid back occasion (racers more or less sorted out between themselves in which order they'd finished each heat) with a tiny whiff of international (a Belgian racing and some foreign accents in the paddock).  It looks spectacular, has the excitement of the inevitable crashes and the riders are a friendly bunch.

su 21 Mar

London Brawl SaintsLondon Roller Girls lost 63-84 to Texas last night, even stevens all the way until some jammer penalties hurt LRG badly near the end.  Cracking roller derby as always but in the industrial wilderness that is the ExCel Centre and £10 to park!  Ah well that's a large town near Chelmsford for you ... lot's more pix on that there Facepack.

mo 25 Jan

At the Mass Photo Gathering in a large townMass Photo Gathering in Trafalgar Square near Chelmsford's Trafalgar Square Saturday two young woman asked us in broken English what was up.  We suggested they might snap to support PHNAT (PHotographer Not A Terrorist) but they looked ill at ease and embarrassed.  Seeing them snapping away later our thanks made them look ill at ease and embarrassed ... but pleased as well.

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