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Little Glemham

fr 21 Jun

Grand Brocante etc ...Sunday at Glemham Hall The Grand Brocante Antique & Vintage Fair (well that takes in everything except pool party and dry cleaners).  £3 admission but dogs on leads free.

th 10 Jun

Found with £5,000 of drugs and asleep in a stolen car blocking a Little Glemham driveway, you do wonder about some criminals ...

fr 24 Jan

11:00am-3:00pm this Sunday at Glemham Hall Little Glemham a wedding open day.

we 15 Aug

♫ The evening begins with drinks and canapés on the Glemham Hall terrace, before an intimate concert in the drawing room, for just 80 guests.  A few tickets left for tonight's East Anglian Academy benefit concert.

we 13 Jun

Folk East 17th-19th August 2018The three day festival FolkEast upcoming this August at Glemham Hall has satellite (rip Mindy Jostyn) concerts throughout the year.  Tomorrow it's Matthew Crampton and Jeff Warner performing Human Cargo at the Halesworth Cut. ♫

fr 30 Mar

Untraditionally the Easter egg hunt at Glemham Hall Little Glemham is tomorrow and it's cheaper if you book in advance.

su 28 May

St Elizabeth HospiceAs part of the St Elizabeth Hospice's fundraising Great Garden Trail Glemham Hall is an open garden 11:00am-04:00pm today and in the afternoon a house tour by owner Major Philip Hope-Cobbold.

fr 21 Sep

Tuesday this week wedding rings were stolen in a Little Glemham house burglary.

tu 8 May

Early yesterday a stolen car was set alight in Little Glemham after being used to steal cigarettes in Wickham Market.

we 4 May

Laptops, jewellery and euros (again!) burgled last week in Little Glemham (that's the one on the A12).

mo 26 Jul

Rural Myth 26:  People in Little Glemham call the A12 the road to the sun.

th 2 Apr

A man has been arrested after a three car accident on the A12 at Little Glemham last week.

fr 6 Feb

A handbag, wallet, mobile and a purple fleece were some of the things stolen from two Peugeots in Great Glemham Sunday afternoon and the rabbits seem to be getting a bit cute (cute clever that is not cute dying their fur blonde and using makeup) in Little Glemham.

we 30 Apr

The fish bandits strike again, this time in Little Glemham ...

sa 16 Jun
grass track

A mud splattering start

C Drury competing in the IntersYes god must be a biker because as the Suffolk summer evening suddenly darkened with approaching black satanic clouds and a grass track full of people started zipping up their jackets ... the clouds suddenly parted and went either side of the field!

Love grass track, a real participant's sport with flying mud, now and then the whiff of Castrol R, quad bikes, sidecars, barring the occasional accident the races just keep on coming and as far as we could see a complete lack of pretension. Accident involving sidecar driver, suspected broken ankle.  Though we innocent onlookers may think it must be safer because grass is softer to fall on there are dangers associated with digging in.  This accident was a sidecar driver with a suspected broken ankle when his foot caught in the grass and turned under him ... and we still can't believe how young some of the competitors are.

Dads and tiny bikers Biker and dad returning to the paddock

tu 12 Oct

Little Glemham Lion  des' dinners 46The Glemham Lion

Good turn out with Spadge, Hugh, Malcolm fresh from a fraud investigation, NaTCH, Matt (we think hatless), The Brewer , Goddess Steph, and Max but he had to stay out in the car.  Good condition Adnams served but no ESB though Matt and The Brewer delivered whilst we were there.  For some reason conversation was predominantly smutty but I can report that when Matt suggested dipping into the recently pocketed brewery money The Brewer observed that if he did Carol would break his fingers in the morning.  (last visit ↓  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

we 9 Jan

Little Glemham Lion  des' dinners 22

Again the Mighty Spadgemobile whisked lunchers; this time Spadge and NaTCH to a new venue.  Little has changed at the Lion with the new landlords, though the aviaries and little furry things out the back have gone.  Woodforde's Wherry was enjoyed with pleasant enough food.  Spadge took the opportunity to catch up on his homework using NaTCH's Palm Pilot to write November's report and there was much conversation.  No AfARs but our sympathy to John B who went to the Great Glemham Crown.  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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