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fr 29 jn 2007 National Hot Rod Association Press Day at Foxhall Stadium

Close old racing ... and this is only practice

Start of race speed practiceAs we entered the stadium a fella with a clip board wanted to know if we were invited and though we weren't we still got a press badge and a free cup of coffee but no bit of paper explaining why we were all there.  We think the reason we were all there is the weekend 6th July is National Hot Rod World Finals ... but probably in the world sense like that rounders thingy in the US is a world series.  Either way this hot rod racing is like a mini NASCAR except the track isn't banked, though we were told there is one race during the

Now that's laid back

season at Rockingham, We've all been thereand the cars bear only very passing Last year's world champion Carl Broadleyresemblance to a production saloon.  At Foxhall the hot rod track is tarmac around the outside of the cinder speedway track and inevitably some of the cinders get on to the tarmac making things particularly interesting when, as with every outdoors activity this summer, there were sudden downpours.

This was only practice but you could see that the racing could be very close and there were other attractions that could spark a young man's interest in the sport.

Both ex-nuns apparently ...

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