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sa 14 Nov

Baka BeyondAs we drove to Ipswich last night the roads were covered with small bits of tree and not surprisingly the sails on the Saxtead mill were turning.  Equally not surprisingly Baka Beyond played compulsively engaging African music with the singers' dancing as intrinsic as the vocals and the drummer (a proper journalist would have got the players' names) using an exotic combination of western and African percussionPeppery said they'd like to return to the near the coast heartland but can't find a venue ... any ideas?

th 12 Nov

Despite the cutesy name we're confident Baka Beyond will supply the expected Peppery Prods good time tomorrow night in the Manor Ballroom, Ipswich.  (The Baka people live in the rain forests of Cameroon, Congo, Gabon and the Central African Republic, and we still miss you Peppery <sob> at Easton Farm Park.)

su 25 Oct

The Outlaws effect on ladies - pic by Mark Cook  Non-choral music making in Ipswich last night.

mo 19 Oct

Foxhall Rd, Ipswich yesterdayThis happened near the council dump in Foxhall Rd, Ipswich around 4pm yesterday afternoon, the 38 year old motorcyclist is in a serious but stable condition.

th 1 Oct

The Goldmaster AllstarsCan seriously recommend the Goldmaster Allstars back near the coast tomorrow night in Ipswich, alternatively there's a Suffolk Night at the Framlingham Crown with a ploughman's thrown in but it might be sold out?

fr 25 Sep

Ipswich Beer Festival celebrates DarwinCharlie Haylock entertains in Saxmundham tonight at Gardeners Question Time and its an oompah band on the penultimate evening of the 2009 Ipswich Beer Festival.

sa 12 Sep

guaranteed entertainment 

Does just what it says on the tin ... guaranteed entertainment

fr 10 Jul

Sunday's Summer MelaWoodbridge's free Music in the Park at the end of the month has been cancelled.  Sunday's Summer Mela in Ipswich's Christchurch Park is free AND hasn't been cancelled ... all that lovely Indian food!

fr 22 May

Hearing Dogs for Deaf PeopleOf course it's the Framlingham Gayla this bank holiday Monday but other stuff going on this weekend includes a coffee morning 10am tomorrow morning at Ashfield village hall in aid of hearing dogs and a ladies' Midnight Walk in Ipswich organised by the the St Elizabeth's Hospice.

su 5 Apr

Upcoming events at the Cliff Quay Brewery Tap in Ipswich include musician Roger Eno Easter Sunday for free, and intriguingly a five course dinner with a different beer served with each course.

we 25 Mar

Charity shops St Elizabeth Hospiceare getting pretty picky about what they'll take these days but until Saturday the St Elizabeth Hospice has an amnesty on odd, broken or scrap jewellery at their ten shops including Felixstowe, Ipswich, Leiston, Sax and Woodbridge.

su 22 Feb

A pedestrian hit by a car in Ipswich and it would seem maliciously.

we 11 Feb

The devil above the brewery tap doorThe Cliff Quay Brewery in Ipswich started its first brew last week and the first tasting yesterday, by the Earl Soham brewer from a dirty tea mug, was fine.

mo 5 Jan

Good news for ntc musos, strong rumours that the Ipswich Railway will re-open with the last landlords of the Ipswich Milestone (another muso pub) behind the bar and the Milestone is expected to re-open today with Roy Hunt previously of the Framlingham Crown and presently the Ipswich Station in charge.

sa 3 Jan

Bad news for ntc musos, Sandman reports that the Ipswich Railway has put up the boards.

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