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Ipswich 2008-01


sa 29 Nov

The Outlaws at the Ipswich Milestone

What a double bill in Ipswich last night!  The Outlaws were rocking a packed Milestone and Earl Soham Brewery's new venture The Brewery Tap at the Tolly Brewery did open and was serving a good selection of beers including, not surprisingly, Wychwood Hobgoblin.  (Until very recently landlord Jeremy Moss was head brewer at Wychwood.)

Brewers and customers at the Brewery Tap last night

sa 13 Sep

The Ipswich Fibromyalgia Support Group are have their first ever fundraising sale right now in Bramford Village Hall.

su 14 Sep

Our top ten all time best live gigs are: 1. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band at the Ram Jam, Brixton in the late 60s,  2. Ian Dury at the Cambridge Cornex shortly before he died, and  3. Hot Club of Cowtown in a tent at the back of the Laxfield Low House a few years back, before George died.  Hot Club are essentially western swing and we fell in love with Elena's silly, charming little voice; she never runs out of licks for that fiddle and Hank's no slouch either at laid back vocals or thoughtful plank spanking.  They're on at the Ipswich Manor Ballroom this Friday ... can't wait!

tu 10 Jun

With her daughter Frances Framlingham town councillor Gwen Gibbs completed Sunday's 5km Race for Life in Ipswich on crutches!

sa 12 Apr

To say BBC Radio Suffolk is hard to find is not an overstatement.  To say the recording area is tiny would be an overstatement, we've been in smaller demoThe Outlaws crammed in to BBC Radio Suffolk studios ... but not too many.  To add to the fun last night the floor was covered in cables and kit and the engineer was recording the session from an outside broadcast van in the garage.

Inevitably The Outlaws were not entirely at ease outside their natural environment (sweating and heaving pubs) but the bit of playback we heard (on a pair of LS3as, what a brilliant little speaker) ♫sounded fine♫ and as we left Dave the engineer maintained you do get biscuits at the BBC if your on Lesley's Sofa (didn't seem to be Simon or Nick's experience).

we 9 Apr

... and it was the drawing room door it lay inconveniently close to.

th 3 Apr

It came seventeen years ago – and to this day, it has shown no intention of going away ... starts tonight until Saturday at The Wolsey ... didn't it lie inconveniently close to the stairs?

mo 10 Mar

Police Direct tell us that the Orwell Bridge is closed, presumably because of the weather.

1:45pm  The bridge has been open again since shortly after midday but because of the wind could close again around three this afternoon.

sa 26 Jan
Australia Day

Hop on to your left foot then ...

As Lesley the Librarian left at the end of a great night she told Ogz the band's accordionist that Orkestra del Sol are brilliant.  She's not wrong, in fact when the Love you Miss Olga sell out 300 audience started doing the polka (most having just learnt the dance) we feared for the floor!  Without doubt Edinburgh band Orkestra del Sol know their musical chops, Marcus Britton on sousaphone never runs out of puff and occasionally sounds like an inevitably slightly less agile cross between Bernie Edwards and Willie Weeks, but with Calypso Collapso, the Clockwork Violinist and El Presidente the band have to be actors as well.  The only disappointment of the evening was when just 94% of the audience joined the conga line.  Discouraging because as signees of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol the UK is committed to 96.43% conga line outreach and engagement by August 2008 but then, maybe it doesn't apply to Scots, either way we loved Miss Olga's hat ... actually, we love Miss Olga. Love Miss Olga

th 22 Nov

Jimmy GrimesSt Mary's at the Quay looks pretty damn dramatic amidst the massive development of Ipswich docks.  It's equally dramatic inside for The Ebony Box where a minimalist cast make up for their numbers with a high energy performance that often looks spectacular from simple effects.  The show runs until Sunday and we do have to point out that Milly Jupp was playing a male character when she gave her nose some attention ... gender stereotyping we call it!

sa 14 Oct

Motorcycle Enduros are a very spectator Enduro rider in Tunstall Forest unfriendly sport as it takes place on tiny, winding forest paths but still impressive when a rider flashes by.  Our pic in the Ipswich Evening Star ... the sordid matter of coin was not mentioned of course.

fr 11 Feb

Ipswich Winter Beer Festival  des' dinners 48

Ipswich Winter Beer FestivalThe Brewer and NaTCH enjoyed Jolly Roger, were impressed by Somebody and Holbrook's Stowmarket Porter (recommended by the bar staff), NaTCH couldn't finish a brain numbing scrumpy, and neither got round to sampling the Jolabrugg.  Not much conversation we just sat there and listened to Nigel.  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

we 10 oc 01

Ipswich Steamboat Tavern  des' dinners 19

Ipswich Steamboat TavernThose present were Hugh who had to move all of 100 yards to get to the pub, and NaTCH who brought the rest of us from miles away - us being Dan and Malcolm.  Most conversation was inevitably geared towards the marketing prowess of Earl Soham Brewery following the recent success at the Ipswich Beer festival with Victoria Bitter.  It was a short lunch! The pub lacked any beer that was asked for, so most of us drank Tolly IPA which was not very interesting even after the second pint.  It was a good fry up though.  AfAR from Spadge (overwhelmed by work).  Dan with Malcolm  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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