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Halesworth 2016-11

th 17 Nov

Tina Bradshaw at the Halesworth CutTina Bradshaw eastern life coach starts by serving audience members from a teapot special tea that turns out to be white wine ... it goes on from there.  Last night in the Halesworth Cut she was predominantly comic parody but affectionate and endearing parody with a little actual counselling, or perhaps rather more a group of friends talking with one of their number who had opened up a little.  She is a complete one off, catch her if you can.

th 22 Sep
Autumnal Equinox

The first silent film we saw with piano accompaniment was the German monolith (it's a good idea to take sandwiches) Metropolis and the pianist put in two rather good musical jokes.  Tomorrow night's film at the Halesworth Cut is the Harold Lloyd comedy Safety Last so accompanist Tom Horton won't need to be funny in his own right.

fr 11 Mar

Roughcast Theatre start a tour tonight of the farce Charley's Aunt at the Seagull Theatre Lowestoft.  Upcoming venues include Halesworth, Wingfield and the Diss Corn Hall.

we 30 Dec

The Blacksmith Who Chased The MoonAt the Halesworth Cut last night in front of a good house The Blacksmith Who Chased The Moon is based on a story by 19th century Russian author Nikolai Gogol so not your usual panto then ... but lots of physical stuff from the male actors, some spectacular effects, lots of laughs My father is the Lord Mayor of Southwold ... we are not wealthy and despite the pic a family show.  Blacksmith continues at The Cut until Sunday 3rd January.

we 14 Oct

Dillie Keane - pic contributedThe 14th Halesworth arts festival started this week and continues until next month closing with the very excellent Northumbrian piper Kathryn Tickell.  As always lots of interesting stuff including Liverpool poet Brian Patten and ex-England cricket captain David Gower.  Annoyed we can't make this Saturday for Fascinating Aida founder member Dillie Keane who if you're lucky will render this amusing bit of doggerel.

fr 14 Aug

When Bridge Street Framlingham had a police station and Earl Soham had a shop opposite the green, a charming CF Dowsing wedding party, and a LNER organised Colchester-Woodbridge-Halesworth half day out.

su 21 Jun
Summer Solstice - the longest dayFather's Day - pic contributed by R Magritte

Halesworth phone boxLife Skills 6:  When did you last make a call from a pay phone box?  (Yes, they do still exist, this one's near Halesworth station.)  We think our last time was ten years ago in Epping High Street and we put a pound coin in to be safe, nowadays it's a bit more complicated.

The Tramps in the the Halesworth Cut last night has moved on since we last saw it in the Eye bank, it now includes a running joke about Ed Sheeran with his lovely red hair and his lovely blue eyes.

fr 10 Apr

Mark Olson at Maverick 2008♫ Mark Olson played the first Maverick Festival in Easton, if memory serves he played Saturday night in the barn.  Maverick present him again tonight at the Halesworth Cut.

fr 27 Mar

Halesworth Area Community Transport have received funding from the Department of Transport for a 16 seat coach with disabled access.  It will be available for hire to schools and community groups and can be driven on an ordinary Group B car license.

su 22 Mar

This afternoon at the Cut the last of the Halesworth Arts afternoon concerts.

th 22 Jan

The Halcyon Quartet♫ Starting next month the Halesworth Arts Festival is presenting four fortnightly Sunday lunchtime concerts at The Cut.  The series starts with the Aurora Trio and will also host string ensembles the Halcyon (pic on right) and Piatti quartets and the Atéa Wind Quintet who interestingly mix brass and woodwind.

su 18 Jan
Winnie the Pooh Day - AA Milne's birthday

Halesworth Station in 2010Halesworth railway station is to get a ticket machine and CCTV on the Lowestoft bound platform.  The station is just a few minutes from The Cut, venue for the HighTide festival.  This year the festival relocates to Aldeburgh ... thanks to Dr Beeching the Aldeburgh station closed in 1966 ...

tu 30 Dec

We saw the Common Ground Theatre Company last year in the Halesworth Cut.  Since then principal Julian Harries has been the pub quiz master in an episode of Detectorists.  The company's Christmas show The Tinder Box is out on the road around near the coast with tonight the last at St Mary's Hall, Walton near Felixstowe.

tu 2 Dec

Mascots embracing in HalesworthSaturday we went to Halesworth to see Daddy Christmas arrive but had time to visit Hippy Jo in her shop of two years now.  Daddy C arrived by the simple process of walking out of the library and then processing along the Thoroughfare led by the very excellent Southwold and Reydon Drum Corp which as well as festive lighting had some real tinys.  Before all that there was a great moment when the two mascots spotted each other and embraced.

sa 1 Nov

Today is the last day of the Halesworth scarecrow hunt.

fr 24 Oct

Georgie Fame at the Haleswort Arts Festival ♫ Despite the arts festival adding two front rows at the Halesworth Cut last night for Georgie Fame and sons it was still  SOLD OUT .  The festival continues tomorrow with drama A Day's Work and ends Sunday with the Syd Lawrence Orchestra.

tu 17 Jun

Halesworth early last week and telephone fraudsters bold enough to call on a house to collect bank and credit cards.

tu 15 Apr

It has to be said that in the Halesworth Cut Friday night the Hackney Colliery Band were LOUD but at least half of the full house had seen them at last year's High Tide

Hackney Colliery Band at the Halesworth Cut

festival so knew what they were getting and had come back for more.  Hard to categorise the band, they are thunderously driving, band leader Steve Pretty hot on the witty verbals and stage business, and snare drummer Luke Christie's expressive enthusiasm endearing and visually rewarding.  Last day of the festival this Saturday.

we 9 Apr

Juliet Stevenson at the 2012 High Tide festivalWhen we posted this pic of Juliet Stevenson at the 2012 High Tide festival in Halesworth on our Facebook page an Italian fan commented thought she was murdered in a Miss Marple.  This year's festival starts tomorrow and runs until Saturday 19th and we particularly fancy the Hackney Colliery Band this Friday and the conversation with actor Michael Gambon on the 19th.

th 13 Mar

Halesworth 2010 to 2007 has got its own page and encouragingly our Alexa ranking has gone under 300,000

su 9 Mar

There's an area bounded by Wickham Market, Debenham and Halesworth known near the coast as the Wickden Triangle within which either something in the water or incipient dementia prompts bizarre council behaviour such as this sign in the Stackton Tressel Crack Street car park.

su 29 Dec

This is Chrismasy, a Halesworth scout hut burnt to the ground on Christmas morning.

mo 14 Oct

♫ The Halesworth Arts Festival started Saturday and runs until Sunday 27th when The Horne Sectionit closes with Swinging at the Cotton Club at £19.50 a ticket.  Alex Horne and the Horne Section (we rather like their diffident slightly cack handed wit on Radio 4 ... not so sure about the beard though, they're everywhere in a large town near Chelmsford) this Wednesday at a slightly cheaper £17.50

sa 14 Sep

To make your catalytic convertor less attractive to thieves you can get it security coded for free 10am-2pm at Halesworth police station today.

su 9 Jun

Two brooches (perhaps lockets?) have been held at Halesworth cop shop since earlier in the year and the cops suspect of sentimental value as they contain photographs.

fr 17 May

Grand (is there any other kind?) Opening with bicycle fancy dress compy in Halesworth of the Millennium Green all weather track tomorrow.

su 30 Dec

The conceit of Where's Elvis? is rock stars (mostly from the 50/60s) who died before their time arrive in heaven and then feel the need to sing one of their hits (♫There areBuddy Holly three steps to heaven♫) accompanied by the multi instrument four piece house band with Roger Eno on keyboards including accordion.  Being Mouth to Mouth Theatre Otis Redding is white, Janis Joplin is black and Richie Valens is splendidyly Latino and looks a lot like Polly Gibbons.  We might have got all the rockers if the visual clues hadn't been projected onto the knicker blinds that make up the  set and notable that author Gordon Thorburn didn't just cross out Jimmy Savile and write in Kenny Everett.  Last night at the Halesworth Cut tonight and you might be able to get a ticket.

we 12 Dec

The Halesworth teen shelter damaged by an optimistic arsonist earlier this week.

we 17 Oct

The Halesworth Cut's Christmas musical this year is Where's Elvis ... they've just re-written the Jimmy Saville character as Kenny Everett and while we're on the subject it's the annual Child Safeguarding Conference in Kesgrave Friday.

fr 10 Aug

♫ Like we said before three decent bands topping at Halesworth's Gig in the Park this weekend and this may be the last year the three day show is held.

we 23 May

The Homersfield (it's near Diss) Black Swan yesterday was packed with chairmen, facilitators, co-ordinators, mayoral chains, at least one cleric and a slap up cream team to launch Seven Towns In Sound which includes Eye and Halesworth.  The downloadable audio walking guides have been produced by Nick Jenkins of Soundboard Productions who did a similar thing for Framlingham (and an impromptu skatepark opening) a couple of years back.

th 10 May

Laura Churchill at Bluebird VintageWhile we were getting in the way Saturday at Bluebird Vintage in Halesworth a browser said to his wife It's like the Tardis.  There may be only three rooms but they do seem to go on forever and absolutely crammed with the past charmingly displayed.  What's more the building was once The Hawk Inn, part of the Yarmouth brewery Lacons estate and reportedly a pub with a bit of a rep ... but then the great and the good often think that of all pubs.

sa 5 May

Hippy Jo in a Banyan changing roomBanyan is Hippy Jo's new shop in the middle of the Halesworth Thoroughfare and though it doesn't have a sign yet and the credit card machine hadn't arrived when it opened today it does have loads of customers, two roomy well lit changing rooms, a toilet and a teensy kitchenette with an even smaller (if only just) fridge.  The ethically sourced clothing, jewellery and smellies are more mainstream than Jo's stock when on Framlingham, Saxmundham and Woodbridge markets .... but there's still whimsy, gotta be a winner.

th 29 Mar

We couldn't have read it properly the first time because we're surprised to find topping at this year's Halesworth Gig In The Park are Fun Loving Criminals, Katrina (isn't she Canadian?) and the Waves (Walking on Sunshine may be nearly 30 years old but it is genuinely feel good) and Doctor Feelgood's inheritors Nine Below Zero.♫

sa 14 Jan

Luke Scriven and Steve ChadwickThe conceit of The Flint Street Nativity is that seven year olds are played by adults leading to the virgin Mary (copying her mother) declaiming Me? You want me to dress like tart?!  Circle 67's production last night in the Halesworth Cut had a good house who were fulsomely enjoying themselves and frequently applauding.  There's a matinee today so two chances to see the play on it last day.

we 21 Dec

A white van (is there any other colour?) leaving Halesworth yesterday failed to stop after side swiping a burgundy Vauxhall Corsa.

fr 2 Dec

Part time staff WANTED for a competition stables near Halesworth and a relief chef wanted for a Saxmundham boutique hotel.

we 12 Oct

PCSO Mary ThompsonIt's the open Saxmundham and Framlingham Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting in the Sax Market Hall 2pm this afternoon.  Worryingly not only has Fram PCSO Mary Thompson been moved from Fram to Halesworth but Sergeant Daye Goddard along with 29 other officers has been given notice to leave and the Sax and Fram SNT will be run by the Aldeburgh and Leiston SNT Sergeant ...

we 4 May

♫ Singer and bass player WANTED for a metal band in Halesworth.

fr 8 Apr

The Keeper's DaughterTheatre company The Keeper's Daughter who toured a tight and creative Dracula last year are rehearsing what will certainly be an original Hamlet around the libraries (mostly) of ntc later this month (while we've still got the libraries) including Halesworth, Stradbroke and Saxmundham.

fr 21 Jan

4:31pm:  Neville Staple's been in a car crash so tomorrow night CANCELLED.

th 20 Jan

Neville Staple ~ pic contibuted We'll be snapping Neville Staple of The Specials at the Halesworth Cut Saturday, do say Hello ... or even better Can I buy you drink?

mo 17 Jan

We like allotments, they always seem such calm, safe places but sadly vulnerable, last week an allotment shed in Halesworth was burgled.

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