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mo 11 Mar

Women's Tour of Britain 2019This year's Women's Tour of Britain will again visit Framlingham but this year it starts in Beccles and ends in Stowmarket.

mo 14 Jan

We've added Swiss national road race cycling champion Nicole Hanselmman to Ladies in Framlingham.

su 9 Dec

The Little Mermaid on skatesThis morning in the Tommy Mills sports hall Framlingham in front of a very supportive and appreciative audience The Little Mermaid whizzed about on off ice skates.  One of the many very young cast members had to be taken to the toilet during the show but like we said before nobody fell over.  Such an opportunity for the young to learn self confidence ... hope there'll be another show soon.

th 22 Nov
St Cecilia's Day patron saint of music

Last Sunday we were surprised that that sports hall men's changing room at Tommy Mills had one toilet, two hand wash basins but no showers.  The Brewer's Hertfordshire comprehensive half a century ago had showers ...

su 18 Nov

Rehearsal of The Little Mermaid on off ice skatesThe skaters at the rehearsal of The Little Mermaid in the Tommy Mills Framlingham's sports hall today were wearing off ice skates, they look like inline skates but the four wheels are mounted in a curve so only two wheels touch the floor making spins and turns easier.  At the rehearsals nobody fell over (which is more than you can say for the Winter Olympics:), some impressive grown up skating and spectacular lighting.  You can see the show next month ... we'll be there.

th 14 Jun

Swiss national road race champion Nicole Hanselmann In the manner of a roller derby programme that so relentlessly refuses to identify mixed league team skaters' home league the Women's Tour web site fails to identify national champions and the web generally is surprisingly reticent ... and what's more nowhere like the predicted 5,000 in Framlingham yesterday.  But still the riders tended to be friendly if sometimes understandably a little ill at ease and we had a lovely time as did the Bobby Hitcham kids plus we got to see bar manager Adam on telly leaning out of a Station window.

mo 21 May

Bridge Street - FramlinghamAt yesterday's soapboxing St Johners Sally and Chris were sitting in the shade of the Framlingham Bookshop's awning but despite that they'd been asked for the toilets three times.  Leaving their chairs we asked Sally Can we sit in your chair?  Yes.  Can we tell people where the toilets are?  No, you haven't been trained.

sa 9 Sep

As predicted the Tour of Britain flashed through near the coast yesterday but perhaps the helicopter got lost?  It only seemed to turn up as the peloton was leaving Framlingham.

we 5 Jul

Dunwich Dynamo 2015Next Saturday/Sunday night the 25th Dunwich Dynamo will be passing through near the coast.  This year the Gentleman Plumber will not be popping up his cafe near the Framlingham water tower but may be back next year.

mo 31 Oct

Untypically virtually no mud for yesterday's Framlingham Flyers cross country.

Framlingham Flyers cross country

Enormous fields for all three events and we continue to be admiring of the perseverance of both the also rans and the marshals who clap and encourage what becomes once runners are lapped a continuous crocodile.

sa 28 May

Framlingham Flyers 5kIn Pageant Place last night 350 runners for the Framlingham Flyers 5k get last minute instructions:

Race Director: There's no road closure so keep to the left, anyone seen on the right will be disqualified.

350 Runners: <sarcastically> Ooooooh

Race Director: Because of the traffic anyone with an iPod or mp3 player will be disqualified.

350 Runners: <sarcastically and louder> OOOOOOH

tu 16 Jun

Roller derby poster in RumblesGetting  a poke of chips yesterday in Framlingham's chippie Rumbles we saw a poster for next month's Ipswich roller derby and we didn't put it there ... We Are Not Alone!

sa 30 May

Framlingham College wicket prepLast week on a Framlingham College playing field two groundsmen mowed the cricket wicket twice, then used a powered broom to brush the grass so it stood up again, mowed it a third time and then rolled it ... there's a cricket match tomorrow.

mo 1 Sep

Market Hill FramlinghamPleasant weather and a fully subscribed entry for yesterday's Framlingham Flyers 10k kept the water station busy.  No para-athlete this year, he's concentrating on the track apparently.  To our retrospective embarrassment we snapped the last runner's companion not the last runner despite marshals twice telling us She's the one in black.

su 8 Dec

FREE ladies' bike in Framlingham11:25am:  FREE ladies' bike in Victoria Mill Road Framlingham needs tlc and good home ...

10:00pm:  ... well that took a while but it's gone now.

th 12 Sep

off road soapboxingNo soapboxing this year on Framingham's Market Hill but equally entertaining off road soapboxing quite a ways down New Road on land we hadn't realised was the college's.  Encouraging to see how many drivers were young women and young women drivers clearly enjoying themselvesPCSO Christian Hassler's radar gun showed top speeds around 20 mph and the only dodgy bit for us was on a course that only turned left inside line at the start was determined by who barged their way there first.  Great stuff and again next year please.

tu 2 Nov

Bishop's Stortford Cycle ClubNot sure what the Bishop's Stortford (it's in Hertfordshire ... just) Cycle Club (with a couple of Colchester Rovers) were doing in Framlingham Sunday but they brought a welcome dash of colour to a not very cheerful morning.

su 31 Oct

more pix on PhotoBoxIt's seems to be the law that it rains for the Framlingham inter-club cross country but only a bit today, and a day brightened by some trick or treaters.  The tinies twice round the field steeplechase included two jumps and two post finish girly tantrums:)  Three out in to the countryside laps for the seniors and the leaders lapping what looked like middle-markers still on lap two.  Interestingly the Ipswich Triathlon Club actively involved and one casquette wearing tri-athlete seemed to us in the top ten or so.

Matt's white mountain bike was pinched from outside the co-op last night ... found down by Leo's, sometimes there's a happy ending:)

fr 14 May

Framlingham to Brighton9am this morning James Gorniak, Matt Yeatts and Stuart Lambert left Framlingham's Market Hill and lots of family and well wishers to cycle the 170 miles to Brighton for charity, more pix on Facebook.

su 28 Mar
Easter Sunday

Special constable Tony MacleanFramlingham special constable Tony Maclean will be doing a mini Eddie Izzard next month when in support of the Alzheimer's Society he runs a marathon in a large town near Chelmsford, cycles to Edinburgh and then runs another marathon, he's not far off £500 already.

mo 7 Sep

The 10k road race (the winner was from Woodford, it's near Chelmsford ... they've got a Waitrose) and fun run results for yesterday in Framlingham and discussion of house fires in Fram on the board.

su 6 Sep

click for more pix Today's annual Framlingham Flyer's 10k road race round the town had the usual good organisation, good will, large fields and enthusiastic support on the Market Hill.  Particularly impressive were the goody bags given to each finisher which sensibly contained a banana, a bottle of water and a packet of coffee and the bag could be used as a rucksack.

click for more pix  click for more pix  click for more pix

mo 11 May

Click here for more pix

Click for more pixMaybe two dozen soapboxes (twice as many as last year) provided often entertainingly close racing on Framlingham's Market Hill yesterday with the added excitement and not a little humour of nobody hurt crashes.  Maybe next year what about some 6up skater racing as well to add a little variety?

Click for more pix

sa 19 Jul

The president and his family

Our word what a busy day!  Coffee morning at what was The Falcon in Earl Soham (pics next week), 12 hours of non-stop sociability in Brundish (pics next week), second night of Hachfest, the John Western Memorial Bike Ride but most dramatic must be the Framlingham Horse Show with at least two simultaneous medical incidents of which one needed the air ambulance but otherwise the usual charming day of equine pursuits.

One of the younger show jumpers Similar numbers A lurcher?

A very young rider

su 4 May
Star Wars Day

Young lady driverWell that certainly made a bank holiday Sunday more interesting for visitors to Framlingham.  Eleven carts of variously sophisticated designs variously trundled and whizzed down the Market Hill with a mixed bunch of drivers including the quite young.This lady driver ended up rolling over but was unhurt

Racing noticeably got faster, and closer, as the day progressed which may have been due to more committed bobsleigh type starts, Young driver managed to stay upright certainly some carts were having problems stopping at the other end; at least one mechanical failure and there's always the tedious business of having to pull the cart back to the top.  Great stuff and let's hope it happens again next year.

The decommissioned pedal cart on the right has raced at national level

su 28 Oct

They gave up searching for the lost shoe in the end

Juniors in the castle moatNow we do know that cross country is supposed to be muddy, but so muddy that competitors were going back after they'd finished to try and find their shoes!  ... and of course on the mere not all that brown stuff is mud.  The usual huge field for the Fram Flyers' annual cross country set off on a mild but miserable day and soon surged round the course to cause a sizeable queue to get over the narrow style onto the bridge bringing them back to the castle.  Last runner inParticularly nasty was a patch of mud in the castle moat just before the runners had to go up the steep footpath out of the moat.  To make it more fun for the tail enders it started to rain heavily but the marshals, officials and us stayed in place to see this lady Stowmarket Strider home as last finisher.

su 2 Sep

David Miller on his way to winning - pic by Fram Camera ClubAlthough the fields were smaller (though difficult to believe from the pic below) than in recent years there were close(ish) finishes in both the 10k and Fun Run.  You can download both the 10 kilometre (David Miller won again) and Fun Run results but it won't be apparent that Fram Flyer Rob Mackenzie from Mount Pleasant won the Kings Cup for first local runner,

Youthful enthusiam at the 2k start - pic by Fram Camera Club

More pics on the bulletin board - pic by MitH or Tony Stockmanhis son James came fourth in the Fun Run and was second under 15 boy.  Impressive novelty this year were Elisa Garvie and Jenny Stockman (supported by young Alysha running in flip flops!) who ran the fun run threeleggedly to raise funds to buy the presently loaned kit for the Framlingham First Responders.

su 22 Jul


Show jumperYesterday was the 113th Framlingham Horse Show and not surprisingly it's a rather horsy affair with show jumping and possibly the largest gathering of Suffolk Punches anywhere.  There are other attractions including the hounds and a rabbit petting corner and the sense of occasion is heightened by many people being formally dressed, a good sprinkling of bowler hats.

Towards late afternoon people leaving to change and then return for the Fat Band on the back of a lorry and drink the Earl Soham Brewery beer tent dry!

Many Suffolk Punches

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