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Fram the loco


Fram in the 20thC Fram on postcards

Framlingham on Ingrave summit in 1929Framlingham the Locomotive shown here on the left climbing Ingrave Summit in 1929 is LNER locomotive number 2803 Framlingham.  She was B17 Sandringham class and built in December 1928 but in October 1946 she was rebuilt as B2 Thompson class and her LNER number changed to 1603.  After nationalisation her British Rail number was 61603 and she was finally taken out of service in September 1958.  Post nationalisation Framlingham possibly in ColchesterNo Sandringham or Thompson class locos have survived and as Framlingham station was always at the end of a spur it seems unlikely that Framlingham ever visited Framlingham?

13th August 1949 at Romford Framlingham as a B17 on a 1 shilling jigsaw

1945 train ticket to IpswichEven though you couldn't be pulled by the Framlingham locomotive when Fram still had a station how much was a ticket to Ipswich?  Well iThomas Edmondsonn 1945 a single third class fare was 3/6d (17.5p) {sounds a lot? Single to Wickham Market 1952}, seven years later the single fare to Wickham was 1/1d (5.5p).  The ticket style is known as edmondson after Thomas Edmondson who created the universally adopted style.

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Fram in the 20thC

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