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tu 1 May

Framlingham Regal Cinema May 1962May 1962 The Regal Framlingham's cinema (it was in New Road) was showing films you've never heard of except possibly   A Taste of Honey which surprisingly was certificate X ... well it is about an inter-racial under age pregnancy and gay friend so maybe not so surprising.  Intriguingly The Elms Drug Stores in Bridge Street sold handbags and was a corn chandler ...

th 1 Dec

Photo by CF DowsingIn 1935 AG Potter Framlingham received an invoice for threshing, in 1910 the Aldeburgh golf clubhouse caught fire, we don't know where licenced grocer John Allen had his shop and our favourite is this little girl in her sturdy boots.

su 3 Apr

The Framlingham Regal in 1962Thursday's Film @ Fram in the Framlingham Con Club is The Lady in the Van.  The Regal in 1962 (it was down New Road) showed fourteen films most of which we hadn't heard of.  Three digit phone numbers, three prices of admission (10p to 17.5p) and interesting ads; camera and another shoe shop in Well Close Square, a pay library on the Market Hill plus somewhere in Fram The Castle Espresso Lounge.  (Thanks to Jane Bloom.)

sa 23 Jan

The Market Hill FramlinghamHarriers on the Market Hill Framlingham before what's now Country Vision got the mock Tudor half timbering.  Not unreasonable to assume it's the Easton Harriers.  We've fiddled with the image and we can see HARRIERS in the annotation but don't think it's EASTON ... it might be HAMILTON and once upon a time Lord and Lady Hamilton pretty much owned Easton ...

fr 14 Aug

Police Station Bridge Street Framlingham A CF Dowsing wedding party Earl Soham green in the 1960s?

When Bridge Street Framlingham had a police station and Earl Soham had a shop opposite the green, a charming CF Dowsing wedding party, and a LNER organised Colchester-Woodbridge-Halesworth half day out.

th 15 Mar

Earl Soham early last centuryNot sure where this turn of last century is in Earl Soham, Fore Street fire in Framlinghamthat lane behind the shop on the bend?  But Mrs Bridges thinks this is probably the 1905 five house fire in Fore Street Framlingham.

mo 3 Oct

The Street Brandeston  Brandeston style  Horse and trap at the Framlingham Station  Marlesford railway station

Brandeston, a horse and trap at the Framlingham Station and Marlesford railway station on post cards.

th 24 Feb

Market Hill 1980s?This postcard of the market on Framlingham's Market Hill was produced by 'Gala Crafts, Coffee Shop and Licenced Bistro'.  Why they left out 'and surrounding villages' is a bit of mystery as is why they couldn't spell.  They were in Church Street where presumably the curtains have since changed.  1980s?

mo 17 Jan

Taken April 6th 1953 (the Coronation year) in St Michael's Framlingham this pic shows canon 6 April 1963(father to Bill and formerly rector) Martin Bulstrode with to his left the tall John Clack and in a cap Charlie Garlick.  Both men have bandaged hands from an explosion at the Albert Road gas holder which was by the chip shop.  Regrettably, as it was his sister's wedding, John Clack's face was burnt on his left side as well.  Another local person is the young and hatless Neville Smith in the centre.  Thanks Jane and a pic of Martin Bulstrode in 1950.

mo 6 Dec

1951 house auction posterHere's a 1951 poster on ebaY at just £1.99 that someone in Station Road or perhaps even Kate at the Framlingham Crown and Anchor could be interested in ...

mo 23 Nov

Writer tells us that what's now the vets in New Rd, Framlingham was built by the USAF as an officers' club.

su 22 Nov
St Cecilia's Day patron saint of music

Framlingham 1948Thanks to Michael Raynor-Green we have this 1948 aerial view of Framlingham.  People's first comment is Hasn't changed much but there's the cinema in Regal isolation top right, a building on what is now the car park at the back of Bridges & Garrard, and where the bookies was on the corner of Riverside and Bridge Street is quite different.

tu 27 Oct

I Jane and her cosuin on the castle wallsdon't know whether you would be interested in this picture.  It was taken in 1959 - yes 50 years ago - it's me on the left with my cousin.

In those days there was no safety rail on the inside of the wall walk and I think you can just about make out the lack of said rail in this picture.  Even as a young child I used to run around the wall walk - no-one worried then about the lack of rail - now I won't even go around the top of the castle.

Regards, Jane.

su 14 Jun

Framlingham rectory fete 1950

Jane Bloom (the charming little nurse on the left to Bill Bulstrode's dad the then rector Martin Bulstrode) sent us this pic of the 1950 Rectory Fete in Framlingham.  Do you recognise any young faces?

we 12 Nov

Steak Framlingham @ 21/6dWe've heard from two different and usually reliable sources that Framlingham's Crown Hotel has new tenants.  What goes round comes round but we're going to miss Roy ... he certainly made things happen; the bungee jump, music on the hill and at least three street fayres.

su 26 Oct

Click for more pics hereThat's Danny Pullen's granddaughter sprinkling him with 80th birthday confetti this afternoon.  Danny celebrated his birthday today with a luncheon party at the Framingham Sports Club who had put up a copious and very rewarding cold collation.  Hairtrix on Fram's Market Hill was previously The Sombrero coffee bar (Piggy Pete still speaks of the café fondly) and Danny ran it from 1959 to 1964(?).

th 15 May

Half-Day Excursion to FramlinghamThe 61st Framlingham Gayla is the Monday after next but the last regular passenger train to Framlingham was Saturday 25 October 1952 and if the trains were still running a return from Ipswich would probably be more than 16p.

tu 28 Oct
1865  Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was registered as the first woman doctor in Britain

WWII American bombers over FramlinghamMore aircraft buzzing Famlingham but this time they are American.  We know nothing (Mr Fawlty) about this pic but are fanning out (well actually we're emailing Carol at ESB) to try and find out more.  (A bit stunning to see that the houses at the top of Fore Street just sixty years ago looked out over open fields.)

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