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mo 7 Sep

The 10k road race (the winner was from Woodford, it's near Chelmsford ... they've got a Waitrose) and fun run results for yesterday in Framlingham and discussion of house fires in Fram on the board.

su 6 Sep

click for more pix Today's annual Framlingham Flyer's 10k road race round the town had the usual good organisation, good will, large fields and enthusiastic support on the Market Hill.  Particularly impressive were the goody bags given to each finisher which sensibly contained a banana, a bottle of water and a packet of coffee and the bag could be used as a rucksack.

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mo 11 May

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Click for more pixMaybe two dozen soapboxes (twice as many as last year) provided often entertainingly close racing on Framlingham's Market Hill yesterday with the added excitement and not a little humour of nobody hurt crashes.  Maybe next year what about some 6up skater racing as well to add a little variety?

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