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Fram amdram in 2008

sa 25 Oct

Rehearsals for It Runs in the FamilySet in a hospital Framlingham Amdram's autumn production is the farce It Runs In The Family.  From the rehearsals expect frequent lap squirtings from a soda siphon, the plot requiring big hairy men to pretend to be nurses, much exit stage left through the doors (and windows) of the substantial set and FADS' high standard of entertainment.

sa 4 Jul

A merry wife

Making a backCravatOn the final weekend of the 2008 Arts Framlingham Mouth To Mouth Theatre, as part of their garden tour, presented The Merry Wives of Windsor on the lawn of the Red Farm House.  As usual it was good fun, included some slightly embarrassed audience involvement and at outdoor theatre not Shakespearian ladettesonly can you picnic but you can smoke too ... and we just love the intimacy when at the intermission the youngest member of the cast announced "Ladies and gentleman Auntie Pru will be selling coffee and cakes".


th 13 Mar

Situation ComedyWednesday the box office for Framlingham Amateur Dramatic Society's spring production, the comedy Situation Comedy, opens at the Framlingham Volunteer Centre.  Not only are the thesps rehearsing like mad to ensure a funny show but several company members will be on the Luke Deal Show on Radio Suffolk around 3:30pm Tuesday.  (Take your own biscuits people, it is the BBC.)

A bit of cramming during the coffee break

we 30 Jan

Though there are some eight weeks to go before FADS (Fram AmDram) present Situation Comedy they are already rehearsing without the book.  Essentially a farce the one liners were coming so fast we couldn't store them.  One The effects of home made wine character's appalling home made wine is a running joke "My word this is strong, did you say it's claret?" "No, I said it's carrot" and "I think you've had enough Doris, you're starting to look attractive."

There are loads of props, loads of costumes, loads of costume changes and the wardrobe mistress could really use a helper.  In fact any extra pairs of backstage hands very welcome.

A chance to socialise during the coffee break

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