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fr 26 Oct

We now have a special reduced Sunday tariff for our superior, double and twin rooms including breakfast.

tu 7 Aug

audio guidePatron Roy Hunt proves what a silver tongued city slicker he is by appearing on the Framlingham audio guide.

fr 3 Aug

The phone number of Crown Cars has changed.

th 20 Jul

The Sunday Carvery has moved

The Sunday Carvery has moved to reubens bar & grill.

we 18 Jul

Executive chef Simon Pickess joined at the beginning of the year and for some reason we didn't tell you about it!

th 28 Jun

Opening night at reubensPics of reubens first night on their site and you would have thought we would want a breather after that but No!  Today we became the new landlords of the Station Hotel in Ipswich.

fr 15 Jun

reubens was officially opened this morning was and is fully booked for tonight.

tu 5 Jun

Some of the army of builders leaving yesterday

The builders handed over Reubens yesterday and a little calm descended on the courtyard though there'll still be a certain amount of dashing about as we get ready for the opening on Friday 15th June.  Reubens was officially opened this morning

th 31 May

Le Patron Roy Hunt has had to explain so many times how he broke his wrist that he wants the world to know he fell off a ladder at home and yes, it was bloody silly and yes, he is finding it difficult to point at things.

tu 8 May

That's gonna hurt!

One of the two circlesLot's of activity out the back including much amusement when Roy and Tracy spotted a builder falling through the roof ... no, not really but the courtyard is open with two circles created out of cobbles from the stables making a little nod to the past.

tu 10 Apr

The courtyard in the Easter sunlightThe lovely sunshine this Easter meant our courtyard was much used.  Regrettably from today until the end of next week building work on Reuben's Bar and Grill means the courtyard may not be available and there may not be access to the hotel through the courtyard from the car park.

th 22 Mar

Work has started at the rear to convert the stables into Reuben's Bar and Grill which has already got its own web site.

sa 10 Mar

Wireless Internet has been unavailable in most of the bedrooms since yesterday morning, expect it back on by tomorrow evening.

we 7 Mar

Muffin the donkey in the stablesBy the car park at the rear we have the stables which were rather appropriately used at last year's Street Fayre for a live nativity complete with donkey!  This spring the stables are being sympathetically restored and converted to a bar and restaurant so we can offer even more facilities.  The bit that has caught us out is discovering Brown Long-Eared Bats in the roof.  We are observing all conservation  guidelines and regs about our non-paying guests and inevitably it has slowed things down but we are still on course for opening the new restaurant this summer.

sa 24 Feb

Easter eggs in Framlingham's supermarketThe recent arrival of Easter eggs in Framlingham's supermarket made us realise that Easter isn't so far away and we've worked out some great Easter packages so you can enjoy our hotel and lovely Suffolk.

fr 2 Feb

Squeezing through at the Street Fayre

th 4 Jan

Happy New Year to you all and again we had a cracking New Year's Eve.

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