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Fram cardboard day

sa 17 Mar
St Patricks's Day

Phil and Gareth at The Station Kevin and Gary with helpers at The Crown Chefs at Off The Square

The Pizza Grill next to The Munchbox

Pete Allin in 2006For those who don't know at the time of cardboard day last year Pete and Sara Allin had been running The Munch Box Cafe in Bridge Street Framlingham for about a year and had created an oasis, a friendly place to meet and eat very reasonably priced food.  Pete happily joined in cardboard day and was completely unabashed that he'd misspelled afraid, that's the sort of easy going guy he was.  Some six weeks later he had a fatal heart attack whilst working at the cafe.  So this year CHEFS ARE NOT AFRIAD.

Pete's widow Sara Allin this afternoon

sa 18 Mar

Arts Framlingham is not afraid John Andrew is not afraid Gemimma is not afraid

John Ball is not afraid Pete from the Munch-Box is not afriad

Gosia Hobson is not afraid This couple are not afraid

Trixie Hyland is not afraid George and Spadge are not afraid Hazel Jenkins is not afraid

The Brewer is not afraid

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