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The Crown in 2006


su 31 Dec

Dancers include Fram's media slutsAgain a fired up No Spring Chicken got everyone dancing and gave Opportunity Knocks to chef Gary and his dad (who looked nothing like The Proclaimers) and housekeeper Hester (Santa baby).  After complimentary Bucks Fizz (May I say your hair is looking particularly lovely this evening) and theChef Gary and his dad obligatory Auld Langs Syne (with some kissing) recently resigned barman Will (he's off to be a ski Housekeeper Hester singing Santa Baby instructor) led a very good natured and longer than last year conga line round The Market Hill.  Ellie Adele was much admired by everyone including Community Police Officer Andrea Honeywood and yet again a thundering good time was universally enjoyed.

Will leading the conga line down the hill

Ellie Adele, her mum Tracy Clifford and CPO Andrea Honeywood

fr 8 Dec

Cilla charmed the children as a clown

For the 2006 Street Mandy and Tess Fayre it was a free choice in fancy dress at The Crown.  The pic of Cilla as a clown was Tinkerbell squeezing through so successful that The Community News printed it, Mandy liked her saloon girl costume so much she didn't want to send it back, the cowboy saloon theme continued behind the bar and as in 2004 we had another charming Tinkerbell.

sa 28 cc

Ellie Adele at the bungee jump 

Ellie Adele Clifford is now some five weeks old but here's a pic of her at just a few days hanging out at the bungee jump.

tue 19 Sep

Top member of staff Tracy Clifford gave birth to a 7lb 5oz little girl this morning andNew mother Tracy Clifford we're all absolutely delighted.  Congratulations Tracy!

Excitement builds for Friday's bungee jump with an article in yesterday's East African, our Scottish chef jumping in the kilt (possibly in Black Watch mode), four corporate entertainment tables booked (though there are still tables left) and BBC TV's Look East expected to do a live broadcast from the jump.

tu 12 Sep

Golly gosh!  And golly gosh again!  The actor Bernard Hill will be jumping Friday week outside the hotel with his eleven year old son Gabriel.

mo 10 Jul

The survey of wireless Internet in the bedrooms was completed yesterday.  More repeaters soon to increase the coverage.

mo 26 Jun

Free wireless Internet in the lounge 

Buying a hot chocolate or coffee gives you the right to sit in the lounge and drink it and then, like this lad has worked out, you can get free wireless Internet to do your homework!

th 15 Jun

For the second year running we're the box office for the three week Arts Framlingham.  New events this year are Reader, I married him and the Jazz Picnic.

tu 9 May

Kelly Doel in the sunshine and the courtyard of The CrownThe new person in reception and working very closely with Tracy Clifford is Kelly Doel.  If Kelly can put up with Roy (and it's surprising how many people can) then she will be helping to launch the new restaurant in the stables conversion at the back of The Crown later this year.

tu 4 Apr

Malgorzata and her first bouquetMalgorzata (who inevitably we know as Maggie) was 27 today and rather touchingly she said this was the first time she'd ever been given flowers.

th 23 Feb

A wireless internet repeater was installed Monday in the housekeeper's room and free wireless Internet is now available in the majority of the bedrooms as well as the bar, lounge, etc.

fr 20 Jan

The Gamekeeper in the barHappy New Year and free! (but don't tell Roy) wireless Internet is available in the bar, lounge and dining room.  Just turn up with your wireless enabled laptop and connect to The Fram Crown channel.

Over the next couple of weeks the service will be extended to all the bedrooms.


Two club chairsRoom Three is much liked because the "lobby" is big enough to use as a sitting room and even has its own television.  When you enter Room Three facing you are two club chairs where you can sit to watch the tv to your right.  Also on your right is the door to an immense walk in wardrobe and the steps leading to the bathroom.  The "lobby" can take two cots or a cot and zed-bed.  To your left is the bedroom with a desk and a comfortable double bed.

The double bed Steps to the bathroom The bathroom

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