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Fram sport in 2006


su 3 se 06

The starting charge

Fun runners arriving with seconds to spare

Seventy five entries on the line for the Framlingham Flyers' 22nd 10km run so a big old bunch nipping down New Road.  Three youngsters absolutely only just made it in time to the start of the fun run, the rigger at the top the scaffolding in Church Street was having a lovely time Come on 196, keep it up 106 ... and not just shouting at the pretty girls.  Winner David Millar flashed round so fast he got to the finish before we did!  Download the result and the fun run result too.

Feeling a bit rough at the finish

29 su Oct

Framlingham Flyers cross country had a record 300 runners including 87 juniors.  As a league event only members of affiliated clubs could enter but that didn't stop Sunday morning constitutioners joining in and there didn't seem to be a lower age limit.  Nobody looked that muddy but there were some very tired faces the third time round up the footpath out of the castle moat.

With a little help from a friend, or perhaps even your mum  You can't help joining in ...

Look out, they're behind you! That path does get steeper Tired faces

Not sure who came in first but it might be this bloke below.

Probably the winner

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