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lovely hat game


The Scandinavian Lovely Hat Game

Scandinavian Lovely Hat game - pic by Vic and Mary Stanbrook

Dear Vic o Mary

We're not sure that the Scandinavian way of having fun is comparable to the British.  Anyway, if you are in the mood to be silly this is a free translation of this crazy game.  As the Scandic version has more or less songs that we use to sing I've suggested a few songs but you could easily change as the lyrics are quite simple.

What a lovely hat(Be sure to have at least two pints of strong beer before you sing along.)
In a thin polythene bag you put two paper plates with holes cut in the middle to fit your ears, a small, white paper cut and shaped like to big rabbit teeth, two plastic shot glasses and finally this instruktion.  Empty the bag in front of you and put it on your head like a 'beautiful' hat and sing to the melody of Rule Britania:
We are happy, so happy every day.  We are happy, happy happy ev'ry day.
Now put the plates on your ears and sing to the melody of Oh my darling Clementine:
We are happy - we are happy, we are happy just today.  We are happy - we are happy, we are happy just today.
And then put the rabbit teeth under your upper lip and sing to the melody Row, row your boat:
We are happy now, we are happy now, we are happier, happier, happier.  We are happy now.
Finally put the shot glasses like spectacles over your eyes and sing loud and clear.
We are happy today.  We are happy today.  We are happy, so happy.  We are happy today!

Bengt o Lena

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